Chapter 141: If Only There was a Way to Amend His Mistakes

Ye Zhongjue took large steps into the house.

The middle-aged woman lay prone on the floor and gagged.

Ye Zhongjue saw Jian Jie lying on the sofa with her eyes closed as if she was asleep.

He walked over and pressed on her philtrum firmly. Moments later, Jian Jie gradually restored her consciousness.

When she saw it was Ye Zhongjue, she jumped up from the sofa and embraced him hysterically. “Jue, here you are! I am so scared!”

Seeing that she was in quite a distress, Ye Zhongjue didn’t push her away at first. Instead, he patted her on the back before gently removing her hands from him.

“What the hell happened?” he asked in a serious tone.

Jian Jie recounted the experience as she recalled, “After I left the hotel this morning, I sensed someone was following me. I was about to turn around, but he drugged me and I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I found myself in a dark room. I don’t know exactly where it is.”

Jian Jie frowned and continued, “I woke up because they splashed water on me. I heard their leader speaking to you through the phone. I tried not to make a sound, but his underlings started to touch me… After he ended the call, I heard him chuckling mockingly. Then, someone sprayed something at me and I lost consciousness over all again. And then, I woke up and saw you.”

Ye Zhongjue looked at Jian Jie carefully. She didn’t seem to be lying.

“What about the woman there?”

“Do you mean Aunt Lin? What about her?” Jian Jie asked in bewilderment.

The woman at the door to the living room howled and ran inside. Then, she slumped down on the floor and clung to Jian Jie’s leg. “Young miss, I didn’t mean it! When they sent you back, they gave me something and asked me to stab Mr. Ye with a fruit knife. I didn’t mean to…”

The woman choked and continued tearfully, “They threatened me, saying that if I didn’t do as told, they were going to capture my little son!”

Ye Zhongjue frowned. He didn’t believe those hooligans would go to so much trouble to send Jian Jie back and get him here for nothing in return.

“What is it that they want you to give me?”

The woman pointed at a platinum bracelet on a low table and sobbed, “The bracelet… They said if it was me who gave you this, you wouldn’t…”

She hadn’t said “hurt me” when she saw Ye Zhongjue’s eyes widen as he stared at the bracelet.

A murderous look crossed her face. He seized the woman’s blouse near the neckline and demanded, “What did they say to you? Where is Suqing?”

His voice was frenzied and his expression was as if he was going to kill someone.

There was no mistake. The bracelet was the one he had bought Mo Suqing not long ago. How dared they take her away! And she is pregnant…

A dangerous vibe was exuding from Ye Zhongjue. Those bastards had kidnapped Jian Jie to turn his attention away from Mo Suqing. Then, they abducted Mo Suqing when he had been occupied.

How he wanted to kill himself now!

The middle-aged woman looked at him in trepidation and dared not say a word.

In such a state, Ye Zhongjue was very frightening.

Jian Jie gave her a reassuring look. Then, she got up and placed her hand on Ye Zhongjue’s arm. “Jue, let her go. She’s not one of them; she’s just someone I hired to clean the house. Let her tell you what exactly they said. Don’t be so impulsive! I know you are worried about Mo Suqing, but we must know what happened first!”

Jian Jie’s words worked. Ye Zhongjue slowly loosened his grip.

He stared at the middle-aged woman as if he wanted to kill her. The woman dared not even look at him.

She took out a cell phone from her pocket with a shaky hand. “They said you could contact them with…”

Not waiting for her to finish the sentence, Ye Zhongjue snatched the phone from her and turned it on. Only one number was saved in it.

He strode out of the house and called the number.

Ye Zhongjue didn’t see the malevolent light in Jian Jie’s eyes. Never expect me to show any mercy to anyone I dislike!

Ye Zhongjue had reached his car when the phone got through.

He pressed his lips together, his expression dark. Even the veins of his hand that was gripping the handle of the car door bulged.

He waited quietly for the person on the other end of the line to speak first. They must want something from him in exchange for Suqing. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the pains to lure him here.

After a while, the other person finally spoke.

“Ye Zhongjue, can I assume that you being so quiet means you decide not to put up a fight and are waiting for me to tell you what I want?”

