Chapter 155: If Your Mum and I Fell Into the Water at the Same Time

Mo Suqing gritted her teeth and resolved to harden her heart. Who was he? The high and mighty President Ye, the Poisonous Prince. With so many identities, why would he still need her, someone who is essentially a nobody?

She forced herself to look away from Ye Zhongjue’s sorrowful expression, and once she remembered what Jian Jie said to her, she was able to, at least temporarily, forget all the hurt and sadness.

She could not lie to herself. This was the truth, and she should not be telling herself otherwise.

Mo Suqing took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself. She regarded Ye Zhongjue calmly.

“Fine! Since you say that you have nothing to do with her at all, then tell me where you were and what you were doing on the day I got kidnapped. I called you so many times. Why couldn’t I reach you?”

Mo Suqing stared at Ye Zhongjue. She was angry and upset, and she wanted him to tell the truth. On the other hand, she was also afraid that the truth would be exactly what Jian Jie said. She would not be able to take it if that is the case. She was not so magnanimous to the point that she could forgive her own husband choosing to save another woman when she was in danger.

Not to mention that said woman is essentially her rival in love, and also someone who has been provoking her whenever there was a chance.

Mo Suqing’s heart sank when she saw the change in Ye Zhongjue’s expression. It looked like he was being put in a difficult spot.

Ye Zhongjue opened his mouth as if to speak, but did not do so. He had initially wanted to explain himself, but realized that no amount of explanation could absolve him.

Because the truth was that he went to save another woman when his pregnant wife was kidnapped.

Mo Suqing looked utterly disappointed. He felt so bad that his injury seemed to pulsate with all that pain.

Mo Suqing laughed suddenly. “What? Got nothing to say? You have no right to ask me to listen to your explanation, Ye Zhongjue. I’ve already given you the chance, but why aren’t you taking it? Since you’re not answering, let me tell you what happened on that morning!”

“Just when I got abducted, my dear husband left his mobile phone in the office and rushed off to save another woman. As for me, I’m not even allowed to be angry and upset over this, because that person saved his life, and grew up together with him. I should be magnanimous here, since I’m the one who actually deserves to be abducted. Am I right, Ye Zhongjue? Am I right? Say something!”

Mo Suqing was getting more and more agitated, to the point that she eventually yelled at him.

Ye Zhongjue seemed to get a shade paler with every word she said. With a hand over his wound, he looked at Mo Suqing as if he was frozen.

Mo Suqing was getting even more upset as Ye Zhongjue did not even attempt to explain himself to her.

Why is he not talking? Does he have nothing to say to that? Did I really hit the nail on the head? That I can never be compared to the one who actually grew up with him? If that’s the case, then why did he even come here?

Mo Suqing could no longer hold back her tears as they gushed down her face.

She turned around quickly as the tears fell.

She was like a fool all this time, being played by Ye Zhongjue.

He said he had nothing to do with that woman, and she believed him. But when it mattered, he had chosen to save the other woman instead.

This was just like the question ‘If your mum and I fell into the water at the same time, who would you save first?’. It was obviously a dumb and ignorant question, but she felt mocked by it now.

Mo Suqing sniffed and wiped the tears on her face before she turned to face him. “You don’t have to put on such a face. Didn’t you just say it earlier, we haven’t gotten a divorce yet. We can go get it now. This was a contractual marriage in the first place, so what’s the use in prolonging it any further? Ye Zhongjue! Don’t call me your wife, I...”

Mo Suqing did not complete her sentence. She just could not bring herself to say ‘I hate it’, because she knew that with Ye Zhongjue’s temperament, that phrase would definitely be the dealbreaker.

She laughed at herself inwardly. Look! They were already having such a big fight, but she still wanted to find a way to salvage this. Why am I like this? Why can’t I let go of this one man!

Even if Mo Suqing did not say those words, Ye Zhongjue was already furious.

His face darkened, looking like a vengeful demon about to take someone’s life.

“Why do you have to bring up divorce everytime we fight or when something happens? Why are you doing this? Where did I go wrong? Just tell me and I’ll change. I didn’t know what happened that morning, or else I wouldn’t have gone to Jian Jie. Why don’t you believe me!”

Ye Zhongjue tried very hard to mask his pain and tamp down his anger, all hoping to get back together with her again.

Although he knew that she was already aware of his identity, he had wanted her to be the first person he saw when he woke up.

Why did she not know how strongly and deeply I feel for her? It was an intense love that had lodged itself tightly in his heart. Did I have to dig my heart out for her to prove it?

