Chapter 132: Bad Influence

Time flies. Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue fell into a rhythm of going to work in the morning and going home in the evening. Their life together was full of peace and happiness.

To Mo Suqing’s delight, Jian Jie hadn’t intruded in her life for more than a month. Guan Zixuan had gone abroad to shoot a film during the same period, so whenever she was free, Mo Suqing would visit Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao’s injuries had mostly healed, but she still didn’t want to walk.

Mo Suqing knew it was because Leng Haoyun had said he wouldn’t get married with An Huilin before she was completely recovered. However, Leng Xiyao couldn’t possibly delay the wedding indefinitely.

The wedding would take place sooner or later; she wouldn’t be able to stop it. People were talking about the Leng-An wedding for a while now. Leng Xiyao didn’t know because she hadn’t left the house.

The day before the engagement party, Mo Suqing went to Leng Xiyao’s place.

She found the girl sitting on the balcony with a lost expression on her face. Mo Suqing felt sorry for her.

She approached her and saw that Leng Xiyao had a book about jewelry design on her lap.

“Hey, what are you reading? You are totally absorbed in it. I bet you’ll become a famous designer in the future!”

Leng Xiyao turned and gave her a pointed look.

“Suqing, we haven’t seen each other for only a couple of days and you have become dirty!”

Mo Suqing’s eyes widened in surprise. Have I? Does Ye Zhongjue somehow have a bad influence on me?

Recently, she had realized that on the contrary, men were all inherently dirty.

“Have I?” Mo Suqing asked stupidly.

Leng Xiyao said, “Yeah! The way you used the phrase ‘absorbed in it’ made you sound really dirty!”

She said the phrase with exaggeration. Mo Suqing burst into a fit of laughter. After she resumed her composure, it was time to face the reality.

She looked at Leng Xiyao calmly. Leng Xiyao became serious, too, as if she could guess what Mo Suqing was going to say next.

“He’s getting engaged tomorrow.”

“Already? I guess I’m the last one to know about it!” Leng Xiyao sneered and looked out the window.

Mo Suqing pulled Leng Xiyao’s head into her own chest.

“Yao, you can cry. Don’t suppress it.”

Leng Xiyao sniffed. “Why would I cry? He’s getting engaged. I have encumbered him for so many years, and now he can finally take a wife. I should be happy for him, right?”

Even as she said this, tears streamed down her face. Mo Suqing felt her blouse become wet with hot tears.

She stroked Leng Xiyao’s pretty short hair and said, “Yao, I am no stranger! Don’t put on an act in front of me, okay? You are making me really sad.”

Leng Xiyao sobbed. “I pretend I haven’t fully recovered, so why can’t he wait a bit longer? He is very good to me. After you guys came here the other day, he has never let An Huilin cross the threshold of our door once because he knows I don’t like her. Why, then, does he insist on marrying her? Suqing, my heart hurts a lot!”

Mo Suqing patted her back, not knowing how to console her.

Even if Leng Xiyao did like An Huilin, Mo Suqing still didn’t think she would be happy to see Leng Haoyun marry her.

“What’s more,” Leng Xiyao croaked, “he is hiding it from me! I thought he was waiting for me to get well! But the truth is, he has been preparing for it all these time. Suqing, I feel a lot of pain right here!”

Leng Xiyao placed Mo Suqing’s hand over her heart and sobbed uncontrollably. Her shoulders shook violently. Mo Suqing felt her own heart twist into a knot. Tears began to pour from her eyes, too.

Leng Xiyao cried in Mo Suqing’s arms for a long time, until it was time for lunch.

Although he was getting engaged tomorrow, it didn’t stop Leng Haoyun from having lunch at home today as usual. It felt as if he wasn’t the one who was getting engaged.

When he saw Leng Xiyao, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “What’s wrong with Yao’s eyes?”

He was addressing Aunt Zhang. Aunt Zhang put the dishes down and was going to answer. She had clearly heard her young miss crying hard with Miss Mo in her bedroom.

However, Leng Xiyao spoke before she did, “Nothing. I sat on the balcony for too long and the wind made my eyes red. Aunt Zhang, bring the rest of the dishes.”

Leng Haoyun could see Leng Xiyao didn’t want to talk about it, so he dropped it.

Mo Suqing didn’t go home for lunch. She intended to be there for Leng Xiyao the whole day.

The three of them had lunch together. However, Mo Suqing had barely eaten a few mouthfuls when she smelled fish and felt sick all of a sudden. She quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom.

She retched for a long time before feeling a little better. Afterwards, she turned on the faucet and freshened up.

