Chapter 152: No Different from Being a Mistress

As Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing reached the entrance to the villa, An Huilin’s car sped past them, resulting in a gust of wind.

Leng Xiyao tightened her grip on Mo Suqing’s hand as she stared at the car, before walking into the villa.

In the living room, Mo Suqing saw a stone-faced Leng Haoyun sitting across An Huilin and Jian Jie.

Leng Xiyao chuckled as she approached them. “Oh my, isn’t this my future auntie? We just met on the road earlier! If I knew the both of you were visiting, I would have gotten a ride for Suqing and myself. Moreover, Suqing is pregnant.”

An Huilin’s eyes glistened as she looked at the grinning Leng Xiyao, but she remained silent.

It was obvious that a pampered princess like Leng Xiyao would take it up with Leng Haoyun whenever things went awry. With Leng Haoyun’s personality, even though he indulged her, he would still abide by some principles. Knowing this, An Huilin had already thought of a countermeasure.

However, she did not expect Leng Xiyao to act this cheerful, and such behaviour had caught her unawares.

Leng Haoyun furrowed his brows, showing obvious displeasure.

He could put up with Leng Xiyao’s temper and her ignoring him, but looking at how meek she is in front of An Huilin now, and how she is acting as if she liked An Huilin a lot, he felt a ball of fire in his chest.

Leng Xiyao did not seem to register that he was upset as she continued smiling at An Huilin.

“Auntie, you must be thirsty. Let me get some water for you and Ms. Jian!”

Leng Xiyao kept smiling as she turned to go get the water, only for Leng Haoyun to yell suddenly.


Leng Xiyao stood rooted to the ground as she flinched, while an intriguing smile formed on An Huilin’s lips.

Mo Suqing was standing in the living room, unsure of what to do.

Leng Xiyao then shot a stubborn look at Leng Haoyun before heading for the kettle.

Looking at Leng Xiyao’s back, Mo Suqing turned to glare at An Huilin.

Although she already had enough on her own plate for now, she was still very worried about Yao.

Leng Xiyao was lost in her own thoughts as she stood in front of the kettle. She was holding a cup and did not even realize it when the hot water spilled out.

It was only when the boiling water touched her skin did she yelp. “Ah!”

The ceramic cup in her hand shattered as it hit the smooth and shiny floor.

Leng Haoyun was so fast that Mo Suqing did not see him move. Like a gust of wind, he was already at Leng Xiyao’s side.

Concern was written on his face, replacing his usual detached expression with anxiety and worry. He held onto Leng Xiyao’s hand and made for the washroom.

Running water could be heard from the washroom, and Mo Suqing caught sight of An Huilin’s sour expression. She suddenly found this entire situation to be ridiculous.

An Huilin was probably trying to show Leng Xiyao who had the upper hand here. In her heart, Yao was just like an impulsive lass who had no strategy. But she did not expect for such a lass to use such a method.

It was after a long time before Leng Xiyao was led out of the washroom by Leng Haoyun.

Leng Haoyun led her towards the sofa, looking at her reddened hands with eyes that were full of concern and reproach for oneself.

He asked Aunt Zhang to get some ice before raising his head to look at An Huilin.

His voice was frigid.

“Why are you still here? Are you watching a show?”

An Huilin’s face turned chalk white at those words. His voice that was laced with disgust and impatience seemed to pierce right through her.

An Huilin opened her mouth, about to say something.

Leng Haoyun’s anger was once again triggered as he saw the blisters forming on Leng Xiyao’s hands.

“Get out! Do you need me to escort you out? Don’t you have hands to get water for yourself?”

An Huilin clearly felt Leng Haoyun’s rage this time, and she spoke with trepidation, “I didn’t...”

She wanted to say that she did not need to drink water, and she merely wanted to put some fear into Leng Xiyao. Moreover, she was supposed to move in eventually, and Leng Xiyao should be showing more respect as someone who is younger.

What was wrong in getting water for her? An Huilin looked at Leng Haoyun, feeling aggrieved, but failing to say anything else.

Jian Jie spoke quickly, “You can’t blame Huilin, President Leng. She just wanted to come and see you. The both of you are already engaged, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary if she visits. Yao is younger, so how could Huilin reject her offer to get water for her?”

Her words were logical, and she felt that her argument was flawless. Not to mention, it could help An Huilin. She then shot a triumphant look at Mo Suqing.

An Huilin felt that Jian Jie made a lot of sense, and her expression relaxed.

What she did not expect, however, was Leng Haoyun’s reaction. Leng Haoyun barely acted upon any sort of principle when it came to Leng Xiyao.

