Chapter 135: Anne Has Always Been Right There

Ceng Hanyu took the picture from An Zhenguo’s hand. Sadness was written all over the old man’s face. “I finally found her! It’s been many years, so you’ve probably forgotten what her mother looked like – you were little. But I recognize her look right away. She is so similar to her mother, there’s no mistaking it!”

Ceng Hanyu was rooted on the spot, dazed. Just now, Ye Zhongjue had teased him about how the reason for his inability to find Anne was because he was an asshole. Neither of them had expected the woman he had been looking for was right there in the party!

No wonder he had felt Leng Xiyao look familiar. He understood it now.

Ceng Hanyu examined the picture An Zhenguo carried with him. In it, the old man was seated. Behind him stood a handsome man, whose arm was around a beautiful woman, who was holding an infant in her arms and gazing down at the little person smilingly and affectionately.

Ceng Hanyu knew that it was taken right before Anne was lost, when she had been only one month old. Her mother nearly went crazy at the time.

Although the woman in the picture had a different quality from Leng Xiyao, they did look very much alike.

Ceng Hanyu’s hand shook a little. Never had he dreamed of finding Anne in A City.

An Zhenguo patted him on the shoulder and said, “Hanyu, you must look into the matter and see if you can learn what exactly happened.”

Ceng Hanyu didn’t move. Slowly he said, “Grandpa An, I know her personally. I know some of her background, too. Her parents…”

Ceng Hanyu paused before continuing, “I mean, her foster parents passed away when she was ten. After that, her uncle Leng Haoyun took on the responsibility of raising her. That’s all I know. As for how she got lost in the hospital when she was an infant, 

I’m afraid we will never really learn the answer without those who were involved.”

Ceng Hanyu thought for a moment before adding, “Even though she does look like Anne, and I hope with my whole heart that she is Anne, we can’t jump to a conclusion too quickly. After all, similar-looking people can be found all around the world.”

Ceng Hanyu sounded hesitant. He didn’t want to disappoint An Zhenguo, but without scientific proof, one could never say these things for sure. What if it turned out it wasn’t true? The old man would only feel more disappointed then.

If they didn’t keep high hopes now, the blow would be less severe if their wish didn’t come true. An Zhenguo was old. An unfulfilled wish would very likely become despair for him.

An Zhenguo pulled a hair off his head. His bodyguard handed him a small zipper bag for him to put the hair in. Then, he gave it to Ceng Hanyu.

“I know what you mean. Here, try to get her DNA and run the test to find out the answer. I have worked hard in the business world for many years, and it starts to take a toll on me. Today, I suddenly realized how old I am… I can barely take such a shock now. Alright, you should go back inside. Tell me when you know the result. I’ll stay in A City for a while. I’m not returning to the party. I might get too upset.”

An Zhenguo’s eyes were shining with tears. Ceng Hanyu said, “Grandpa An… Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it as soon as possible. It’s been so many years. I pray the result is in favor of us.”

“Yeah…” An Zhenguo patted him on the shoulder and said, “If it is, then her fate has been…”

He shook his head sorrowfully. “Her parents died not long after she got lost, and then her foster parents passed away before she hit puberty, too. Fate has been unkind to her! I’m taking off now. Contact me when you get the DNA result.”

Then, he slowly walked away, leaning on a stick.

Ceng Hanyu watched him. An Zhenguo seemed to become weighed down with age all of a sudden. He was no longer in good shape and was stooping from senility.

Ceng Hanyu took in a deep breath and walked into the hotel.

When he set eyes on Leng Xiyao now, his attitude had changed. Before, he had viewed her life story as an outsider.

Because she was Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue’s friend and he had found her to be an intriguing woman, he had paid more attention to her. But now, he felt genuinely sorry for everything that had happened to her.

He hadn’t mentioned it to An Zhenguo, but he was ninety percent positive that Leng Xiyao was indeed Anne. When she had the car accident, Ye Zhongjue had asked him to help look for the extremely rare Rh-negative blood. It was for An Zhenguo that he had built the blood bank in the first place. Of course, he had never thought one day it could save Anne.

With such a striking resemblance to Anne’s mother and the same blood type as An Zhenguo, Leng Xiyao was very likely who they had been looking for.

Ceng Hanyu approached the table where Ye Zhongjue was pouring nonalcoholic beverage into Mo Suqing’s glass and Leng Xiyao was gulping down wine with a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other.