When she returned to the table, Leng Haoyun asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Mo Suqing shook her head. “Just a bit nauseous, that’s all.”

Leng Xiyao looked at her with concern. “Suqing, it could be a bigger deal! Maybe you are pregnant. Pregnant ladies tend to retch like you did!”

Mo Suqing considered this. Come to think of it, her period was indeed late for more than a week. She had put so much focus on Leng Xiyao that she hadn’t realized it until now.

Leng Xiyao saw her look and knew she was likely right. She put some of the vegetarian dishes in Mo Suqing’s bowl.

“Come on, you should eat blander food and make an appointment with your doctor.”

Mo Suqing was in a blank state for the rest of the meal. She was still in the same state when she went to the hospital, did the required test and waited for a long time before hearing the doctor say, “Congratulations, Miss Mo. You are pregnant.”

Then, she finally fell out of the stupor.

Mo Suqing didn’t go home. Instead, she took a taxi to Mighty Empire. She must share the good news with Ye Zhongjue right away!

Since she had been on the newspaper before, almost everyone in the company knew who she was. She reached the hundredth floor without any impediment.

When Jian Jie saw Mo Suqing, something imperceptible gleamed in her eyes.

An Huilin had told her not to make any moves for a month and promised her she would help Jian Jie after she got engaged. Therefore, she forced herself not to act.

They hadn’t seen each other for a month. Mo Suqing looked great. Her complexion was glowing and rosy. Jian Jie clenched her hand into a fist, although she managed not to show her mood on her face.

She was about to approach Mo Suqing and speak to her when Lin Ran emerged from the elevator and called, 

“Missus, Boss is in a meeting right now. Please come with me. I’ll take you to the office before going to fetch him.”

Jian Jie forced a smile. Even her delicate makeup couldn’t make her pretty with that fake smile. Didn’t he just go out to run some errand? Why did he come back so soon?

As a matter of fact, Lin Ran had overheard the receptionist talking on the phone, saying that Mo Suqing was here. He immediately turned back. In his boss’s eyes, nothing was more important than his wife!

Besides, the errand wasn’t that important. He could take care of it some other time.

Lin Ran took Mo Suqing into the office. Jian Jie went back to the secretaries’ office in a sour mood.

Lin Ran asked Mo Suqing if she cared for a coffee. Ye Zhongjue enjoyed all kinds of coffee when he was in.

Remembering that she was carrying a baby now, Mo Suqing smiled and shook her head. Water would be fine, she told Lin Ran.

Lin Ran brought a glass of water to her, then left the office and went to the meeting room.

Managers from different departments were sitting in the room and giving their reports. 

Lin Ran knocked on the door and went inside. “Boss, the missus is here. She’s waiting in your office,” he whispered into Ye Zhongjue’s ear.

The other didn’t know what Lin Ran had told Ye Zhongjue. They watched as Ye Zhongjue jumped up and said, “Let’s have a ten-minute’s break!” His tone had lost its usual cool.

Then, he walked out of the room without further ado. It was as if something huge had happened.

The managers looked at one another, aghast. However, no one said anything.

Ye Zhongjue pushed open the door to his office and saw his wife nestling on the sofa with a glass of water in her hands. She was deep in thought.

Ye Zhongjue walked over quietly. When Mo Suqing finally took notice, the space next to her sank and she was in his arms.

Lin Ran closed the door behind him and walked a little further away to guard the door.

Ye Zhongjue hugged her tenderly. She was so soft and fragrant that he couldn’t help but get a little excited. He rubbed her head with his chin and said affectionately, “Honey, what brought you here?”

Mo Suqing lowered her head shyly and thought about how to tell him the good news. After a while, she still didn’t know how to break it.

She looked up and asked, “Do you like children?”

Ye Zhongjue nodded. “I like children, especially if they are ours!”

Mo Suqing blushed. Ye Zhongjue had made a habit of telling her a great deal of sweet nothings recently.

She batted her eyes. “Well, I have good news. I’m pregnant!”

Ye Zhongjue’s mind went blank for a moment. Then, the news set in and he widened his eyes. “What did you just say?” he asked, hugging Mo Suqing tightly.

He couldn’t believe it. He was going to be a father!

Mo Suqing couldn’t breathe in his tight embrace. She wriggled and pouted like a baby.

“Honey, I can’t breathe!”

Ye Zhongjue’s heart melted at the sight of her round, big eyes. My wife is sooo cute! And now we are going to have a cute baby, too!

Ye Zhongjue eased a little without breaking off the embrace.

He stroked her hair tenderly and felt his heart pounding. “Honey, are you serious? I’m not dreaming, am I? Am I really going to be a father?”

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