Chapter 145: A Husband Who is Like an Onion

Song Pingting laughed so hard that she began to gasp for air and that tears started to run down her face.

“Mo Suqing, do you want to know why?” she asked after her laughters died down.

Mo Suqing still didn’t open her eyes. Song Pingting sounded like a mad woman. Even if she didn’t respond, she could keep talking.

“Mo Suqing! You are no better than me even if you act aloof! Let me tell you something: You are the more laughable and pitiable one, not me!”

Song Pingting sounded really hysterical now. Mo Suqing frowned. She had no intention to compare herself with a crazy woman.

Song Pingting seemed to find herself a bit carried away, too. She chuckled and her voice became gentle again when she asked, “Mo Suqing, do you know why we abducted you?”

Mo Suqing’s eyes snapped open. They were clear and bright eyes, so much so that one could almost taste the sweetness of the water from a mountain spring.


She had heard them talking about Ye Zhongjue earlier. It looked like he was the reason they had taken her. She had been wondering about it, and it wouldn’t hurt to hear Song Pingting out.

Song Pingting’s eyebrows arched in satisfaction. She looked at Mo Suqing with an evil smile, which made her very uncomfortable, as if a serpent was slithering all over her body.

“Have you ever heard of Sin Eliminators and The Dark Night, two of the biggest mafias in the world?”

Mo Suqing’d eyebrows drew together. What does that have to do with me? That is the stuff for fiction. It’s too far from my reality.

Song Pingting smiled mockingly at Mo Suqing, as if to say, I knew you didn’t know.

“How about the Poisonous Prince? He caused quite a sensation three years ago, when Sin Eliminators first came into the city and brought shock to both the police and the underworld. They have quieted down a little these two years, but people still remember them. I believe you are aware of that?”

Mo Suqing looked baffled. Poisonous Prince? She did hear of him three years ago. It is said he is a cold-blooded, cruel man who killed a lot of people in order to introduce his gang to A City.

She had always found it difficult to understand his motive. Sin Eliminators was a famous organization in the world. Why did he have to infiltrate A City?

“What does that have to do with anything?” Mo Suqing said coolly. Her composure instantly overshadowed Song Pingting’s smugness. Mo Suqing didn’t sound like a captive; on the contrary, she made one believe she was the one in control.

Song Pingting couldn’t stand it. Her face contorted as she said, “Mo Suqing, aren’t you curious about why Sin Eliminators must station a part of their people here? A City is just one of the major cities in our country at most. Why would an internationally-renowned organization bother itself to come here?”

She looked up at Mo Suqing meaningfully.

“I bet you are dying to know the answer. Beg me and I’ll tell you!”

Mo Suqing had a really bad premonition of it. She watched Song Pingting in silence. The woman was crazy. She didn’t want to comply with her.

Mo Suqing closed her eyes and said flatly, “I don’t want to know.”

Her attitude was very indifferent. Even Tang Zeng couldn’t help but cast a glance toward her.

Song Pingting flew into a rage. “Mo Suqing! I must force you to hear the answer now that you said you don’t want to know!”

Mo Suqing just kept her eyes closed in silence and said inwardly, Mental!

Song Pingting had a smug and mysterious look on her face, as if she was announcing something huge.

“The answer is easy. It’s because Poisonous Prince is from A City! That’s why he must introduce Sin Eliminators to the city. He wants to put his friends, his family, his colleagues and everyone he loves and hates under his control. Mo Suqing, don’t you think it’s sick of him?”

Song Pingting stared at Mo Suqing’s closed eyes expectantly and maliciously.

Then, she burst into another round of maniacal laughter.

“Fine. You can close your eyes all you want! That’s fine by me. I’m still going to tell you the thing that you have no idea of. I bet you never expected that Poisonous Prince is someone you know. He is in your life…”

Then, Song Pingting said in a sugary voice, although her expression was that of someone insane, 

“He is your husband, Ye Zhongjue!” Song Pingting roared. “Mo Suqing, what a surprise! Hahaha…”

Her crazy laughter resonated throughout the spacious factory, sounding amplified and more terrible than it was.

Mo Suqing tensed. She snapped her eyes open and stared at Song Pingting, refusing to believe what she said.

