Chapter 142: How Many Guns Will be Pointing at You

Mo Suqing raised her head weakly. The factory was very spacious. There were a lot of people, the majority of whom wore black outfits and didn’t look like they were good men.

Mo Suqing’s heartbeat quickened. Why did they take her here?

She remembered the taxi driver. In her haste to see Ye Zhongjue, she had been too careless and had got in a car driven by someone who meant her harm.

She heard the woman on the sofa say, 

“No way! To me, you are much better than him. He never cared about me; he only cared about that woman. I’m not stupid…”

Then, the woman stroked the man’s chest in a flirtatious way.

Mo Suqing frowned. The woman’s voice sounded oddly familiar, but she couldn’t recall where she had heard it before.

The man pulled the woman into his arms roughly. Mo Suqing shuddered at his crudeness. Who are they?

The man croaked in a hoarse voice with a hint of sneer, “That’s right, you slut. He didn’t treat you as well as I do!”

They flirted with and fondled each other to the point where they were almost doing it in front of everyone. Mo Suqing cringed involuntarily.

A man near Mo Suqing snapped his head around and looked at Mo Suqing. “Boss, she’s awake!”

The two people on the sofa stopped what they were doing.

The man said, “Awake? Good! Hang her up!”

Before Mo Suqing could react, two black-clad men approached and tied her hands with a thick rope.

Then, one of them pulled her up unceremoniously. Mo Suqing tried to follow his movement as much as she could lest the baby should get harmed.

The other man tied the rest of the rope around her waist and pushed her forward.

Mo Suqing pressed her lips together and didn’t say anything during the whole process. She was taken to the center of the space where a chain hung from above. One of the men fastened one end of the rope to the chain while the other held her firmly.

Mo Suqing watched as they started to pull the other end of the long chain and her body was slowly lifted up.

When her body was hanging in midair, Mo Suqing saw the two figures on the sofa turn toward her.

Mo Suqing’s eyes widened at the woman’s face.

Song Pingting, the woman Ye Zhongjue fired? Why is she here? What is her relationship with these people?

Fear crept up on her. She could see pure hatred in Song Pingting’s eyes.

The man next Song Pingting was very tall. He was plain-looking but had an imposing manner.

Hanged in midair, she watched them walk toward her.

Song Pingting spoke, “Mo Suqing, I bet you never thought you would find yourself in such a predicament. No matter how much Ye Zhongjue treasures you, you are just a nobody here! I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

Song Pingting gritted her teeth, unable to control her emotions.

The man next to her sounded annoyed when he warned, “Pingting!”

Song Pingting immediately collected herself, like a snarling dog that concealed its bared teeth when called to attention by its owner.

She tenderly leaned against the man and said, “Tang, don’t be angry. I just quite dislike her, that is all.”

“I know,” the man replied, his eyes fixing on Mo Suqing.

“Looks pretty enough!” he said as if to himself. “But Ye Zhongjue isn’t the kind of man who cares much about appearance. Why would he choose such a woman and make her his weakness?”

Tang Zeng looked at Mo Suqing thoughtfully. Mo Suqing was shocked. It’s because of Ye Zhongjue that they abducted me? Is he a rival of his in the business field?

Mo Suqing felt very nervous. Then, Song Pingting spoke again, “There must be something special about her. Think about it. He even fired me for her! I bet she’s not a random woman. You heard how panicked and angry Ye Zhongjue was over the phone. It shows how important she is to him.”

Tang Zeng pinched Song Pingting’s cheek smilingly. For two people in love, it was an affectionate gesture. But somehow, Tang Zeng made the intimate expression full of lust.

Mo Suqing saw disgust in Song Pingting’s eyes.

Tang Zeng didn’t notice it. He kept pinching her cheek smilingly and said, “And no one is more important to me than you, babe. Humph! When Ye Zhongjue shows up, he is going to die in my hands!”

Tang Zeng spit out the last sentence with vehemence. Something gleamed in Song Pingting’s eyes. She cast an evil glance at Mo Suqing.

Song Pingting recalled the events from the previous evening. Yesterday, after she had had dinner and before Tang Zeng had come to her place, a stranger called.