He shot Jian Jie a sharp look. “You shouldn’t be bothering yourself with matters of our household, Ms. Jian. Even if An Huilin and I get married, she wouldn’t be living here. This home belongs to Yao and I. I believe I’ve made it extremely clear now. Both of you are not welcome here, please leave!”

Jian Jie’s expression turned dour. She did not expect Leng Haoyun to say something that extreme, and he even explicitly asked them to leave. She had never been treated like this before.

She stood up angrily, pulling at An Huilin who was still in a daze.

“Let’s go, Huilin. It’s no use staying any longer in a place like this!”

An Huilin stayed still, appearing to be glued to the sofa. She stared at Leng Haoyun incredulously, her eyes looked like they were demanding an explanation from him for what just happened.

“Haoyun, did you say that because Yao hurt her hand today? If that’s the case, I promise you that I would never provoke her after we get married. I’ll let her have her way, okay?”

She felt that this was unfair. She foolishly believed that she would be moving in after they got married.

Moreover, this was the ancestral home of the Lengs. Although it had been renovated, it still took up a huge amount of land. It could be said that this house was second to none in A City. If she cannot move in even after marrying into the Leng family, this would be comparable to being a mistress instead of a wife!

An Huilin trembled with unease as she waited for Leng Haoyun’s answer.

Leng Xiyao remained silent as she sat beside Leng Haoyun.

Once again, Mo Suqing felt like she was the audience to a play.

Leng Haoyun kept a poker face as he raised his head. He took the ice from Aunt Zhang and applied it on Leng Xiyao’s hand.

Anyone who saw how tense he looked would have been able to tell how much he cared about Leng Xiyao.

Mo Suqing felt consoled at this. No matter what Leng Haoyun felt for Leng Xiyao, Yao was definitely the most important in his heart.

It isn’t so bad then.

Leng Haoyun carefully held Leng Xiyao’s hand with the ice on it as he regarded An Huilin with a frosty gaze.

“Please leave. Even if all this didn’t happen, I don’t plan to let you move in either. I’ll purchase a house for you in the city. You can stay there if you wish. It’s up to you.”

An Huilin had never been humiliated like this, and she shook with anger as she pointed at Leng Haoyun.

“Leng Haoyun, you’re really cruel. I’ve stayed by your side all these years, wasting all my youth and all my time on you. What do you see me as? Saying these things to me, do you even have a conscience?”

Leng Haoyun was emotionless, returning to that icy exterior of his.

“An Huilin, I’ll tell you this again. I’ve never asked that you wait for me nor spend time with me. Whatever you’ve done over the years have nothing to do with me at all. I’ve never asked for anything from you. We both agreed to the engagement, and if you’re unhappy, I can always get a replacement. So, please stop making a scene in my house. Escort the guests out, Aunt Zhang!”

An Huilin was hysterical now, her whole body shaking in outrage. She wanted to destroy Leng Xiyao right at this moment. All of this happened because of Leng Xiyao. She originally wanted to instill some fear into Leng Xiyao today.

She had not seen Leng Xiyao ever since the engagement, and she never would have imagined that it was her who would be humiliated so thoroughly today.

Still trembling, An Huilin stood up. Jian Jie moved to support her, brows creasing as she shot another glare at Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing was playing the part of an audience, observing the entire show silently. She would not participate in this as long as Yao was not at the losing end.

“Let’s go, Huilin. We don’t have to continue fighting with them here.”

An Huilin looked at Leng Haoyun. “Are you sure? Are you sure that she’s not the reason that you’re treating me like this?”

Leng Haoyun nodded slowly. “It’s not because of anyone at all!”

“Fine!” An Huilin wiped the tears on her face. “Since it’s not because of anyone else, then it doesn’t matter even if I don’t stay here after marriage. Can I still come over in future? We are engaged!”

An Huilin stared at Leng Haoyun as she awaited his reply.

Leng Haoyun furrowed his brows. If possible, he did not want anyone else coming over to bother Leng Xiyao and him. But as An Huilin just mentioned, they are already engaged. He did not want to replace her with someone else out of nowhere. He will let her come over if she wishes to, but he will never let her move in.

“You can come over if you want. But I hope you’ll not do it often!”

Leng Haoyun left no room for negotiation. From all that he had said and done, Mo Suqing could not tell that An Huilin was actually his fiancee.

But An Huilin was a vile and hateful woman. She deserves all of this!

An Huilin clenched her fists. She would definitely take revenge for the humiliation she suffered today.

She looked at Leng Xiyao, who was currently scrunched up against Leng Haoyun. The petite girl looked weak and pitiful, as if she needed protection.

This was the woman she hated the most!

“Fine! As you wish, my fiance!” An Huilin forced herself to smile at Leng Haoyun.

She was bent on marrying him no matter what!

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