Chapter 138: It’s Like Stitching Clothes

Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi were able to get into the community because they had the key card. Two years ago, they found out they had probably been abducted from A City, so they decided to buy the villa at number six.

For convenience’s sake, they had stayed at the hotel instead of the villa this time.

They hadn’t expected they would pursue the thief here.

The man who was covering Mo Suqing’s mouth tightened his grip when he heard the women. Mo Suqing dared not struggle, lest she should harm the baby.

The other woman said coldly, “Never use your logic to guess what a criminal might be thinking.”

Then, a phone began to ring.

Mo Suqing listened as the same cold voice answered, “Yes, sir. We’ll be right there!”

Luo Qiqi frowned at Xia Zi, startled. “The headquarters?”

“Yeah,” Xia Zi nodded. “Something happened in the States. They want us to be there right away.”

“Is it The Dark Night?”

“Yeah,” Xia Zi said calmly and coolly. “We have to go now.”

Luo Qiqi wore the jade pendant around her neck and shrugged. “Fine. I’ll spare the man this time. Normally, I would make him suffer. Fortunately, my pendant is back.”

The man who had Mo Suqing tensed at the woman’s words. He reached into his pocket. The jade pendant was gone! It must have fallen out of the pocket during the fight.

He tried to get up, but was only to fall down again.

Luo Qiqi continued, “Anyway, let’s go. He’s lucky we let him off so easily.”

“He’s quite good! If it weren’t for the shot you gave him, I might not be able to get out of there unscathed.”

“Really? I didn’t notice it.”

“Of course you didn’t. All you needed to do was shoot.”

“If I have to, I can defeat him in combat too!”


Mo Suqing listened as the two women’s voices faded away. The hand that had been covering her mouth seemed to get more and more weak.

She turned around carefully and saw the man slide down the wall and pass out.

Mo Suqing took a closer look at the man. He looked ghastly, as if he was in a lot of pain. Her eyes followed one of his arms to the hand.

He was clamping it over his stomach and furrowing his brow in agony.

Under the gentle light, it was not difficult to recognize the man as the one who had parted ways with Jian Jie at the airport the other day.

Mo Suqing moved to one side for more light to shine on the man and saw that there was blood all over his hand. She finally put two and two together.

The women had been looking for him! And one of them had shot him on the stomach.

Before Su Jincheng passed out, he was still thinking about the pendant. He had found it in the US. It looked very similar to the one he remembered…

In his haste to return home, he had simply taken it with him without looking for its owner.

However, he had never thought there would be a tracking device in it and that he would almost get killed.

He had never been so out of luck in his whole life!

If he had guessed it right, he knew who the women were now. Unfortunately, they had taken the pendant.

Mo Suqing looked at the man hesitantly. On the one hand, she knew nothing was more important than saving a life. On the other hand, what if he was a bad guy?

She watched as the man became more and more delirious and made up her mind. She pulled him up.

No matter what, she would try to save him first. The bottom line was, she couldn’t watch a man die in front of her.

Mo Suqing half carried, half dragged Su Jincheng into the house, sweating profusely.

She turned on the light and could finally have a good look at the man.

His handsome eyebrows were slightly furrowed and his expression grave. Even though his eyes were closed, Mo Suqing could imagine the sharpness in them. His lips were very pale, probably resulting from loss of blood.

Mo Suqing carried him to the sofa and lay him down.

Then, she quickly went to fetch the first-aid kit.

She placed the kit on the coffee table and knelt down beside the sofa. Looking at the messy wound, she didn’t quite know how to set about the task.

However, blood was still gushing out of his stomach. Mo Suqing dared not waste any more time. She took up the scissors and lifted his jacket aside. Then, with shaky hands, she began to cut his shirt open.

When she saw the bullet lodged deep in his flesh, Mo Suqing, being pregnant, couldn’t help but start gagging.

The noise woke the man.

He looked at Mo Suqing for a while before he was able to focus his bleary eyes on the figure beside him. Then, frowning with pain, he asked, “Did you save me?”

Mo Suqing nodded. “Let me stop the blood first.”

The man slowly shook his head and took in a sharp breath with clenched teeth.