Mo Suqing stared at Ye Zhongjue. She did not know what went through his mind, but she had been lied to so many times. Everytime he asked her to trust him, she got fooled, again and again.

Why do I feel like I’m being lied to all over again?

But she would not have to ponder over this much longer since he looked like he wanted to have a real conversation about this right now.

She took a deep breath and regarded Ye Zhongjue seriously.

“Fine! Ye Zhongjue, since you asked where you went wrong and that you can change, I’ll tell you clearly today. I don’t like being lied to, I don’t like to play guessing games, and of course, I don’t like being kept in the dark. We live together, but you have too many secrets. The CEO of Mighty Empire, the Poisonous Prince of Sin Eliminators. Ye Zhongjue, can you just tell me what other identities you have been keeping from me? How many things are there that I’m unaware of? I don’t want to be an idiot, living with someone with so many secrets. All I want is an ordinary husband who loves me, not a mysterious person who makes me worry all the time, afraid that there’ll be some other new identity coming to light. You’re telling me to believe you, but don’t you remember that this isn’t the first time? When I found out you were the CEO of Mighty Empire, I chose to trust you and forgive you. But you? All you gave me were continuous lies and more secrets. Since I’ve already chosen to trust you once, please tell me, just how many more times I need to believe you again?”

Mo Suqing was extremely emotional as she fired the questions at Ye Zhongjue.

She held back the pain and tears as she continued. “You say I bring up divorce whenever we fight. But why didn’t you tell me everything earlier? Do these lies and secrets reflect that you love me? Do you know how shocked I am everytime I learn of a new identity? You told me you owed Jian Jie since she took a bullet for you in England, and me, I was trying to act like I was magnanimous. If you didn’t mind her, then I shouldn’t mind her either. But do you know that as long as she’s around, it’s just like a thorn in my heart. It can’t be removed but it hurts. You took a bullet for me...”

Mo Suqing could no longer hold back her tears now.

She did not turn away this time, but continued speaking as she looked straight at Ye Zhongjue. “If it weren’t for the baby, would you still have taken that bullet for me?”

Ye Zhongjue’s sorrow turned into instant fury. He understood everything Mo Suqing had just said. He knew that she felt conflicted and upset, and he would swear to treat her well from now on, never lying to her again.

Why did she have to doubt my feelings for her? If it wasn’t for love, why would I even want her to have my child?

Why did she not understand that she’s the one I care the most about. If she were no longer here, then it’s no use having the child either. If the child wasn’t hers, I wouldn’t even want it.

He raised his hand to point at Mo Suqing, saying weakly, “Mo Suqing, you’re really...”

After the word ‘really’, Ye Zhongjue spit blood and fell forwards.

Mo Suqing eyes widened in shock. What just happened?

Mo Suqing shot forward, grabbing Ye Zhongjue’s arm as her tears continued to flow.

It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have said all that. There are certain things that her heart knew well, but she was just unhappy and had to vent. If I wasn’t so stubborn, he wouldn’t be like this now.

“Wake up, Ye Zhongjue!” Mo Suqing cried as she held onto his arm. “I won’t get angry anymore, and I don’t mind your identities either, just wake up! Stop scaring me!”


Leng Haoyun stopped Ceng Hanyu at the door when he arrived at the Leng’s villa.

He looked at Leng Haoyun and spoke urgently, “Move, I need to go in!”

Leng Haoyun looked at Ceng Hanyu coldly. He remained silent and seemed to have no intention of letting the other man enter.

Observing the situation, Leng Xiyao pulled Leng Haoyun’s arm in slight alarm and said, “Uncle, since Ceng Hanyu is here, there must be something urgent. Just let him enter.”

Leng Haoyun had originally wanted to let Ceng Hanyu in, however, with what Leng Xiyao just said, he felt uncomfortable doing it all of a sudden.

Were Yao and Ceng Hanyu on good terms? Why did she speak up for him? For some reason, he began to get irked by Ceng Hanyu.

He said, “Is this your house or a hotel? It’s not a place where you can enter and exit as you please!”

Ceng Hanyu was stunned. He did not expect the usually aloof Leng Haoyun to be so unyielding today.

He looked at Leng Haoyun impatiently. “Move, it’s urgent. I have to enter now. Ye Zhongjue’s is still...”

Leng Haoyun cut him off abruptly. “What has your urgent matter got to do with me? Please leave my house! You’re not welcome here!”

Leng Xiyao looked at Leng Haoyun in puzzlement. What’s wrong with Uncle today? What’s he doing? If my guess is right, he seems to be making things especially difficult for Ceng Hanyu on purpose.

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