Chapter 149: An Incurable Disease

Mo Suqing was sitting on the sofa with a magazine in hand, but her thoughts were wandering all over the place.

The doorbell suddenly rang. 

Being in a daze, Mo Suqing only realized it after a while and headed over to open the door. She was met with none other than Guan Zixuan, whom she had not seen for quite some time now. 

“Weren’t you filming overseas?”

Guan Zixuan looked at her with concern. “We wrapped today and I just got back. I heard from Leng Xiyao that you were in trouble. What happened? Are you okay?” 

Mo Suqing raised her head to look at Guan Zixuan.

Sudden realization hit her. In these past few months, all of the individuals who were around her had hidden identities. Ye Zhongjue, Guan Zixuan, and even the man she had saved the other night. 

Mo Suqing furrowed her brows and asked, “It’s nothing. I’m fine right now, aren’t I? Why did you come here right after you just returned?” 

Guan Zixuan scratched his head and laughed awkwardly at that. Could he say that he was too worried and afraid that something untoward had happened to her, so he came back without even returning to his own place first?

Mo Suqing shook her head as she took in that awkward expression on his face. 

“Stop standing at the door then, come on in!” 

“Oh no, no!” Guan Zixuan said as he rejected her with extended hands, before saying, “I haven’t even had a change of clothes. How about we go to my house?” 

Mo Suqing knew that Ye Zhongjue had already pulled through the most critical period, and the doctor said he could be discharged soon. She did not want to see him now, so going to Guan Zixuan’s place right now might not be a bad idea. 

“Alright. Hold on, I’ll get my things.” 

Guan Zixuan was stunned when he saw Mo Suqing drag a luggage out. 

“You are...” He pointed at the luggage, puzzled. 

Mo Suqing shrugged as if this was extremely normal and was nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Well, staying at your place feels more comfortable than being here. Can I stay over for a few days?” 

Guan Zixuan’s gaze darkened, his feelings indescribable. 

He only replied after a long moment. “Okay, let me get that luggage for you.” 

Guan Zixuan picked up the luggage as he spoke. 

Mo Suqing opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but thought better of it eventually. 

She did not want to trouble anyone else anymore regarding all that had transpired between Ye Zhongjue and her. Moreover, she cannot reveal Ye Zhongjue’s identity to anyone. 

Although she was angry and furious at his lies, she did not want him to get hurt either. 

Mo Suqing realized that his luggage was still placed outside the door when they arrived at the entrance of Guan Zixuan’s villa.

Mo Suqing suddenly felt like she made a bad decision. Should she have gone to Leng Xiyao’s place instead? She knew that Guan Zixuan cared much more about her than a normal friend should, and she knew that she was being extremely unfair to him right now. 

“How about...” Mo Suqing hesitated for a moment as she reached for the suitcase that Guan Zixuan was about to carry inside. Guan Zixuan turned around to eye her suspiciously. “What did you want to say?” 

“How about, I’ll just go to Leng Xiyao’s place. You are a public figure, and I’m afraid it might affect your career if this turns into a scandal!” 

Guan Zixuan looked at her, his face void of expression. He was still holding on to that suitcase. 

“I don’t mind it!” 

“But I do!” Mo Suqing retorted immediately. She spoke rapidly, her tone rife with panic.

Guan Zixuan watched her for a few quiet seconds before releasing his hand. 

“Even if you have to go, let me get a change of clothes before I send you over.” 

Guan Zixuan quickly carried the suitcase inside while Mo Suqing was still processing his words. 

He did not want to let her know that he already found out about her pregnancy from Leng Xiyao, and that he did not want to leave her alone as he was worried about her safety. He was afraid that his concern might inadvertently give her extra pressure. 

The scenario when she was kidnapped flashed past her mind again as Mo Suqing looked at Guan Zixuan’s figure. Actually, it would be great if he could give me a ride.

Mo Suqing followed Guan Zixuan inside. She waited in the living room while he took a shower and changed. 

She was extremely emotional right after being saved from her ordeal, but the doctor said if she did not try to keep her emotions in check, she might possibly suffer a miscarriage. 

She blamed Ye Zhongjue, but the child is innocent. She protected the child, afraid it would get hurt. 

Even though learning about Ye Zhongjue’s identity was a great shock to her, she was able to console herself by telling herself that he is still the child’s father. 

Mo Suqing was standing in front of the fish tank in a daze when the doorbell to Guan Zixuan’s home rang. 

She walked over, only to see Ceng Hanyu. 

Isn’t he supposed to be in the hospital taking care of Ye Zhongjue? Why does he have the time to come over? And why does he know I’m here?

Mo Suqing’s brows creased, but she still opened the door for him. 

“Why are you here?” 

Ceng Hanyu looked at her with a passing glint in his eyes. 

“Jue is concerned that you’re here alone, so he asked me to come over. I also have something to tell you.” 

“Oh!” Mo Suqing replied softly. “Come in then!”