The voice sounded familiar, but Ye Zhongjue couldn’t place the man. He had made a lot of enemies both in the underworld and the business world.

Yet, few of them were able to pull such a trick off.

Ye Zhongjue pressed his lips together in rage.

The man continued, “Ye Zhongjue, don’t get mad. Remember, your wife is in my hands!”

Ye Zhongjue trembled with rage at the man’s smugness. Mo Suqing was his Achilles’ heel. At the mention of her, he could no longer control his temper. He couldn’t imagine if anything happened to her.

“What do you want? Spit it out,” Ye Zhongjue said, trying to suppress his anger.

“It’s simple. Evacuate everyone in Sin Eliminators from A City in one day. If you fail to do that, I can’t promise what will happen to her! I heard that it’s not a bad experience fucking a pregnant lady.”

“Tang Zeng!” Ye Zhongjue roared. He remembered who the man was!

The man was no stranger to him. He was Tang Zeng, the leader of International Dragon & Tiger Mafia. Three years ago when Ye Zhongjue introduced Sin Eliminators to A City, the two organizations had had a clash.

International Dragon & Tiger Mafia was nothing more than a local gang, with minimal reputation elsewhere. Therefore, Ceng Hanyu had laughed when he first heard the name with the word “international” in it.

However, Ye Zhongjue had never expected it would come back to bite him in the ass to have shown mercy to the man.

He had been too lenient. He had thought Sin Eliminators would become the sole target of the authorities and the police if they were the only major gangster in A City. Besides, 

they hadn’t needed to seek dominance here to grow their organization.

Unfortunately, he had been wrong. If a powerful gangster didn’t strive to become the absolute ruler in a place, other smaller, seemingly harmless ones would always try to get to the top.

He didn’t care what happened to himself, really he didn’t. But this was Mo Suqing they were talking about! Her safety was much more important than his.

“Haha…” the man on the other end of the line laughed in reply.

“I see that you have recognized my voice. Well, let’s get down to business then. I have done a lot of homework on you for the past three years. I know you will save your secretary but you won’t get worked up for her. It’s a different matter when it comes to your dear wife!”


Tang Zeng burst into lewd laughter again.

Ye Zhongjue’s grip on the steering wheel tightened.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! I can promise you that, but let me talk to her first. I need to know if she is okay!”

Tang Zeng was about to reply when a woman’s voice came through.

“Tang, don’t say yes. Who knows if he will change his mind if he finds out Mo Suqing is okay?”

Tang Zeng muttered his agreement, laughing. Ye Zhongjue knitted his brows together.

Song Pingting? It was her who spoke! She is with Tang Zeng!

No wonder Tang Zeng would know so much about me.

Ye Zhongjue had never regretted anything in his life up to this point. Now, he felt deep remorse for having let Tang Zeng go three years ago and been lenient to Song Pingting two months before!

If only there was a way to amend his mistakes…

Tang Zeng spoke again, “Ye Zhongjue, at the very least, show your worthiness first! After all, I find it hard to trust you again…”

Then, he hung up.

Hearing the disconnect tone, Ye Zhongjue hurled the phone forward.

It hit the steering wheel and dropped to the floor.

The phone made a ding! sound. Its screen lit up with a new message, You have one day.

There were flames in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes. He looked as if he was a provoked lion. He ground his teeth and gripped the steering wheel. The car slid onto the road smoothly.

He had only one thought in his mind: he must go and rescue Mo Suqing. She mustn’t get hurt.

The thought that she had been taken captive and that the bastards might be doing disgusting things to her made his heart burning with rage. The interior of the car seemed to burst into flames.

He ran one red light after another and headed to Mighty Empire.

It was a huge mistake that he didn’t bring his phone with him. He couldn’t contact any members in Sin Eliminators. The phone Tang Zeng gave him had been defaulted not to get through any other numbers.

Ye Zhongjue was incensed, but he knew he mustn’t lose his cool. Right now, the most important thing was to save Mo Suqing.


In an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town.

When Mo Suqing opened her eyes, she found herself in an abandoned factory.

Two people were sitting on a brown leather sofa not far from her. She could see they were a man and a woman, but since they had their backs to her, she couldn’t see their faces.

A lot of men were standing around them.

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