Chapter 147: The Car Accident Three Years Ago

The moment the shot was fired, Ye Zhongjue’s eyes widened and became bloodshot and frenzied. His whole body went rigid as he stared after the bullet.

The next second, he took off sprinting toward Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing had become alarmed when Song Pingting raised her gun and pointed it at her. When the shot was fired, all she could think of were the unborn child inside her and everything she had gone through with Ye Zhongjue.

Watching the man running toward her like crazy, she suddenly forgot how to be mad at him.

Mo Suqing cringed instinctively. Song Pingting had been aiming at her head. However, as she had just begun to practice shooting with a gun and her target had moved, the bullet only grazed the rope that hanged Mo Suqing.

The rope broke off instantly.

Ye Zhongjue watched as the rope began to draw itself rapidly through the buckle on Mo Suqing’s body and dance like a water snake. Mo Suqing was practically spinning in midair by the great force.

Then, she began to fall.

Ye Zhongjue sprang forward to catch her.

Fortunately, the rope had helped slow down her falling a bit.

Ye Zhongjue caught her in time and groaned.

Mo Suqing was still badly shaken in his arms.

Ye Zhongjue watched as Ceng Hanyu subdued Tang Zeng and the Red Kill mercenaries overwhelmed the other members of International Dragon & Tiger Mafia.

Song Pingting, meanwhile, watched the almost comical scene in disbelief and fired a second shot.

Ceng Hanyu’s eyes widened. The woman is out of her mind!

Ye Zhongjue sensed the bullet coming without looking up. He didn’t have time to think when he turned away to shield Mo Suqing from it. The bullet hit him.

The sound of the bullet thudding into human flesh drove Ceng Hanyu mad.

He had just watched Ye Zhongjue getting shot in front of him!

Without hesitation, Ceng Hanyu fired two shots in a row. Blood trickled down the corner of Song Pingting’s mouth as she fell on the ground.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhongjue, still carrying Mo Suqing in his arms, had one knee hit the ground as he struggled not to fall.

He looked down at Mo Suqing and smiled. In the end, he had successfully protected her.

Mo Suqing looked appalled and incredulous. How come? How come these people can be so crazy as to readily fire anyone?

When the bullet hit Ye Zhongjue, she was completely stunned.

She could almost hear blood trickling from her heart.

Yes, he was a liar. But he was also a fool to have taken the shot for her when she was the one Song Pingting tried to kill.

Suddenly, Song Pingting spoke with all her strength for Ye Zhongjue to hear, “You think… I am the only one… who wants to kill her? Ye… Zhongjue! The person… 

who is really… determined to… see her dead… is not here at all!”

Then, she spit out a mouthful of blood and shut her eyes.

Ceng Hanyu walked over and placed two fingers on her carotid artery. “She’s dead,” he said calmly.

Mo Suqing shuddered. Dead… She’s dead!

Even though she hated Song Pingting, it still shocked her to see a living person die in front of her.

Ye Zhongjue, enduring his pain, reached out and covered Mo Suqing’s eyes with his hand. “Honey, don’t look,” he said in a surprisingly tender voice.

Ceng Hanyu shook his head as he looked at Tang Zeng, who was held by two mercenaries.

The man didn’t seem to care now that Song Pingting was dead. She might as well be a stranger to him.

Ceng Hanyu couldn’t say he was surprised. On the contrary, it would surprise him if Tang Zeng had any real feelings for the woman.

Ye Zhongjue began to walk toward the door with Mo Suqing in his arms.

Suddenly, Tang Zeng shouted after him, “Ye Zhongjue! Do you know why I want to kill you? For the record, I never laid a finger on your wife. I am not as vile as you! In order to get your people stationed in A City, you killed my little brother with your car! I hate you. Even if I die, I will come back and haunt you!”

Ye Zhongjue went rigid when he heard the word “car.”

Slowly, he put Mo Suqing down and told Lin Ran, who was at the door, “Take her to the hospital.”

Lin Ran quickly came closer and made a gesture, “Please come with me, ma’am.”

Mo Suqing’s legs were weak and she almost fell. Lin Ran caught her in time and, supporting her, took her away.

Ye Zhongjue had asked Gu Yi’an to come along and stand by. He was in a car outside, waiting to check if Mo Suqing was alright.

Mo Suqing took a few steps, then turned around to see Ye Zhongjue approach Tang Zeng.

She gave him a last look before turning back and walking away.

Ceng Hanyu looked at the wound on Ye Zhongjue’s back and said, “Jue, you are hurt. Let Yi’an take out the bullet first.”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head with a gloomy expression.

