Chapter 134: Red Rose and White Rose

Ceng Hanyu eyed Ye Zhongjue and changed the subject, “Jue, have you heard that the infamous Two Roses are coming to A City?”

Ye Zhongjue nodded gravely, “Yeah, I have. They are not coming for us, though. 

Reportedly, The Dark Night is here.”

Ceng Hanyu nodded without saying anything.

The Two Roses didn’t belong to any mafias; they were members of Interpol.

It was said that they were extraordinarily beautiful, yet whoever was aimed by them never got a chance to flee from them. They were every criminal’s nemesis, and a lethal one.

No one knew what they really looked like because they often disguised their looks when pursuing criminals. The only thing that was known about them was their names: Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi.

As for the origin of the alias “Two Roses” that the denizens of the underworld used to call them, it was because one of them, aka the Red Rose, was said to be passionate and fervent, while the other, aka the White Rose, was cold and aloof. The Two Roses complemented each other so well that every criminal feared them and would flee before them without putting up a fight.

Ceng Hanyu said in a mischievous tone, “Interesting. Even we haven’t heard The Dark Night is here. How can they be so well-informed?”

Ye Zhongjue gave him a cool look and replied, “They are as sensitive to the whereabouts of criminals as you are sensitive to the whereabouts of munitions!”

Ceng Hanyu clicked his fingers and suggested, “Hey, how about we go meet the Two Roses?”

Ye Zhongjue glanced at him. “They are roses. With thorns. Are you really interested in them? Also…”

Ye Zhongjue paused and arched his eyebrows before continuing, “Are you suggesting you are going to meet them yourself?”

Ceng Hanyu mimed firing with a gun. “Bang, bang, bang! If one cannot risk himself, one wouldn’t be able to catch the hooligan!”

Then, he put his hand down and smiled at Ye Zhongjue. “Of course, we are talking about two female hooligans here. I heard that Luo Qiqi is more of a hooligan than myself. I would love to make the acquaintance of the legendary Interpol hooligan of a woman!”

Ye Zhongjue tried to dampen his enthusiasm by saying, “You are way out of her league! Besides, don’t forget the mobile iceberg – Xia Zi – will be there too.”

Ceng Hanyu chuckled. “I’m just kidding. All I want to do is to find Anne. Alas, it’s been so many years and we still haven’t got any news about her. Speaking of which, the old man has come to the party, too.”

“Right…” Ye Zhongjue muttered thoughtfully.

“He happened to come to A City for some errands and is able to attend the event. 

After all, An Huilin is his niece. It’s no surprise he would show up.”

“Yeah. Anyway, be extra careful these days. We can’t afford to engage Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi now.”

“I know,” Ceng Hanyu said in a serious tone. Of course he was aware of the danger if they did meet the two women in A City. Things were more complicated than if they were in England or the States.

The two women were Interpol agents, so it was legal for them to carry firearms. On the contrary, they were not supposed to do that since it was China, where firearm regulations were very strict. Thus, they would be better off not to bump into those two.

Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue went back to the party. Most of the guests had arrived, but Leng Haoyun hadn’t showed up. Ceng Hanyu could see the panic in An Huilin’s face.

He twitched his mouth in contempt. In the past, he only knew she had got a share of the stock of the An Group. But ever since he had witnessed the implementation of her schemes in the Lengs Villa the other day, he absolutely despised her.

Ye Zhongjue was looking for Mo Suqing among the crowd. Suddenly, his eyes caught her and he began walking toward the woman.

Ceng Hanyu saw it, too. Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing were both there.

He followed Ye Zhongjue.

Leng Xiyao was sitting there and drinking glass after glass of wine. Mo Suqing had a glass in her hand and was watching her in concern.

Ye Zhongjue walked over and took the glass from Mo Suqing.

“Suqing, you are pregnant. You can’t drink. When will you stop worrying me?” he reproached, frowning.

Ceng Hanyu froze. Curses of all kinds sprang up in his head. Good job, bro! I don’t even have a wife, but here you are, having a baby already!

Ceng Hanyu was not the only one who had overheard Ye Zhongjue. Jian Jie, who had just entered the party after An Huilin, heard it too. She froze on the spot and her only thought was, Mo Suqing is pregnant. She’s pregnant!

How she resented An Huilin at that moment! She hadn’t acted for a long time purely because An Huilin had asked her to keep it low-key until she got engaged.

Now Mo Suqing was pregnant, Ye Zhongjue’s parents would definitely accept her!

