Chapter 15: Gu Jiannan the Scumbag Paid a Visit

Mo Sulian smiled triumphantly. She had achieved her purpose. Mo Suqing, this is the cost of displeasing me. I have let you be, but we’ll see who’s the one that laughs in the end.

As far as she knew, Gu Jiannan was without doubt a petty man and a chauvinist at that. She bet he wouldn’t tolerate quietly the fact that Mo Suqing had cheated on him.

Meanwhile, Gu Jiannan was staring at his phone with a dark look.

Mo Sulian sounded truthful enough. He couldn’t believe he had always thought Mo Suqing as an innocent and chaste woman. She had said no to him an awful lot of times, but he would never go bold or aggressive; he had never forced her.

Little had he expected that she would make him a cuckold in no time. He swore he would not go easy on the man she was married to when he found out the guy’s identity.

The afternoon on the same day.

Mo Suqing had just finished organizing all the information she had received these last few days when Leng Xiyao walked in from outside with a stricken face.

She was walking toward her at a fast pace. Two people behind Leng Xiyao kept looking over at her.

Mo Suqing watched Leng Xiyao, puzzled. “What is the matter? What’s with all the agitation?”

Leng Xiyao said nervously, “Suqing, you have to come up with a way! Gu Jiannan the Scumbag is here! He is at the entrance right now. Looks like he won’t leave until he sees you. That bitch Mo Sulian must have told him about your marriage. What should we do? Abbess Miejue will kill you if he makes a scene!”

Leng Xiyao was hyperventilating, while Mo Suqing gave her an unworried smile.

“It’s alright, Yao. Now, go back to your seat. I’m going to see what’s going on out there. I don’t think I have done him any wrong. How brazen is he though, to have the guts to come here looking for me!”

Mo Suqing stood up expressionlessly and walked out.

Leng Xiyao was about to dissuade Mo Suqing from going but stopped herself. Mo Suqing was right. She hadn’t done anything wrong! It was the scumbag who had cheated on her!

On second thought, she decided to follow Mo Suqing out.

Mo Suqing went outside and saw an indignant Gu Jiannan arguing with the security. There were a lot of onlookers nearby. Mo Suqing gave Gu Jiannan a cold look. She asked in a sneering tone, “What are you doing here?”

Gu Jiannan broke free from the security’s grip and looked at Mo Suqing angrily, “Qing, tell me, are you married?”

Gu Jiannan’s question caused an uproar among the onlookers.

“Do you know that the guy is Mo Suqing’s ex-boyfriend?”

“Yeah! I heard that they were in a relationship for almost seven years!”

Another put in, “If he comes here to ask her about it, we can be certain that he is not Mo Suqing’s husband…”

“I bet you are right! I can’t believe Mo Suqing would do such a thing.”

Mo Suqing ignored the ridicule and whispers and the funny look people were giving her.

All she could think of at that moment was how the man in front of her felt like a stranger. They had been together for seven years, but it seemed this was the first time she truly saw the real him.

Was it true then that women in love were all blind fools who had an IQ below zero?

She used to feel indescribably sweet when Gu Jiannan called her name, but now, she just felt disgusted.

Mo Suqing could not put out of her mind the scene she had witnessed outside the hotel entrance the other night. How he and Mo Sulian had acted like lovers.

She looked at Gu Jiannan with repulsion. “Even if I am married, so what? This is none of your business.”

Gu Jiannan was utterly speechless. He had never expected that Mo Suqing would talk to him in this icy, unconcerned way.

Thinking of what Mo Sulian had told him made him feel so trampled on.

Just as he was about to question Mo Suqing further, Leng Xiyao interrupted him with her clear voice, “Gu Jiannan, you are such an asshole! How dare you come here to find and question Suqing? Do you even have a sense of shame? Don’t assume that none of us doesn’t know about you and Mo Sulian and treat us like a fool. Let me tell you something. Suqing isn’t a pushover. Besides, you are not engaged, are you? She can marry anyone she likes and it is none of your business! You think you have a right to question her like this because you are her boyfriend? You are the most shameless man I’ve ever known, trying to have both women in your arms!”

Gu Jiannan was stunned. He looked at Mo Suqing helplessly.

“Qing, things are not what you think they are! Please hear me out!”

Mo Suqing returned him a blank expression, “Hear you out about what? About how you and Mo Sulian got together in the first place, or about how hot it is when you two are in bed?”

“Ha!” Mo Suqing sneered and continued, “Gu Jiannan, after all these years, you still don’t know one thing about me. Do you really expect me to forgive you after what you’ve done? My boyfriend and my stepsister, ganging up on me! How nice!”

“Get out of my sight!” Mo Suqing gave him an icy look and said, “Do not show up in front of me again. You disgust me! I’d rather I have never met you. Also, it is none of your business whom I married!”

Mo Suqing poured out all of her anger at once. A worked-up Leng Xiyao almost clapped her hands and applauded her.

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