Chapter 154: Don’t Mind Being Cannon Fodder At All

Ceng Hanyu kept his eyes on Ye Zhongjue as he finished what he had to say, afraid that the latter would do something dangerous in his condition.

To Ceng Hanyu’s relief, Ye Zhongjue looked rather calm, and he did not seem too agitated.

Ceng Hanyu laughed dryly as he thought about how he had to go see An Zhenguo later.

“Jue, take your time to rest and recover. I’ll go get Yi’an to come over and keep you company. I’ll bring the report to Old Man An, and after you’ve recovered, we’ll go look for Sis-in-law and Anne together!”

Ye Zhongjue did not answer him. He was simply staring blankly at the air. Ceng Hanyu thought he agreed with the suggestion, so he left to get Gu Yi’an.

Ceng Hanyu kept reminding Gu Yi’an to keep an eye on Ye Zhongjue, and that he will be back very soon.

Gu Yi’an was in a consultation with a patient currently, so he instructed one of the nurses to go take a look at Ye Zhongjue.

Ceng Hanyu drove to the An family home with the report.

An Zhenguo was reading the newspaper in the yard, with a row of black-clad bodyguards just a few steps away from him.

He glanced over when he heard the sound of a car, and realized it was Ceng Hanyu’s car. Standing up quickly, he rushed over. He already knew why Ceng Hanyu was here.

This was the sole reason he decided to stay in A City for so many days.

Nobody else knew how nervous he felt.

He was already above sixty. If he still cannot find Anne, he might not be able to see his biological granddaughter ever again in this life.

Ceng Hanyu alighted, walking towards An Zhenguo with the report in hand.

An Zhenguo had a cane in one hand and the newspaper in the other. He looked at Ceng Hanyu expectantly, glancing at the document he was holding. That should be the report.

“How’re the results?” He asked with trepidation.

Ceng Hanyu supported An Zhenguo’s arm as he nodded.

“Calm down, Grandpa An. There’s no mistaking it this time. I’ve seen the results. This is the report, and you can take a closer look. Let’s have a seat over there.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” An Zhenguo waved as tears welled up in his eyes. He had waited so long for this.

He let go of his cane and the newspaper, and opened the report with shaking hands. Emotion overwhelmed him as he flipped to the last page to see the result.

Ceng Hanyu was afraid that the old man would get too emotional, so he tried to support and console him.

“Grandpa An, now that you’ve seen the results, you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ll let Anne come back to you safely.”

An Zhenguo nodded with hot tears in his eyes, not wanting to look away from the report.

“Regarding Anne, you don’t have to do anything for now. I’m planning to ask her out and drop some hints, so that I can gauge her thoughts about this first. I’m afraid that it might be too shocking for her if I tell her suddenly. Is that okay, Grandpa An?”

Ceng Hanyu asked the old man.

An Zhenguo wiped the tears from his eyes and looked into the distance.

“This day has finally come. I’ve dreamt of finding Anne for so long, Hanyu.”

He patted Ceng Hanyu on the shoulder and said, “I’ll have to trouble you this time! Go ahead quickly with your plan, I’d really like to see Anne soon!”

“Okay!” Ceng Hanyu nodded. “I will, Grandpa An. Please don’t think that you are troubling me at all. Anne is originally my fiancee. I should be doing this in the first place.”

An Zhenguo nodded at him, but before he could give any reply, Ceng Hanyu’s mobile phone rang.

Ceng Hanyu looked at his phone. It was Gu Yi’an.

“Hello, what’s up, Yi’an?”

“Was Jue still there when you left? I was in a consultation session with a patient, and when I went over, the nurse told me Jue asked her to buy some things, but he disappeared when she returned!”

Ceng Hanyu’s heart sank as he heard this. He knew that Ye Zhongjue would go looking for either Jian Jie or Mo Suqing.

But he was in no condition to do so currently. Why is the man so stubborn!

“I’ll go look for him. Don’t worry, Yi’an. I’ll bring him back to the hospital safe and sound.”

Ceng Hanyu spoke to An Zhenguo after he ended the call. “Grandpa An, I’ll bring Anne to you once I’ve sorted it out. There are some things I have to settle, so I’ll get going first!”

An Zhenguo nodded as he took in Ceng Hanyu’s uneasy expression. “Go ahead. I’ve already waited for so many years, I can definitely wait for a few more days.”

Ceng Hanyu called Mo Suqing immediately once he was in the car. Mo Suqing only answered after quite a while.

“Hello, Sis-in-law. Is Jue with you now?”

Mo Suqing opened her mouth to speak, acting like a robot devoid of any human emotion.

“Shouldn’t he be in the hospital? Wherever he is, what has it got to do with me anyway!”

