Chapter 139: How She Feels about You

Ceng Hanyu rubbed his forehead impatiently. “What are you talking about? I just don’t want you to stay in the country. When have I ever said that I think you will hurt Anne?”

Selina waved her hand dismissively. “If you don’t think I’ll hurt her, I’m definitely going to stay!”

Ceng Hanyu stared at her. He couldn’t bring himself to hate the woman, but he didn’t know what to do with her either.

“I’m going to check on her,” he said, getting up.

Ceng Hanyu walked into the bedroom. Selina looked forlorn. She had been pursuing him for so many years. Of course she had long discovered that he had been hiding from her.

However, she just couldn’t help it…

Ceng Hanyu watched Leng Xiyao as he walked over, sat down on the edge of the bed, and brushed her hair away from her fair face.

Leng Xiyao seemed to have a disturbed sleep. Her mouth was moving as she muttered something in a very low voice.

Ceng Hanyu put his ear closer to her mouth to listen.

“Uncle… Don’t…”

She repeated the same words over and over again. Ceng Hanyu’s face darkened.

He reached out and touched Leng Xiyao’s sad face. Even in dreams, she was in pain.

Even though Leng Haoyun had brought her up and given her a lot of love, he was also the one who was making her sad. If it could make his Anne happy again, he would surely kill that man!

Ceng Hanyu arranged her blanket and walked out of the room. There came a knock on the door.

Selina was lost in thought, so Ceng Hanyu walked over to open the door. It was Gu Yi'an.

Gu Yi’an walked into the living room and saw Selina on the sofa. “Selina?” he asked surprisingly. “When did you come?”

“Ah… it’s you,” Selina replied unenthusiastically, looking bummed out. Gu Yi’an could see it must be Ceng Hanyu’s doing. Only he had the ability to turn a bright, attractive woman like Selina into a brooding, melancholic creature.

Ceng Hanyu sat down. “She’s just here for fun! Yi’an, take a seat. I have something to give you.”

Gu Yi’an was a quiet person in nature, so he just sat down and waited for Ceng Hanyu in silence. Ceng Hanyu held two small zip bags in his hand when he returned.

“Do a DNA test for each of these and see if they are related.”

Selina raised her eyebrows in surprise. When she saw Ceng Hanyu carry Leng Xiyao in his arms like she was a precious gift he must protect with his life, she had thought he was certain the woman was Anne!

Gu Yi’an took the bags and got up to leave.

Ceng Hanyu, wanting to know the result as soon as possible, didn’t ask him to stay longer and saw him off.

After Gu Yi’an was gone, Selina and Ceng Hanyu sat on the sofa. Neither spoke.

After a long time, Ceng Hanyu relented and said, “Fine. You can stay in A City, but only if you do not interfere with my life.”

Selina looked at him. “Have I ever done that?”

Ceng Hanyu choked a little. She was right. She had never really interfered with his life. All she had done was chase him around, but that was all it took to subject him to her influence.

Ceng Hanyu went silent. The atmosphere between them seemed to freeze with awkwardness.

All of a sudden, the doorbell began to ring.

Selina frowned, her blue eyes gleaming. “Who can it be?”

Ceng Hanyu looked at the door. “Probably Yi’an.”

He got up to open the door. Someone charged inside.

Ceng Hanyu dodged. Selina leapt up from the sofa. Both turned to look at the man warily. Ceng Hanyu saw it was Leng Haoyun. He looked positively enraged.

His eyes were scarlet and his face was contorted when he roared, “Where’s Yao?”

Ceng Hanyu’s expression relaxed when he saw who the invader was. He sneered at Leng Haoyun’s unkempt appearance and said, “She’s here. Take her away if you can!”

Ceng Hanyu said casually and calmly, but there was an undertone of cruelty and fury in his voice.

Leng Haoyun strode toward the bedroom. Ceng Hanyu continued, “She had a really rough day. She cried. She drank two dozen bottles of alcohol. She vomited up everything. Then, she drank again…”

Leng Haoyun slowed down as he listened to Ceng Hanyu, until he stopped on the spot.

He turned around in slow motion.

“What is the matter with her?” he asked, staring at Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu shrugged and gave him a cool look. “I think you know the answer!”

“What is the matter with her?” Leng Haoyun asked again, looking as if he was going to explode any second.