The voice on the other end of the line sounded old, but she could still recognize it was a woman’s voice altered by a voice changer. The woman talked very fast. She told Song Pingting that Mo Suqing was pregnant and that she knew Song Pingting hated Mo Suqing. The woman even knew she was Tang Zeng’s mistress now.

Yet, the most remarkable thing was that she knew exactly why Song Pingting got together with Tang Zeng.

The woman said persuasively, “Don’t you want revenge? Don’t you both love and hate Ye Zhongjue? Now Mo Suqing is pregnant with his child, you must act now or they are going to become a happy family after the child is born…”

The more the woman cajoled her, the more agitated Song Pingting became. It was as if thousands of ants were biting her insides! She couldn’t endure the pain. She must ruin him if she couldn’t have him.

Oh, how much she had loved Ye Zhongjue, and how cruel and heartless he had been when he kicked her out!

Why? Why can that woman get his love?

Song Pingting knew she was mad. She had been mad the moment she left Ye Zhongjue and turned to Tang Zeng.

Tang Zeng found out that Ye Zhongjue was the founder of Sin Eliminators. Song Pingting had always thought he was just a president of a company. It had never occurred to her that he might be more than that.

The woman on the other end of the phone then told her she had devised a well-thought-out plan. It was entirely up to Song Pingting to carry it out.

When the woman suggested luring Ye Zhongjue to go to his secretary’s rescue, Song Pingting had become worked up and said he would never do that for his secretary.

However, the woman laughed at her words, saying that not everyone was as useless as her. His new secretary had saved him once and even though she would only play a minor role, Ye Zhongjue would help her fulfill it by going to her rescue. Then, the woman said, you could lure Mo Suqing out and take her captive as planned. Once Mo Suqing was involved, Ye Zhongjue would definitely fall into their trap.

Just when Song Pingting was going to ask why she was helping her, the woman said succinctly, Do not let her child live.

Then, before Song Pingting could reply, she had hung up.

Song Pingting called her back, but the woman had turned off her phone.

She had pondered over the conversation for a long time, then, feeling unsettled, had called the woman’s number again. However, she was told the number did not exist.

Song Pingting had spent the evening in a fretful state until Tang Zeng came. Her desire to take revenge on Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing was so powerful that she couldn’t help but tell Tang Zeng about the plan.

Naturally, Tang Zeng, who had held a grudge against Ye Zhongjue for three years, didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

Even now, Song Pingting couldn’t think of anyone that might be the woman who had called her. The woman must understand Ye Zhongjue very well for the plan to have actually worked.

Now, as she watched Mo Suqing hovering above her, Song Pingting linked her arm with Tang Zeng’s and cooed, “Tang, let her hang there by herself. It’s almost noon. Let’s go have some lunch!”

Tang Zeng eyed her plunging neckline where the two round breasts were on the verge of being exposed. Lust sparked in his eyes. His smile was lewd.

“Alright! Since you are so ‘hungry,’ I’ll satisfy you!”

Mo Suqing watched them walk away and began to relax. She felt worried and afraid. 

She had no idea what was happening.

However, she did know one thing: She must protect her child from Song Pingting and the man.


At Ceng Hanyu’s villa.

Leng Xiyao had just woken up. She consulted her watch and found it was already noon. She had had too much to drink yesterday and had slept in big time.

She rubbed her temple and sat up.

Then, she realized she didn’t know this place. She peeked under the blanket and saw she was wearing a white shirt. Her face crumpled.

What happened last night?

Leng Xiyao didn’t have time to think. Someone was quarreling with another person outside.

Ceng Hanyu shouted, “Even if it is for your wife’s sake, you can’t just evacuate the whole Sin Eliminators from A City!”

Then, Ye Zhongjue said in a trembling voice with suppressed anger, “I will sustain all of the loss that might incur! I have made up my mind. Everyone should leave the city tonight. Suqing’s life is at stake here. I won’t risk her life for anything!”

Ceng Hanyu’s voice became even angrier when he roared, “Jue, I’m begging you now! You know I don’t mean to risk her life at all, but however mighty you are, you are only one person! Do you have any idea how many guns will be pointing at you if you go there by yourself tonight?”

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