Ceng Hanyu choked at that. Sis-in-law, don’t say that. He’s still your husband. Why be so unfeeling and act like it has nothing to do with you at all?

Even if you’re planning on getting a divorce, you guys haven’t gotten it yet right?

“Don’t be like this, Sis-in-law. Jue hasn’t totally recovered from his injury...” The gears were turning furiously in Ceng Hanyu’s mind as he tried to think of something effective to say.

“Don’t call me to ask about him in future!”

Right after Mo Suqing said that, Ceng Hanyu heard Leng Xiyao’s voice through the phone.

“Suqing, Ye Zhongjue is here. He’s downstairs. Do you want to see him?”

Ceng Hanyu was so happy to hear this. He knew that there was an eighty percent chance that Ye Zhongjue would go looking for Mo Suqing.

The call got cut immediately after Leng Xiyao spoke.

Ceng Hanyu shook his head. He felt like he was cannon fodder. This was something between Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing.

But he resigned himself to his fate as he thought of how close he was with Ye Zhongjue. They were almost like brothers. He then started driving towards the Leng’s villa.

He does not mind being the cannon fodder at all.


Ye Zhongjue wanted to go upstairs initially, but Leng Haoyun frowned as he eyed Ye Zhongjue’s injury.

“It’ll be better if you wait here. She’ll probably come downstairs if she knows you’re here.”

Ye Zhongjue thought about it for a couple of seconds before he nodded and sat on the sofa.

Mo Suqing was stunned after hearing what Leng Xiyao just said. Why did he come looking for her?

Based on her estimation, he would have just woken up not long ago. What is he doing in that condition? Is he going to blame me if anything happens to him like this?

Leng Xiyao shook her head when she saw Mo Suqing looking upset and conflicted. Suqing will never be able to leave Ye Zhongjue like this. She just can’t come to terms with his identity overnight, but looking at how she’s acting, it’s obvious that she cares so much about him.

Leng Xiyao said, “Suqing, how about going downstairs first? I heard Uncle say that his injury started bleeding again.”

It was no surprise that Mo Suqing immediately left the room after hearing what Leng Xiyao said.

Leng Xiyao sighed as she looked at Mo Suqing.

It seemed like Ye Zhongjue had become Mo Suqing’s weakness. She cannot remove it or let it go even if he hurts her!

Leng Xiyao was rather worried, so she followed Mo Suqing downstairs.

Once she saw the couple lock eyes with each other, Leng Haoyun pulled her away towards the yard.

Leng Xiyao was about to struggle free, but she knew that the couple needed some space, so she quietly followed Leng Haoyun out.

Ye Zhongjue felt so sorry as he saw the feeble-looking Mo Suqing. She would not look like this if it were not for him.

She is pregnant now, and if she was in any other normal family, everyone would be so protective of her. But instead, she had to go through so much with him.

Not being able to let her meet his parents was already bad enough.

Now, he is letting her go through all this sadness and pain. He felt bad about everything.

He is not able to give her the best even when he loves her, but he cannot bear to let go of her either.

He had already decided that she will be his partner no matter what. Noone knew how important she was to him.

Mo Suqing looked at Ye Zhongjue, his lips pale and his face devoid of color. He remained rooted to the ground beside the sofa, like a statue staring at her, unmoving.

Didn’t he know that he was the person she wished to see the least now?

“Dear...” Ye Zhongjue’s voice was hoarse as he spoke after a while.

Mo Suqing felt the tears coming as emotion flooded her. Why did he have to call her that?

She was trying so hard not to cry.

She tried to remain calm and shifted her gaze to look out the window instead.

“What are you doing here? Also, I’m not your dear!”

Mo Suqing sounded so indifferent and unfeeling that Ye Zhongjue frowned when he heard it. Palpable sorrow emanated from him.

He acted like a whiny child now. “But you’re my wife...”

Mo Suqing stared at him in a fit of anger.

“Go call someone else your wife, don’t come to me. I have nothing to do with you now. Didn’t you grow up with Jian Jie? Isn’t she very important to you? Go look for her! Why are you here?”

Mo Suqing’s emotions were running amok. She could not bear seeing Ye Zhongjue act like a pitiful little puppy in front of her. But the one who is really upset and hurting right now is actually her!

Ye Zhongjue stepped forward, attempting to explain himself. However, the movement aggravated his injury and his brows furrowed in pain.

“Dear, it’s not what you think. We aren’t divorced yet, so don’t say things like that. If you think I’m not good enough, I can change for the better, okay? Could you tell me what Jian Jie said to you, if she did? I can explain everything, really. I’m not lying when I say there’s nothing going on between me and her!”

Concern flashed across Mo Suqing’s eyes when she saw him wincing in pain. She wanted to go to him, but thought better of it when she reminded herself of who he actually is.

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