Ceng Hanyu felt pained to see her like this.

What a poor girl!

Almost instinctively, Ceng Hanyu walked over and took the glass and bottle from Leng Xiyao’s hands. “Stop drinking!”

He sounded both angry and sad. This is my fiancée, but she is broken-hearted for another man… It’s all my fault. I should have found her sooner.

Leng Xiyao looked up and gave him a cold glance. “Who are you? Give them back to me!”

Ceng Hanyu felt awful to hear her talk to him like that. But even so, his heart went out to her.

“If you really want to get drunk, I can take you somewhere else. Don’t you know you are making a scene here? People are probably wondering why you are so sad. Leng Xiyao, never let your enemy see how fragile you are!”

His words hit Leng Xiyao hard. Yeah, I am giving An Huilin the satisfaction of seeing me make a fool of myself! She’s probably laughing at me inwardly now!

She snorted and then looked at Ceng Hanyu. “You sure you want to take me somewhere else?”

“Yeah!” Ceng Hanyu replied.

“Then let’s go!” Leng Xiyao said matter-of-factly and stood up.

She staggered. Ceng Hanyu quickly reached out to support her.

He looked over his shoulder at Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing and addressed the latter in a reassuring tone, “She’s in a foul mood, so I’m going to take her out. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.”

Mo Suqing was a little unsure, but then Ye Zhongjue nodded at her. He trusted Ceng Hanyu wouldn’t do anything untoward. He probably just didn’t want to see Leng Xiyao like this.

Mo Suqing nodded her consent. This might be good to Yao. It was torture to her to watch the man she loved get engaged with another woman. She would do better if she was somewhere else. Anywhere would do.

Leng Haoyun had made his toast to another table of guests. He had just turned his back for a minute, but Leng Xiyao was gone.

Mo Suqing was still there, with a glass of juice in her hand and a thoughtful look on her face.

Panic crossed his face. Where’s Yao?

Even though they hadn’t finished the toast yet, Leng Haoyun threw An Hulin’s hand away and walked directly toward Mo Suqing’s table. An Huilin’s face darkened. The man had just disgraced her in front of everyone!

An Huilin almost shattered the wineglass in her hand, but she forced herself to calm down.

This was her engagement day! No matter what Leng Haoyun did, as long as he didn’t cross the line, she would endure it. She had waited for this for far too long. Day and night she had been dreaming about it.

Be patient. We are going to get married soon.

Leng Haoyun asked Mo Suqing, “Where’s Yao?”

Mo Suqing gave him a cool look. “Yao? Is she still in your heart? She’s just your niece, not at all as important as your engagement day. Go back to enjoy your party! Otherwise, your fiancée is going to kill me with her glare!”

Leng Haoyun turned around and saw An Hulin glaring at them.

Embarrassment and anguish crossed his eyes. “Mo Suqing, I beg you to tell me where she is. Yao is in a bad mood and I don’t want anything to happen to her again!”

Seeing his humble expression, Mo Suqing couldn’t help but pity him.

He must care for Yao, too. It’s just for them, love isn’t enough. There are too many obstacles. In people’s eyes, their love for each other shouldn’t exist.

He is trying to protect her by getting married.

At the thought, Mo Suqing’s tone softened. “Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine. She just has too many things in her heart. I am not feeling well, so I asked Ceng Hanyu to take her out. You should go back to your fiancée, or she is coming at us.”

Mo Suqing looked at An Huilin as an emphasis.

Leng Haoyun opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. His hand squeezed around the glass a little, then he walked away.

Mo Suqing spent some more time at the party before getting bored and leaving with Ye Zhongjue.

They had barely arrived home when Ye Zhongjue was called to the company by Lin Ran.

Mo Suqing had been easily sleepy because of her pregnancy. After she ate something, she fell into a deep slumber.


After Ceng Hanyu and Leng Xiyao left the party, he considered her crest-fallen look and made a decision.

Fine! If she wants to drink, I’ll take her somewhere to drink!

He drove them toward Silk Empire International. Leng Xiyao opened the window and let the cold wind blow over her face.

Ceng Hanyu wanted to ask her to close it. She had drunk a lot of wine and might get a cold when exposed to the cold outside.

However, she looked so sad, so he didn’t say anything in the end.

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