Ceng Hanyu followed Mo Suqing inside, and the both of them sat on the sofa. 

“The child is okay right?” 

“Mm, everything’s fine. The baby’s very obedient, very quiet. If it wasn’t the doctor who reassured me that the baby was fine, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.” 

“Oh… That’s good!” Ceng Hanyu nodded as he held his hands together, like he was thinking of something. 

“You said you wanted to tell me something? What is it?” Mo Suqing asked. 

A thought suddenly struck her as she asked, “Right, how did you know I was here?” 

Ceng Hanyu looked up at her and spoke slowly. 

“I sent some men to protect you in secret. Jue is extremely worried about your safety.” 

Seeing Mo Suqing’s expression change, Ceng Hanyu quickly explained, “He doesn’t mean to keep tabs on you. It’s just that, after this, Jue is afraid that something might happen again. Though he’s in the hospital, he’s still very concerned about your safety, so… and, you’re not alone now, so keeping you safe is of utmost importance...” 

Ceng Hanyu felt like he seemed to be making the situation worse by talking so much.

Mo Suqing made a face and said, “It’s okay, I understand. It is true that I am pregnant with his child!”

Ceng Hanyu was dumbfounded. How did he manage to botch this? Why did Mo Suqing take it this way?

“Please don’t misunderstand, Jue is concerned for your safety first and foremost. It would be such a blow to him if you think of him that way!” 

Mo Suqing looked at Ceng Hanyu with derision, and her laugh sent a little chill down his back. 

“Is that so? He’s sad? Didn’t he think that I would be hurt when he lied to me? President Ye, Poisonous Prince… does he have any other identities?

“Can he reveal all of them at once, instead of letting me look like a fool everytime? I always have to find out from someone else. Is that fun?”

“Mo Suqing!” Ceng Hanyu turned serious in an instant, surprising Mo Suqing. 

“Why do you have to think of it that way? I’m here today to tell you something. Could you please calm down. Let’s not talk about whether this is good for the baby at the moment, let’s just suppose that you had only heard one side of the story for now. You’d think that of Jue? How he has treated you and his feelings for you, do they all amount to nothing?”

Ceng Hanyu looked at Mo Suqing with widened eyes, a trace of anger in them.

Mo Suqing’s face was frozen, and she did not speak for a long time. 

Ceng Hanyu calmed himself down before continuing, “Yes, he did lie to you. But think about it. Out of the many women in this world, why did he only lie to you? That’s because he likes you, he loves you. From my perspective, his feelings for you are akin to a disease, and it’s an incurable disease at that. It’s his fault for lying to you that he was only an assistant, but wasn’t that because you hate the rich? He decided to do that only because he wanted to be closer to you. His identity as the Poisonous Prince, do you think you could have accepted it? He was afraid that you would be scared, and so he did not dare reveal it to you. You feel wronged, you feel like you’ve been fooled, but I think he’s the real fool here. He didn’t dare confess when he liked you seven years ago, and instead chose to leave. But he still kept you in his heart for all this time. A whole seven years. If he can’t let go even after all this time, there’s even less reason for him to give up now! You blame him, but have you thought of all that he did for you! He took a bullet for you, disregarding his own life. Why don’t you think about these things?” 

Ceng Hanyu looked at Mo Suqing’s dazed expression, and suddenly felt that he went a little overboard with what he just said. 

He regained his composure and rubbed his forehead.

“Sorry, that wasn’t on purpose. I just feel that Jue cares a lot about you. When Sin Eliminators was just created in England, the gunfights were a minor issue. The predecessor to Sin Eliminators was an English mafia group that had immense power. Jue had been injured countless times trying to bring the group down, and his life was always hanging by a thread, but he pulled through everytime. I once asked him why he was able to pull through all the time, and he answered me with a smile, saying that he liked this girl back at home. He thought that he would be able to let you go, but even after being in England for so long, he still wasn’t able to, not even when he was at death’s door. He even called out your name when he was unconscious. Though we are on the wrong side of the law, that shouldn’t be your justification to hurt him like this!” 

“I didn’t...” Mo Suqing was staring into thin air, mumbling to herself in a daze, looking a little fearful. Ye Zhongjue told her that he had liked her from a long time ago, but she was not aware that she had existed in his world for such a long time, and that his memories of her were practically inerasable.

“You should leave. I’d like some time alone. I can take care of myself. It’s just that everything seems to be a mess right now...”

Ceng Hanyu felt bad as he saw Mo Suqing’s pained expression. 

He knew that Mo Suqing grew up in a world where everything was squeaky clean. It was indeed difficult for her to instantly accept Ye Zhongjue’s identity. 

But looking at how she reacted, it was not impossible.

Ceng Hanyu saw Guan Zixuan walk out in a bathrobe as he stood up, the latter looking at him with a slightly hostile gaze. 

Ceng Hanyu immediately straightened himself up and kept his eyes locked on the other man.

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