“I’m alright. It’s not going to kill me.”

Song Pingting was not a skilled shooter, so the bullet didn’t hit his critical area. The worst scenario was he would lose a lot of blood, but he would be fine even so with Ceng Hanyu and Gu Yi’an right here.

Ye Zhongjue stood in front of Tang Zeng.

“What did you mean just now?”

His voice sounded cold and devoid of emotions.

However, Ceng Hanyu knew how much he cared about the car accident three years ago.

No matter how ruthless they were with their enemies, they never harm the innocent. 

That was one of their principles.

Tang Zeng knew his situation was hopeless now and that he would never be able to avenge his brother. He glared at Ye Zhongjue as if he was his mortal enemy and said, 

“Hahaha… You have the cheek to ask me that! You said I hurt your family. Are you kidding me? If I did want to hurt your family, your wife will have become a corpse by now! I haven’t laid a finger on her ever since I took her here this morning! Do you know why? Because I don’t want to be like you!”

Tang Zeng gritted his teeth and glared at Ye Zhongjue with a furious expression.

“My ultimate goal is to kill you, and she is but a bait to lure you here. I have never wanted your wife’s life. On the contrary, you! Three years ago, in order to introduce Sin Eliminators to A City, you put your conscience aside and arranged a fake accident to kill my little brother Tang Mo! He was only a college student. A student! How could you be so cruel?”

Tang Zeng looked at Ye Zhongjue with an angry and painful expression.

Ye Zhongjue was speechless. There was only a woman who died in the accident, wasn’t there?

But, according to Tang Zeng, his brother also died in the same accident.

Tang Zeng knew he had no way to escape now, so he might as well reveal everything.

“Three years ago, you hit someone with your car and jammed on the brake. The car behind you swerved to the opposite lane and clashed with a coming car. I think you remember it!”

Ye Zhongjue’s poker face didn’t change much. “And then?”

“And then, two people died in that accident! I don’t know who the woman was, but the other victim was my brother Tang Mo. At that time, I had no idea you were the Poisonous Prince of Sin Eliminators, so I have always thought it was just an accident.”

“However!” There was a fierce look on Tang Zeng’s face. He struggled to lean forward as if he wanted to tear Ye Zhongjue apart with bare hands.

“When I found out about your identity, I changed my mind. Back then, I thought I would just accept my brother’s death and I mustn’t harm a regular person who accidentally killed my brother in a car accident. Now, I know you are no regular person! How can you have lived peacefully all these years? In order to protect him, I tried every way to conceal the fact that I had a brother. Even though we lived in the same city, I almost never went to see him. He was just a twenty-year-old college student! He simply died… because of me…”

“Ye Zhongjue, I’m going to kill you! You will die a horrible death!”

Tang Zeng was so wild that the mercenaries were having a hard time holding him tight.

Fearing that Tang Zeng might struggle free, Ceng Hanyu delivered a knifehand strike to the side of his neck.

Everything had come to light now.

There were two deaths in the accident, although Ye Wentian had told Ye Zhongjue there was just that one woman who had come out of nowhere and got herself killed. The accident had soon been taken care of.

Ye Wentian had asked his subordinates to take care of it without getting personally involved himself. During the time, Ye Zhongjue was hospitalized.

After he slammed on the brake, he was injured by glass fragments from the windshield.

Three cars had collided with each other, with one woman, who had not been in any of the cars, dead.

So the truth was, someone in one of the cars had died, too, and he had been Tang Zeng’s brother Tang Mo.

It was all very dramatic. According to Tang Zeng, he had thought it was an accident and decided to accept it.

Then, three years later, he discovered Ye Zhongjue’s true identity. He put two and two together and made five, presuming Ye Zhongjue had set up the accident to kill his brother.

Even though his brother had died long ago, Tang Zeng couldn’t just drop it and let Ye Zhongjue be.

Ye Zhongjue hadn’t been so disturbed in a very long time.

A college student had also died at that time, but his father somehow never told him.

He probably didn’t want him to feel guilty about it. Moreover, with Sin Eliminators and International Dragon & Tiger Mafia fighting each other for territories, his father might be afraid that he would get soft-hearted if he knew.

Yet, even though he didn’t know about it, he had still got soft-hearted.

Ye Zhongjue’s expression was difficult to read.

Ceng Hanyu patted him on the shoulder and sighed. “I know you have been feeling bad all this time, but it was not your fault! You…” He sighed again.

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