“I won’t die for the time being. Thank you… for saving me. My name is Su Jincheng. To treat a gunshot wound, just stopping the blood isn’t enough. Can you give me a knife… a lighter, a pair of tweezers, a needle and thread?”

Su Jincheng finished the request laboriously. Sweat glistened on his forehead.

Mo Suqing didn’t know what she was thinking; she just did as she had been told.

When everything was ready, Su Jincheng glanced at the first-aid kit on the coffee table and said, “Please… help me sit up and give me something to bite.”

Mo Suqing put everything down and helped him sit up. Then, she handed him a plastic bottle.

She could hear his teeth chattering. Su Jincheng leaned against the sofa and put the bottle in his mouth. Then, he pointed at the lighter, the tweezers and the knife.

Mo Suqing handed them to him. Su Jincheng flicked the lighter and burned the knife and tweezers with it. Then, he threw the lighter away and brought the other tools closer to his wound.

Is he going to operate on himself? Mo Suqing closed her eyes in fear and turned away.

Although he had a bottle in his mouth, Mo Suqing could still hear him groan.

She couldn’t help but admire the man and his iron will.

She turned around and stole a glance. Su Jincheng had secured the bullet with the tweezers and was pulling it out.

Mo Suqing could almost feel the pain herself. After getting rid of the bullet, Su Jincheng collapsed on the sofa. His shirt was soaking wet.

Su Jincheng glanced at the wound, which was still bleeding, and said, “Stitch it up for me, will you? I don’t have any strength left.”

Mo Suqing looked at the wound in fear and waved her hands. “I don’t know how…”

Her face had gone as pale as Su Jincheng’s.

“It’s okay. It’s like stitching clothes.”

Mo Suqing felt defeated. Like stitching clothes? It’s nothing like stitching clothes! It’s stitching human flesh, for god’s sake!

Su Jincheng was on the brink of passing out again. “Help me stitch it up before antisepticising and bandaging it,” he forced out these words before slowly closing his eyes.

Mo Suqing watched the hole where the bullet had been bleeding profusely and tried to cheer herself up. Yeah! It’s like stitching clothes! I can do this. I can stitch!

She picked up the needle and thread with shaky hands and eyed the gore. Then, making up her mind, she began to stitch it up just like when she was stitching clothes.

During the process, Mo Suqing could feel the man shivering, even though he had passed out.

At last, she finished stitching. Her back was completely drenched. It was such a horrifying experience. Never had anything like this happened in her life before. It was like she was in a movie!

Mo Suqing dared not relax. She quickly antisepticised the wound with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs and applied some anti-inflammatory to it before bandaging it up.

After she dressed the wound, Mo Suqing collapsed on the floor.

After a long time, she gradually caught her breath and began to think. She had a man in her house, and one with a gunshot wound at that. If Ye Zhongjue saw him, she would have a hard time explaining herself.

She deliberated upon what to do. In the end, she pulled Su Jincheng up and took him to the guest room.

He was so heavy that after she lay him down on the bed, she was exhausted.

To prevent Ye Zhongjue from finding out, Mo Suqing set about cleaning the mess and threw the bloodied sofa cover and clothes away.

After she returned home from throwing the trash, she looked around the place to see if there was anything unusual. When she was satisfied, she let out a breath of relief.

Mo Suqing took a shower and waited for Ye Zhongjue in bed. After waiting for a while, she fell asleep.

What had happened tonight had drained all of her energy. She was dog-tired.


In Ceng Hanyu’s villa, Selina had just bathed Leng Xiyao and changed her into fresh clothes. She carried her out and put her on Ceng Hanyu’s bed.

When Selina emerged from the room, Ceng Hanyu had taken a shower and was smoking on the sofa.

Seeing Selina, he put out the cigarette and gave her a vague look.

“You should go back to England as soon as possible. Jue will get worried about the situation there.”

Selina looked him in the eye and sat down beside him.

“Don’t use him as a shield. You are the one who wants me to go. It’s not like I’m interfering with your business or anything. I just want to see you. Why do you keep driving me away?”

Selina gave him a puzzled look and continued, “Han, even if you are going to be together with Anne, can’t I continue to love you for now? Or, are you afraid I’m going to hurt Anne because you don’t trust me?”

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