Chapter 150: Boyfriend from Nowhere

“What are you doing here?” Guan Zixuan looked at Ceng Hanyu blankly.

Ceng Hanyu sized Guan Zixuan up, suddenly getting an impression that he was a grave threat.

Mo Suqing has so many grievances against Ye Zhongjue at the moment, and it’s still difficult for her to accept who he really is. If Guan Zixuan takes this opportunity...

Ceng Hanyu decided that he could not leave Mo Suqing here alone.

Instead of answering Guan Zixuan, he turned to face Mo Suqing.

“Since you want to have some time alone, let me send you back. It wouldn’t be very appropriate if you stay at someone else’s place either, right?”

Ceng Hanyu emphasized the words ‘wouldn’t be very appropriate’ and he looked at Guan Zixuan pointedly after he spoke.

Mo Suqing nodded as she thought about this.

“Okay, thanks for your trouble. But you don’t have to send me back home, I want to stay at Yao’s place for a few days. She’s in a bad mood, so it’s nice to have some company!”

Hearing Leng Xiyao’s name was akin to getting an adrenaline shot for Ceng Hanyu.

“Great, I’ll send you there since Mr. Guan probably can’t do it right now.”

Mo Suqing was rather puzzled at the sudden change in Ceng Hanyu’s mood, but she knew it was better for her to stay away from Guan Zixuan right now especially when she was so emotional.

She nodded and said, “Okay, thanks for the ride.”

Smiling at Guan Zixuan, she continued, “Zixuan, you must be tired since you just came back. Go ahead and take a rest after showering, Ceng Hanyu will send me to Yao’s place.”

Guan Zixuan smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. He spoke calmly, “Since Mr. Ceng is being so helpful, please go ahead. Be careful on the way.”

Mo Suqing nodded as she reached out for her suitcase, but Ceng Hanyu beat her to the punch and retrieved the luggage for her quickly.

“Let’s go, I’ll give you a ride!”

Guan Zixuan clenched his fists as he stood in the living room, staring at Mo Suqing and Ceng Hanyu’s departing figures with a cold glint in his eyes.


At the Lengs’ villa.

Leng Xiyao had not been alone in the same space with Leng Haoyun ever since his engagement.

She had been by Mo Suqing’s side after saving her that day, and only returned home after Mo Suqing’s emotions had stabilized.

The thought of having to face her uncle made her extremely nervous. She walked around the villa, hesitating to enter it. She hoped that Leng Haoyun would not be at home.

Eventually, she plucked up the courage to walk in.

She made for the stairs immediately after entering the living room.

But Leng Haoyun’s voice could be heard from the study room.

“Yao, come over here!”

Leng Xiyao’s heart skipped a beat as the familiar voice streamed into her ears. It had already been a few days since she heard his voice.

However, the thought of him getting engaged with An Huilin made her angry and hurt all over again. Why do I have to go over just because he asks me to? I’m not his dog, so why should I have to listen to him?

Leng Xiyao turned brazen as the thought passed through her mind.

She pouted and headed for the stairs instead.

Leng Haoyun’s tone turned frigid instantly. “Stop right there, Leng Xiyao, do you hear me!”

Leng Xiyao put on a stern face and stared in the direction of the study room angrily. “Why should I have to listen to you!”

She then turned and walked up the stairs without glancing back.

After taking three steps, she realized that Leng Haoyun was quiet.

As she was about to turn back, she felt herself being lifted by a great force.

She exclaimed in shock before attempting to grab her assailant. However, she stopped as she saw Leng Haoyun’s handsome face that had a slight hint of anger on it.

She continued to struggle for a bit as she shouted, “Put me down! Put me down! I don’t want to talk to you!”

Leng Haoyun’s icy gaze thawed slightly as he took in that childish behaviour of hers.

“Didn’t you ask me why you should listen to me? I’m telling you now. It’s because I’m your uncle, because I raised you. This is why you have to listen to me!”

Leng Haoyun’s authoritative and chilly tone triggered Leng Xiyao. Uncle, uncle… She hates it when others say Leng Haoyun is her uncle now.

She shouted in Leng Haoyun’s face, “I don’t want you to be my uncle at all! Let me go, I don’t want to see you!”

Leng Haoyun stared at her, looking like he could boil over with anger at any moment now.

Leng Xiyao made use of this opportunity to slip out of his grasp, but she was not careful and ended up tripping. She was about to tumble to the bottom of the stairs.

Panic flashed across Leng Haoyun’s face, but he managed to pull her to safety and press her against the wall.

Leng Xiyao’s breathing became unsteady as she felt a cold breath coming from right above her head.

She stuttered, “You… What are you trying to do?”

Leng Haoyun regarded her with a dark and profound gaze. “What? You don’t want to acknowledge me as your uncle, and you don’t want to see me. Who do you wish to see then?”

