Chapter 144: Survival Guide to the Underworld

Selina frowned at a reticent Ye Zhongjue, not knowing what to say.

Ye Zhongjue had always been impeccably authoritative, a man who was the symbol of power. His every decision was made in an admiringly calm and resolute way. He, in short, was a natural leader.

However, even a blind person could see he was being emotional right now.

But even so, they couldn’t say anything about it. After all, it was his wife they were talking about.

Leng Xiyao emerged from the bedroom.

“We cannot waste any time. The more time we spend here, the more Suqing will suffer. I have called my uncle just now. He asked you to go to my house with me; he’ll be waiting for us. Once we come up with a rescue plan, we’ll act.”

Leng Xiyao cast a glance at the austere-looking Ye Zhongjue and continued, “You can evacuate the other members of Sin Eliminators right away, showing Tang Zeng how you are willing to comply.”

Ye Zhongjue said, “Selina, you and Hanyu stay put and evacuate the others from A City.”

Ceng Hanyu went rigid. There was a slight shift in his expression. “I’m not going to let you go there alone. It’s too dangerous. Selina, you can evacuate the others by yourself. I’ll go with him!”

Selina nodded. Ye Zhongjue was about to protest, but Ceng Hanyu aborted his effort unceremoniously by saying, “Jue, are you going to decline even my help? Don’t you want to increase the odds of a successful rescue by including me?”

Ye Zhongjue looked him in the eye and became silent.

The three of them left the house. Selina watched them go, her eyes glinting with disappointment.

As bright and passionate as she was, she couldn’t take Ceng Hanyu’s rejections indefinitely.

She stared after them blankly.

Ye Zhongjue drove his car at 120 kilometers per hour almost immediately. Ceng Hanyu turned to look at him, then turned back to look out the window with a set expression, knowing he was eager to get to his wife.

Leng Xiyao’s face went pale, but she just clenched her teeth and didn’t say anything. Ye Zhongjue was eager to save Mo Suqing, and so was she.

To be honest, she had only heard of the name Sin Eliminators before without really knowing what it was.

Although her uncle was the leader of Red Kill, the organization and its secret operations were completely cryptic and unknown to her. Leng Haoyun never let her see the dark side of the world.

When she overheard that Ye Zhongjue was a member of Sin Eliminators this morning, she had been utterly shocked. She also couldn’t help but feel angry with the man. If he had only lied about his identity as the president of a big company, it was totally forgivable. After all, she could see how much Suqing loved him.

However, now it transpired that he was involved with Sin Eliminators, too. How could he bring Suqing into his world?

Suqing had no idea. But she, Leng Xiyao, had heard that the so-called Poisonous Prince of Sin Eliminators was a cold-blooded man who was feared by many.

People were scared and frightened of him. He was a living embodiment of horror.

Rumor had it that he had claimed countless lives and no one had ever known his whereabouts. To say he was the overlord of the underworld would not be an overstatement.

Naturally, he had numerous enemies. How dared he bring Suqing into this?

Leng Xiyao cursed Ye Zhongjue inwardly. He was too selfish. He knew he and Mo Suqing had an unbridgeable chasm between them, but he had bound them together anyway by lies and deceit.

Doesn’t he know what harm he might bring to Suqing?

Leng Xiyao pressed her lips together and remained silent. No matter how angry she was, the most important thing now was to save Suqing.

The car came screeching to a stop in front of the Leng residence. Ye Zhongjue jumped off and ran inside.

Leng Haoyun was sitting in the living room, waiting for them.

On the way here, Ceng Hanyu had given the order to evacuate the members of Sin Eliminators to C City.

Leng Xiyao was the last to come into the room. When Leng Haoyun saw her coming in after Ceng Hanyu, he fixed his eyes on the woman and ignored the two men.

Leng Xiyao hung her head low. Although she had called him earlier, the fact was she didn’t want to see him at all if it weren’t for Mo Suqing.

Now, he was not only her uncle, but also someone else’s fiancé too.

The thought almost choked her.

However, all of this was nothing compared to Suqing’s life! She looked up at Leng Haoyun bravely.

“Save Suqing, Uncle!” she said in an authoritative and resolute voice that was not in accordance with her age.

Leng Haoyun looked at her and replied firmly, “I will!”

He couldn’t reject any of her requests. Even if it meant he would put the secrecy of Red Kill at risk, he would do anything she asked for.

Besides, he did owe Ye Zhongjue a life. He could repay him now.

Leng Haoyun looked at Ye Zhongjue, whose face had gone rigid, mouth had curled into a ruthless curve, jaws were taut, and whose eyes were murderous.