Ceng Hanyu didn’t want to waste any more time on the man. He said, “Selina has bathed her and put her to sleep. Are you sure you want to wake her up, see you, and get upset again?”

Then, his eyes hardened when he continued, “I don’t believe you can’t see how she feels about you. You know you can’t be together, but you let her feelings grow and keep her hopes up! Don’t tell me you are doing everything for her own good. She becomes sad every time she sees you now. Do you really want to stay here and wait for her to wake up or even take her away by force?”

Everything he had just said was true. Leng Haoyun’s face went pale. He had always known how Leng Xiyao felt. He didn’t want things to become like this, either! But he just couldn’t let her leave him.

In the end, he was but a selfish person.

In the business world, he was always confident, ruthless and resolute, and he almost never failed in anything. However, when he faced Leng Xiyao, these principles were non-existent.

He couldn’t begin to imagine what he would become without her.

But, in the end, he was causing her pain…

Leng Haoyun clenched his fist and pressed his lips together. He cracked his knuckles and ground his teeth. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Ceng Hanyu and said, 

“Thank you… for taking care of her. I’ll take her home some other day.”

Then, he walked out of the house.

Despair and loneliness wrapped tightly around him. A profound sadness was exuding from him.

Ceng Hanyu had an indescribable feeling inside him.


The next day when Mo Suqing woke up, she found the space next to her empty. The sheet on that side of the bed was smooth, indicating that Ye Zhongjue hadn’t come home last night.

Mo Suqing got up and took a shower before calling Ye Zhongjue to learn that it had been two or three in the morning when he finished work last night, so he had slept in the office instead.

Mo Suqing told him to come home tonight and hung up the phone.

She leisurely drank some water and turned around to see a man standing in the doorway to the guest room.

She almost spurted out the water still in her mouth.

She forgot that she had taken home a man with a gunshot wound last night. After everything she had gone through, she couldn’t believe she would forget about it.

Mo Suqing laughed nervously and put down her glass.

“Um, you said your name is Su Jincheng, right?”

Su Jincheng nodded and watched her without replying.

Mo Suqing looked at his naked torso and remembered that she had thrown his bloodied shirt away.

“Um, your shirt had blood all over it, so I threw it away. I’ll give you one of my husband’s. I hope you won’t mind.”

Su Jincheng frowned, as if he didn’t want to wear another man’s clothes. However, he looked down at himself and didn’t say anything.

Mo Suqing went to fetch a white shirt and a blazer for him.

She handed the clothes to Su Jincheng and scratched her head. “Put them on while I prepare breakfast.”

Then, Mo Suqing hurried away.

Su Jincheng looked at the clothes in his hands and walked into the room to put them on.

Mo Suqing saw Su Jincheng coming out of the room and was going to tell him to stay for breakfast. However, he said, “Thank you for everything you did for me. I owe you my life. If you ever need help, look for me at number eleven. Now, I must go.”

Then, he opened the door and left while Mo Suqing stared at him in astonishment.

Mo Suqing was going to stop him but thought better of it. She had done everything she could for the man.

It was obvious they lived in different worlds. It would be better if they went their separate ways.

After breakfast, Mo Suqing cleaned the house thoroughly, taking extra care to get rid of every trace left by the man.

She knew she didn’t do anything wrong, but Ye Zhongjue would still get angry if he knew she had saved such a dangerous man and even taken him home.

Of course, she knew it would be because he was concerned for her safety.

After she finished cleaning up, Mo Suqing checked her phone and found there were dozens of missed calls from Leng Haoyun.

She remembered it now. When she got up, she had speed-dialed Ye Zhongjue without even fully opening her eyes. Therefore, she hadn’t realized there were any missed calls until now.

Leng Haoyun would never call her unless it was something to do with Yao.

But, didn’t Yao go with Ceng Hanyu yesterday? Didn’t he find her?

Mo Suqing considered for a while whether or not to return Leng Haoyun’s call. In the end, she decided to call Ceng Hanyu first.

“Hey, was Yao at your place yesterday?”

Ceng Hanyu’s chuckle came from the other end of the line. “Yeah! She had a good night’s sleep. She has just woken up. Do you want to speak to her?”

Mo Suqing asked tentatively, “Well, did Leng Haoyun go look for her yesterday?”

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