Chapter 14: Bitches are at the Risk of God’s Wrath

“To tell you the truth…” With her head lowered, Mo Suqing impaled a piece of the steak that had just served on her fork and said slowly, “In the beginning, I simply didn’t care to treat anyone like that. Then, I had a strong feeling against being a ‘badass.’ But, after what I had gone through the day before yesterday, I realized that sometimes you just had to take extreme measures against certain people!”

“That’s right!” Leng Xiyao looked like she could not agree more. “After all, bitches are at the risk of God’s wrath!”

Mo Suqing smiled. “Let’s have lunch and go back to work. Otherwise, Abbess Miejue will nag.”

Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out and started to eat.

After Mo Sulian was dragged away by the security, she became so upset that she wrung her hands together and ground her teeth in anger, as if she would like to kill.

Mo Suqing… One day, she would make that bitch kneel before her and beg for mercy.

Bai Tingnan touched her arm and looked at her worriedly. “Sulian, are you alright?”

She had never seen Mo Sulian thus forget herself. After all, she was a celebrity – albeit a minor one – and couldn’t afford to tarnish her reputation so in a public place.

Mo Sulian was still in a very bad mood, so she gave Bai Tingnan an impatient glance. After a moment, she managed to keep her temper and said, “I’m fine. You can go back to work now. I need to run some errands.”

Then, she shook off Bai Tingnan’s hand and walked away.

Bai Tingnan looked at her back, sulking. So your daddy has some money. Do you really have to be an arrogant bitch in front of me?

Bai Tingnan glared after Mo Sulian and walked back to the company in quick strides.

Mo Sulian had considered giving Mo Zhenfeng a call, but then she changed her mind. What if Mo Zhenfeng learned about Mo Suqing’s marriage and decided to give her a large portion of the stock as her dowry?

Since Mo Suqing was not going to say anything, she would not either.

If she had to hide her marriage from their father, it must mean that the man was poor. Otherwise, if their social status matched, she didn’t have to keep it a secret.

But, wasn’t she crazy about Gu Jiannan? Why would she marry another guy all of a sudden?

A trace of a sneer played across Mo Sulian’s lips. She couldn’t impart the news to Mo Zhenfeng, but she could at least tell Gu Jiannan all about it. He had a right to know as her boyfriend, didn’t he?

Gu Jiannan was staring blankly at the document in his office when the phone rang.

He had been savoring every moment he spent with Mo Sulian the other night.

For many years during their relationship, Mo Suqing had kept her distance and had not let him touch her. A normal man like him would naturally seek elsewhere after waiting for so long without getting what he wanted.

Then, Mo Sulian had begun to seduce him. At first, he had ignored her. But, after Mo Sulian told him that Mo Zhenfeng had been planning to give her the company as her dowry when she got married, he wavered.

After all, Mo Suqing was just a nobody in the family now; it wasn’t surprising that Mo Zhenfeng had made Mo Sulian his heir.

So, Gu Jiannan had started an affair with Mo Sulian.

Thinking of this, his cheeks had become flushed with lust. Man, how that woman’s body had tasted.

Thus, Gu Jiannan had lapsed into a reverie with the memory of their rendezvous when the phone rang. He was much startled and almost fell from the chair.

However, his face relaxed as soon as he saw that the caller was Mo Sulian.

“Hey babe! What’s up? Do you miss me?”

“You just can’t be serious for one moment, can you!” Mo Sulian exclaimed, all coyness.

“I could never be serious in front of you… hehe…” Gu Jiannan laughed lewdly.

A disgusted look crossed Mo Sulian’s face. If it was not for the company’s stock and for revenge on Mo Suqing, she would never be with the man.

“Anyway, I need to ask you something. Mo Suqing doesn’t know about us, does she? Has she called recently? You must be honest with me.”

Gu Jiannan was surprised that she would ask the questions. His tone immediately became all serious, as if to prove that he was being absolutely honest.

“Honey, we have not been in touch recently. You told me not to let her know about us, so I didn’t. And why would I think of her anyway when I have you?”

Mo Sulian sneered. “Then I guess you don’t know that your diehard girlfriend got married behind your back, you fool!”

Gu Jiannan’s face immediately went livid. “Married? That’s not possible! We just talked the other day!”

Mo Sulian said icily, “I thought you said you hadn’t been in touch.”

Gu Jiannan fell silent. He couldn’t believe he had made such a simple mistake! He was just about to explain when Mo Sulian interrupted him.

“You don’t have to explain anything. I know your feelings. However, it is true that Mo Suqing is married. The news has reached everyone’s ears in her company; everybody knows. It is despicable of her to treat you like this. After all, you are her nominal boyfriend at the very least. Anyway, this is all I have to say. I won’t tell you what to do.”

Mo Sulian hung up without waiting for his reply.

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