He was suddenly reminded of all that had happened at Ceng Hanyu’s house the other day. Ceng Hanyu was openly provoking him, but he could not do a thing. He did not want her to feel sad and he did not want to disturb her sleep only because he was her uncle.

Leng Haoyun said through gritted teeth, “Do you actually wish to see Ceng Hanyu? You’d better believe it when I say I can actually make him disappear from the face of this earth immediately!”

Leng Xiyao was surprised at his words. Didn’t Ceng Hanyu merely drink with me on the day of his engagement, and I simply stayed out all night? Did he have to target Ceng Hanyu like this?

Leng Haoyun got slightly flustered as Leng Xiyao seemed reluctant to answer. His hand that was against the wall started to shake.

She really does want to see Ceng Hanyu then?

Ceng Hanyu’s voice suddenly rang out.

That icy and sarcastic tone of his was like a splash of water that woke Leng Xiyao and Leng Haoyun.

“Oh… I’m rather interested to find out how President Leng would actually make me disappear from this world! Also, it’s not wrong for Yao to want to see me either, since I’m her boyfriend, right?”

Ceng Hanyu raised his brows, shooting a challenging gaze at Leng Haoyun.

“What!” Leng Haoyun’s icy facade instantly broke. He stared at Ceng Hanyu angrily, intensifying the atmosphere.

“I will not allow this! How are you her boyfriend now!”

Leng Xiyao rolled her eyes and mumbled, “Boyfriend from nowhere!”

Mo Suqing could not suppress her laughter as she heard Leng Xiyao. That dreary mood of hers was immediately lifted.

Ceng Hanyu choked on Leng Xiyao’s words.

But he kept his gaze on Leng Haoyun, a hint of mockery in his eyes.

“You don’t allow it? Who are you to call the shots? You’re already engaged but you’re not allowing your niece to date? You have a warped mind, President Leng. Who are you to control these things? Even parents don’t go to such extents!”

All emotion left Leng Xiyao’s face as the matter of Leng Haoyun’s engagement was brought up again.

She turned and headed up the stairs.

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes at Ceng Hanyu, saying, “Why did you have to bring that up! But it’s fine, I’ve arrived safely, so you can head back now!”

Mo Suqing made for the stairs right after that.

Leng Haoyun walked down the stairs, keeping his eyes locked on Ceng Hanyu. He enunciated every word clearly as he spoke, “Do not go anywhere near Yao. Do not think that I will let you off just because you are Ye Zhongjue’s friend!”

“I’ll wait for you to take action! Let’s see who Yao chooses in the end!”

“Hmph!” Ceng Hanyu rolled his eyes at Leng Haoyun before leaving.

Knowing the subtle feelings Leng Xiyao had for Leng Haoyun, he felt sorry and angry at the same time.

He will be getting the DNA report very soon, and he wanted to take Leng Xiyao away from this dreary and suffocating place as soon as he could.

Though he had never met Anne, finding her and taking care of her was his biggest responsibility in this life. After all these years, it was a commitment that would not change no matter what happened.

Mo Suqing saw Leng Xiyao sitting on the edge of her bed looking downcast, her face pale and devoid of color. Mo Suqing could tell that she was extremely upset.

She sighed inwardly. Once you’ve fallen for someone, you’d have already lost.

Once he becomes your weakness, that tender part right at the bottom of your heart, whatever he says and does, it doesn’t matter if it pains or upsets you, you’d try your best to defend him.

Mo Suqing did not know how Leng Xiyao viewed Leng Haoyun’s engagement. But others would definitely find it ludicrous that she had fallen in love with Leng Haoyun.

Mo Suqing did not know what Leng Haoyun thought of this but Leng Xiyao was like a fool plunging head-first into it. It pained her to look at Leng Xiyao like this, and it upset her to know that Leng Xiyao was struggling to find a love that was basically impossible.

Mo Suqing walked over softly and hugged the other girl from behind. She spoke in a gentle tone, like a mother to a child.

“Be good, Yao. Don’t be sad, all of this will be over, and everything will be fine...”

Leng Xiyao did not cry, but her sorrow was almost palpable in the room.

Her voice was slightly hoarse as she said, “Suqing, I thought nothing of his engagement at first. I thought that I could still face him. I forgot everything after drinking that night. It’s only now that I realize I can’t do this. I’m so upset, it’s so hard… I’ll think of An Huilin whenever I see him, and I’ll be reminded of their engagement. It’s so painful that I can’t breathe...”

Leng Xiyao clutched her chest as she brought her legs up onto the bed. Hugging her knees, she curled up into a tight ball as her shoulders heaved as she cried. Tears welled up in Mo Suqing’s eyes as she witnessed this.

What is love? It’s so torturous. Both of us are tormented by it. All of this seems like a big joke. Unable to be with the one you love, and hurting because of love.

Mo Suqing went over to hug Leng Xiyao, consoling her without a sound.

Mo Suqing knows Leng Xiyao best, and quiet consolation is what Leng Xiyao needs right now.

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