No, I can’t let it happen. I’ll have to act quick. I must get rid of the woman in a fast and clean way!

At the very least, the child has to go!

Jian Jie watched Ye Zhongjue take the glass from Mo Suqing, feeling excruciatingly jealous.

An Huilin hadn’t expected things would come to this. She patted Jian Jie’s hand to comfort her.

Finally, Leng Haoyun showed up belatedly after the scheduled time for the ceremony had passed.

The ceremony began. They exchanged rings. Leng Haoyun wore a poker face the whole time.

Mo Suqing held Leng Xiyao’s hand tightly. She could feel it was shaking, as if something in Leng Xiyao was on the brink of explosion.

Mo Suqing gripped her hand hard, afraid she might do something stupid.

Ceng Hanyu cast a glance at Ye Zhongjue and said, “It’s more like a divorce ceremony than an engagement one! Look at Leng Haoyun’s expression. It’s as if his wife has just died!”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him. “Do you know why you haven’t found Anne?”

“Why?” Ceng Hanyu asked foolishly.

“Because you are an asshole!” Ye Zhongjue kindly told him the answer.

Uncharacteristically, Ceng Hanyu didn’t refute. What’s being an asshole anything to do with finding Anne?

“The two things are not correlated,” Ceng Hanyu said in a puzzled tone.

“Don’t you know God hates assholes? If God doesn’t want to help you, how can you possibly find her?”

Ceng Hanyu gave in. “Well, I can accept your logic!”

“You bet!” Ye Zhongjue said, then turned his attention to Mo Suqing as if she was the most precious gem in the world.

After all, his wife was pregnant. He must watch out for her every single second, especially because the woman didn’t know how to take good care of herself.

Ceng Hanyu ground his teeth. Humph! So you have a wife. Big deal! Do you have to be this blatant?

After the ceremony, the betrothed couple started to make a toast to their guests table by table.

When they came to Leng Xiyao’s table, the woman leapt up and said loudly, “Uncle, congratulations on your engagement! I am very happy for you!”

Anguish crossed in Leng Haoyun’s eyes as Leng Xiyao drained the content of her glass.

When she stood up all of a sudden, a lot of people had turned their heads towards her direction.

Her toast had attracted more stares.

Mo Suqing heard a clang. A few tables from them, an old man had dropped his glass on the floor and broke it. A waiter quickly went to clear it up.

Mo Suqing didn’t pay much attention to the small incident. Her focus was on Leng Xiyao.

Meanwhile, Ceng Hanyu, who was sitting next to Ye Zhongjue, had a subtle change in his expression. The old man who had dropped the glass was no one but An Zhenguo.

The old man had seen a lot in his life. It was odd he would have lost his self-control like that, unless something shocking had taken place.

Leng Xiyao, on the other hand, looked as if she could burst into tears any moment. Mo Suqing gripped her hard.

Fortunately, Leng Xiyao didn’t do anything inappropriate. After the toast, she sat right back down. Ye Zhongjue drank two glasses of wine on behalf of both himself and Mo Suqing.

The reason, he said, was that pregnant women could not consume alcohol.

People congratulated them. A gentle smile appeared on Ye Zhongjue’s usual cool face. 

Jian Jie squeezed her glass hard to shatter it.

Ceng Hanyu sipped at his wine while never looking away from An Zhenguo, who kept looking at their table.

Ceng Hanyu frowned in perplexity.

After An Huilin gave a toast to An Zhenguo, the old man said he needed to go.

Before he left, he came over to Ceng Hanyu and said, “Come outside with me for a moment. I have something to tell you.”

Ceng Hanyu followed him outside.

He noticed that An Zhenguo kept casting furtive glances at Leng Xiyao. No, I must have mistaken it. The woman and the old man don’t know each other.

He would find out that he had neither thought too much, nor mistaken anything.

An Zhenguo looked at him solemnly and said in a shaky voice, “Hanyu, you must look into the background of the short-haired girl at your table. The one who calls Leng Haoyun uncle.”

Ceng Hanyu had a premonition of something going awry. “Why, Grandpa An? What happened?”

An Zhenguo seemed to grow several years older in that instant. He fished out a picture from his inside pocket with a shaky hand and said, “If I’m not wrong, the girl is my granddaughter! She looks exactly like her mother when she was young. I don’t believe two people can look so much alike if they are not blood-related!”

Ceng Hanyu was dumbstruck. Leng Xiyao is Anne? She is the fiancée I have been searching for so many years?

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