No. She’s lying. Ye Zhongjue is just the president of a big company. He can’t be the Poisonous Prince. Song Pingting is just trying to upset me because she’s jealous.

However, no matter how hard she tried to persuade herself, logic spoke otherwise. Song Pingting had no reason to make up such a story.

Seeing that Mo Suqing had opened her eyes and her expression had changed significantly, Song Pingting laughed heartily.

Finally, after she had had a good laugh, she looked at Mo Suqing and said, 

“Well? A big surprise, isn’t it? Do you feel like a fool? Don’t feel too bad about yourself. Ye Zhongjue has concealed his identity well. Even I, who had worked with him in close quarters for three years, never knew about it. However, you are even sadder than me, Mo Suqing. You are his wife and he finds it necessary to guard against you and not to tell you who he is! I wonder what you really mean to him?”

“Does he see you as his wife? I don’t think so,” Song Pingting shook her head. “If he does, why would he hide his identity from you? Does he see you as his secret lover? Not likely. He has acknowledged your relationship in public. So, what are you to him? Mo Suqing, this is a question you can think about.”

Song Pingting paused a moment to enjoy the numb expression on Mo Suqing’s face before continuing, “You probably have a feeling that, while other women can rely on their husbands, you have to constantly guess yours. It’s like peeling an onion; every layer reveals a new identity. What else does he hide from you? Will you, upon reaching the innermost layer of this onion, find that it not only doesn’t have a heart, but also makes you cry?”

“Hahaha…” Song Pingting laughed heartily, her face contorted.

Mo Suqing looked at the pathetic woman and said, “Even if he is Poisonous Prince, so what? You have spent so much time scheming, trying to get him to like you, but he just hates you more and more. Honestly, who is sadder here? I think you know very well.”

Mo Suqing slowly closed her eyes again.

However, her words had provoked Song Pingting a great deal. She stamped her foot in fury.

“Mo Suqing, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that! You are just Ye Zhongjue’s toy. Don’t you get so smug!”

Then, as if she hadn’t said enough, she jumped to grab Mo Suqing’s leg.

Unfortunately for her, Mo Suqing was hanging at a height that she couldn’t reach.

Song Pingting flipped out. Her unreasonable shrew nature came out as she barked out orders to the black-clad men nearby, 

“Lower her down! I’m going to tear her mouth into pieces!”

An angry roar came from somewhere, “Song Pingting, enough! Look at yourself! You are just a vulgar shrew!”

Song Pingting went rigid, realizing she had completely forgotten her place in her fit of rage.

She quickly walked over and put her hand on Tang Zeng’s arm affectionately. Tang Zeng averted her touch with a disgusted expression.

Song Pingting, as if not seeing his reactions, cooed, “Tang, I was expressing my support for you, too! I want to avenge the insult you have endured from Ye Zhongjue. She is his woman, with his child. How about we…”

“Enough!” Tang Zeng narrowed his eyes at Song Pingting, as if he had only known the real her now.

She had been his mistress for some time, but somehow he had never seen how disgusting the woman was!

Yes, he wanted to take revenge on Ye Zhongjue. People might think it was because he couldn’t swallow the insult he had suffered three years ago, but it wasn’t the full story.

The reason he took Mo Suqing captive was because he wanted to lure Ye Zhongjue here and to reach closure once and for all.

To be more precise, he wanted Ye Zhongjue to experience what he had experienced at that time.

He wanted him to feel the same sense of frustration when you watched a loved one suffer but couldn’t do anything about it.

Tang Zeng sat back down on the sofa and closed his eyes, trying to rest before the show started.

Feeling ashamed, Song Pingting looked at him and did not try to placate him anymore. She had learned to know how changeable his temper was. Right now, he didn’t look very pleased.

Song Pingting turned around and glowered at Mo Suqing, before sitting down on the other end of the sofa.


At five o’clock, Lin Ran finally managed to fix the surveillance. He found out that Mo Suqing had been taken to an abandoned factory at the outskirts of the city where International Dragon & Tiger Mafia frequented.

Lin Ran called Ye Zhongjue and told him all about it.

Ye Zhongjue ordered his people to act.

The last of Sin Eliminators began to evacuate from A City in a raucous way.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhongjue and Leng Haoyun each led a group of mercenaries to carry out their plan.

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