Chapter 151: They say that Obedient Dogs do not Stand in the Way

When Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing went downstairs, Leng Haoyun was sitting on the sofa. It looked as if he had not moved an inch after Ceng Hanyu left.

Mo Suqing already told Leng Xiyao she wanted to stay over for a few days, making Leng Xiyao’s mood improve slightly.

She knew that Mo Suqing also needed cheering up. Having to learn about Yue Zhongjue’s identity had shocked Mo Suqing greatly, and having to digest all that information was stressing her out. 

Leng Haoyun stood up immediately as he saw Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing look like they were about to leave the house. 

“Yao, where are you going?” He had lost the usual chill in his voice, and it was replaced by a careful tone instead.

Leng Xiyao looked at him, her face devoid of expression. She then smiled brightly, saying, “Oh, right. I’m planning to go shopping with Mo Suqing. I’ve invited her over to stay for a few days, but we might be going out pretty often. If you’re bored, you can get Auntie to come over, I won’t mind it...” 

Leng Xiyao forced herself to continue smiling as she spoke, masking the bitterness in her eyes. 

Leng Haoyun involuntarily staggered backwards when he heard her say ‘auntie’, plopping back onto the sofa. He stared at Leng Xiyao with a dark expression. 

Leng Xiyao continued mercilessly, “I heard Aunt Zhang saying that Auntie seemed to like my room. I can sleep somewhere else, so the room can be cleared out for her. We’re going now...” 

Leng Xiyao pulled Mo Suqing with her as she turned to leave. 

Leng Haoyun’s voice could be heard saying, “That will never happen. It will forever be your room!” 

“Oh! Is that so?” Leng Xiyao answered with sarcasm, not bothering to stop in her tracks. Only Mo Suqing could see the tears flowing down Leng Xiyao’s face.

Is this really okay?

Mo Suqing shook her head in resignation as she squeezed Leng Xiyao’s hand.

It was obvious from the sound of Leng Xiyao’s voice that she was crying. “Suqing, stop looking at me. I’m just a little useless recently, and there’s an oversupply of tears. I’ll be fine in a while...” 

“Mm...” Mo Suqing acknowledged gently as she looked away. 

Both of them did not plan to stay out for too long since Mo Suqing was pregnant. They just wanted to take a walk in the vicinity, for Leng Xiyao found it too boring in the villa. 

Mo Suqing understood how she felt, and she was glad to be of company. 

However, they were met with two unwelcome guests as they were leaving. 

Jian Jie and An Huilin arrived at the Leng’s villa in a car. 

Although Leng Xiyao said she did not mind it, the color drained from her face once she saw An Huilin’s car. Speak of the devil.

Was it Uncle who called her?

Leng Xiyao was a little unsteady on her feet, and she might have just crumpled to the ground without Mo Suqing supporting her. She felt disoriented, like the wind could blow her away anytime. 

Mo Suqing initially thought that An Huilin and Jian Jie would just pass by in their car, but the truth could not be farther from what she imagined. 

The car stopped right after it passed them. 

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao heard the noise behind them, but they continued walking forward, neither of them planning to look back. 

An Huilin and Jian Jie caught up in their heels. 

They blocked the path that Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were on. Mo Suqing spoke sternly, “Out of the way!” 

Jian Jie smiled contemptuously. “What if I don’t want to!” 

Mo Suqing looked at her coldly, saying, “I wonder if Ms. Jian has heard of the saying - obedient dogs don’t stand in the way?” 

Jian Jie’s expression soured instantly as she stared at Mo Suqing, looking at the latter’s stomach before a laugh escaped from her lips. 

“I just have some things to say to a certain someone. I heard that you’re pregnant?” 

Jian Jie continued staring at Mo Suqing’s stomach, her gaze rather terrifying.

Leng Xiyao stepped forward to place herself in front of Mo Suqing, her guard up against Jian Jie.

“What are you planning? Though rabid dogs do go around biting others in their frenzy, you shouldn’t be going insane in public like that!” 

Jian Jie squinted at Leng Xiyao in disdain, then laughed. 

“There are some who can’t even handle their own affairs but want to butt into others. What a joke!” 

An Huilin stepped forward and pulled on Jian Jie. “What are you doing, Jian Jie? Don’t scare Yao like that, I’m her Auntie now. In the future, I’ll have to care for her just like Haoyun does. I won’t be happy if you continue like this. I’m actually very protective of the weak!”

Jian Jie patted her on the arm and smiled. “Okay, okay, okay! I know you’re about to get married, so I’ll just leave her alone!” 

The two of them seemed to be putting on a show, acting as if no one could do anything to them. 

Mo Suqing took Leng Xiyao’s arm in hers and said, “Let’s go, Yao. We shall not stoop to the level of rabid dogs!” 

Jian Jie spoke quickly, “Why are you in such a hurry, Ms. Mo? I haven’t said my piece yet!” 