Leng Haoyun gave him an approving look.

He was worthy of the nickname Poisonous Prince, with his composure and steadiness during a crisis. The fierceness in his eyes and the overall vibe he was exuding were indeed very powerful.

After witnessing how important Mo Suqing was to him, Leng Haoyun couldn’t help but admire his tenacity.

He couldn’t say he would be as composed as Ye Zhongjue if it were Yao who was taken.

“President Ye, I can help you save your wife. However, I hope that from now on, Sin Eliminators and Red Kill will never interfere with each other’s business. After tonight, Red Kill will be exposed. I don’t want another enemy! Can you promise me that?”

Ye Zhongjue answered resolutely, “I can!”

After all, Leng Haoyun’s readiness to help them was beyond his expectation.

Red Kill was not just one man; it was a group. Even though he was the leader, Leng Haoyun must think about everyone below him.

By helping Ye Zhongjue, Red Kill’s presence in A City would be exposed. It was fair for Leng Haoyun to ask Sin Eliminators not to do Red Kill any harm in the future. Besides, Leng Haoyun could have taken advantage of his misfortune and asked for money or made him fulfill other unreasonable wishes, but he didn’t.

Leng Haoyun was pleased with Ye Zhongjue’s quick and resolute response. He looked at him in earnest and said solemnly, “Since you have agreed, I can now tell you what my plan is. I believe you have already checked all the surveillance cameras near your house?”

“They have all been tampered with. I have no way to find out where she was taken!”

This was what Ye Zhongjue felt most anxious about. The surveillance cameras were ruined and it took time to fix them. Without them, he couldn’t know where to save Mo Suqing. The enemy was in the dark whereas he was in the open.

“How long does it take to restore the surveillance?”

Ye Zhongjue replied, “It will probably be after five or six o’clock this afternoon. Lin Ran is working on it.”

“I see,” Leng Haoyun said. “Tang Zeng’s focus is solely on you now and he doesn’t know who I am. If we are going to deal with him, we may as well destroy the whole gang. You make it a point to evacuate Sin Eliminators as conspicuously as possible, while I divide Red Kill mercenaries into two groups. You shall lead one of them to rescue Mo Suqing; I will lead the other to raze the headquarters of International Dragon & Tiger Mafia and make sure Tang Zeng won’t be able to make a comeback ever again. Otherwise, if we are lenient like you were three years ago, the same thing might just happen again.”

Ye Zhongjue had a plain expression on his face. Suddenly, he remembered the car accident three years ago while he was pursuing Tang Zeng. He had run over a woman who appeared out of nowhere and killed her. Two other cars had crashed into each other, too. His father had taken care of everything for him.

The accident had haunted him since then. From time to time, he would be reminded of it.

After the accident, part of the Sin Eliminators was stationed in A City. A moment of soft-heartedness had made him forget that leniency was not how one survived in the underworld. It gave Tang Zeng a chance to take revenge.

This time, he would not get soft.

“I’ll deal with Tang Zeng and you will take care of their lair. After tonight, International Dragon & Tiger Mafia will disappear in the world, and so will Tang Zeng! From now on, Red Kill and Sin Eliminators are allies!”

Ye Zhongjue said in a firm and serious tone. Leng Haoyun looked at him and echoed equally resolutely, “Yes!”


Seconds and minutes ticked away. Lin Ran was doing his best to fix the surveillance as fast as he could. Leng Haoyun was mobilizing his mercenaries, causing quite a stir but without Tang Zeng noticing since the man had his full attention to the whereabouts of Sin Eliminators.

Tang Zeng and Song Pingting went back to the factory after lunch. Seeing Mo Suqing hanging in midair, Song Pingting smiled.

“Mo Suqing, how are you? We treat you well, do we not?”

Her voice was sugary with obvious poison underneath it. Mo Suqing felt disgusted.

She had heard Tang Zeng and Song Pingting come in and had her eyes closed, so she didn’t have to see them.

Tang Zeng began to smoke a cigarette on the sofa, seemingly deep in thought.

Song Pingting saw that Mo Suqing had her eyes closed and knew that it was just because she didn’t want to see her.

She chuckled contemptuously. That’s alright. I only need her to hear me. I have something interesting to tell her!

She said in a laughing, charming tone, “Mo Suqing, you know what? I was envious of you before. You must have felt pretty smug about it.”

As if she had lost her mind, Song Pingting, with exaggerated and ever-changing expressions, stood there beneath Mo Suqing and carried on with her monologue.

“But now… now I am not envious of you at all! Instead, I feel rather sorry for you!”

“Hahaha…” she laughed like a maniac.

Tang Zeng frowned but ignored her.

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