Mo Suqing ignored her as she continued walking forwards with Leng Xiyao. 

Seeing that she had no intention to stop, Jian Jie continued, “Ms. Mo, don’t you want to know what Jue was doing on the day you were kidnapped?” 

That effectively stopped Mo Suqing. Leng Xiyao wanted to urge her along, but Mo Suqing turned back. 

She stared pointedly at Jian Jie, her eyes slightly narrowing. “Oh… I would definitely love to hear it since you know where my husband went.” 

Leng Xiyao shook her head furiously, but Mo Suqing did not seem to register it at all. She simply stared straight at Jian Jie, waiting for the latter to speak.

Pleased, Jian Jie smiled. She’s so predictable.

In a few leisurely steps, she stopped right in front of Mo Suqing. As Jian Jie looked at Mo Suqing with an air of arrogance, there was a trace of wickedness in her flirtatious smile.

She spoke slowly, “I guess it’s fine to tell you about it, since you want to know so badly. I happened to also be kidnapped at the same time, but Jue chose to come and save me. Do you know what that means?”

Mo Suqing’s face paled. She was not able to get through to him on the phone that day. Was it because he went to save Jian Jie?

Mo Suqing grabbed Leng Xiyao’s hand tightly. Was she less important than Jian Jie in his heart? All his words, no matter how sweet, amounted to nothing when it came to what he did. The person he cared about the most was not her.

Learning about this was a bolt from the blue for Mo Suqing. It was much harder to swallow compared to learning about Ye Zhongjue’s identity. 

She always thought that Ye Zhongjue loved her, and that she was the one he cared the most about. 

But she was just jolted awake with a huge reality check. She did not want to doubt him either, but where was he and what was he doing on the day she was kidnapped?

Jian Jie would not make something like this up, so… Mo Suqing smiled at Jian Jie, ashen-faced.

“And? He saved you, and you’re telling me this, for what? Or are you actually worried that he cares more about me? What do you want me to do by telling me all this?”

Jian Jie did not expect Mo Suqing to respond in such a way. Her expression changed as she spoke, “Think about it. Jue knew about your pregnancy, and if he did care about you, why did he come for me first? Do you think that Jue would have saved you if it weren’t for the baby? I’m here to give you some advice, so that you’ll know what’s best for you!”

Mo Suqing felt her heart clench in pain, Jian Jie’s words ringing in her mind. Do you think that Jue would have saved you if it weren’t for the baby?

She laughed suddenly, but it was a rather desolate laugh. Yes, were it not for the baby?

Leng Xiyao was alarmed at Mo Suqing’s expression.

She spat at Jian Jie angrily, “It doesn’t prove that he cares more about you even if Ye Zhongjue went to save you first. Also, are you actually gloating over this? If Ye Zhongjue finds out you used this to boast to Mo Suqing, do you think he’ll still care about you at all?” 

Leng Xiyao saw that Jian Jie’s face froze for a split second, and she knew she had dealt an effective blow. 

However, Suqing’s pride would never let her tell Ye Zhongjue about this encounter. 

She and Ye Zhongjue were originally worlds apart, and it was already hard to overcome this big of a difference, much less finding a middle ground overnight. Mo Suqing had no choice but to protect herself carefully. 

Jian Jie could tell that Mo Suqing would not reveal what just happened to Ye Zhongjue, and this was also why she dared behave with such arrogance. Leng Xiyao squinted as she thought to herself. Though she could not be sure about what really happened that day, she still felt that Ye Zhongjue cares about Suqing a lot, even more than she could have imagined.

This woman here is acting just like a rabid dog, barking in a frenzy. Does she really think we are fools?

Mo Suqing squeezed Leng Xiyao’s hand. It was obvious she did not wish to continue this exchange.

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips at Mo Suqing, and happened to glance at An Huilin.

“Since Auntie likes to stir the pot with your good friend, then I sincerely hope that Uncle will never have to witness this behaviour of yours. I think Uncle wouldn’t really like such uncouth women!” 

“Hmph!” Leng Xiyao grabbed Mo Suqing’s hand and headed back to the villa. 

She did not believe that anyone would do anything overboard in the villa. 

Leng Haoyun’s engagement had indeed upset her, but no matter how upset she was, she was no easy target. It’s my territory here, so don’t even think about walking all over me!

Jian Jie’s face paled as she looked at their figures.

“Huilin, what just happened was between Mo Suqing and I. It wouldn’t really affect your relationship with President Leng, right?” 

An Huilin’s fist clenched as she looked at Leng Xiyao’s short hair fluttering in the wind. 

She smiled. “She’s just a little girl. She can’t do anything to me with that. Don’t worry about what just happened. Just like you said, Ye Zhongyue went to save you first, and it’s a fact. We just spoke the truth. Leng Xiyao won’t be able to use that against us. I’m not afraid of that little girl!”

An Huilin’s expression darkened right after.

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