Chapter 13: Have You Forgotten Your Manners?

Leng Xiyao looked disgusted when she said, “Appetite spoiled. God, we can’t catch a break even at lunch!”

Since Mo Suqing had her back to Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan, she didn’t know Leng Xiyao had seen them. She just casually asked, “What’s the matter?”

“See for yourself!” Leng Xiyao stared hard at the space behind Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing looked over her shoulder promptly and saw Mo Sulian. She had hardly turned her head for more than a second before turning it back, unfazed.

Leng Xiyao looked at her, surprised, “Suqing, aren’t you mad?”

“When you can truly ignore someone, she’s invisible to you. She doesn’t deserve my wrath.” Mo Suqing said matter-of-factly.

Leng Xiyao raised a thumb and gave her an admiring look. “Nice, Suqing! That’s the attitude toward such a shameless, immoral woman.”

“Uh-huh.” Mo Suqing agreed vaguely.

While they had been thus talking, Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan had drawn near. Bai Tingnan was arm in arm with Mo Sulian. She looked at them triumphantly.

Mo Sulian adopted a wired tone and said, “Look who it is! It’s our great journalist! Rumor has it that you are married. Congratulations!”

She made her tone as venomous as possible, totally beside herself with rage remembering the scenario at home yesterday.

Mo Suqing didn’t say a thing. She just sat there and sipped at her tea as if it was nectar.

On the other hand, the forthright Leng Xiyao could not tolerate any attacks against her bestie. She immediately stood up and returned fire.

“What is this mediocre celebrity doing here? Watch her disgraceful behavior!”

Bai Tingnan flipped out. “Leng Xiyao, watch your mouth! Who are you referring to?”

“Who do you think I am referring to?”

“You…” Bai Tingnan pointed at her angrily but couldn’t say a word.

Mo Sulian narrowed her eyes and gave Leng Xiyao a fierce look. “I know your kind. You are the servant girl of Mo Suqing who speaks for her anywhere, anytime!”

Leng Xiyao glared at Sulian’s heavily powdered face and was just about to retaliate when Mo Suqing stood up unexpectedly and surprised everyone.

Mo Suqing did not wait to hear what Leng Xiyao had to say before making a swift response, “Mo Sulian, have you forgotten your manners, shaming yourself like this in a public place? Like mother, like daughter!”

Mo Suqing’s remark was very much to the point, criticizing both Mo Sulian and Bai Lian.

Mo Sulian was seething now. She completely lost it. The woman totally went over the line by thus insulting her in a public place.

She hurled the glass at hand at Mo Suqing. “You bitch!”

Mo Suqing seemed to have expected this. She turned aside just a little and the glass fell on the floor.

Leng Xiyao was a bit shocked. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that Mo Sulian would do such a thing in a public place. Bai Tingnan was dumbstruck too.

Only Mo Suqing knew better. She had hit Mo Sulian where it hurt and provoked a strong reaction. However, this was exactly what she had wanted, wasn’t it?

The waiter, seeing this, quickly came over.

At the moment, the most clear-headed and rational person was Mo Suqing.

Thinking of the other night when she had witnessed the betrayal by Gu Jiannan and Mo Sulian, she became even more ironhearted.

“Has the restaurant not a screening process when it comes to the customers?” Mo Suqing asked the waiter. “This woman just threw a glass at me; she is clearly insane. I want to see your manager right now!”

The other three looked a little stupefied, not knowing what she had in mind.

Mo Sulian came to herself and retorted, “Mo Suqing, you are the one who’s insane!”

Witnessing the hideous look on Mo Sulian’s face, the waiter dared not delay any longer. He quickly called security to see Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan out.

Mo Sulian kept hurling abuse while being manhandled, “Mo Suqing, you are a bitch! You will be punished!”

After Mo Suqing sat back down, the owner of the restaurant showed up.

He couldn’t stop apologizing, “I heard that you ladies almost got hurt. I am so sorry about it. As my profound apology, everything you order today is on the house.”

“We are fine. Thank you for the meal.” Mo Suqing smiled at him. “However, you must be extra careful not to let in any more lunatics in the future. Otherwise, I can’t say nobody will be harmed next time. Also, other customers might not let it go so easily as I did.”

The owner nodded in agreement. “Yes, you are absolutely right. We will be careful in the future. Bon appétit, young ladies!”

Mo Suqing smiled slightly and gave him a nod.

After the owner left, a startled Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing.

“Suqing, you have changed! What happened to you the last few days? You were never a badass before, but you really hit the nail on the head this time!” she exclaimed, shaking her head exaggeratedly.

Mo Suqing smiled at her friend, “It’s not a big deal. You said your appetite was spoiled by them, so I thought I would kick them out for you. Now we can have a peaceful lunch together.”

“But, Suqing, how did you think of this way to kick them out?” Leng Xiyao asked her curiously. “I myself was too busy arguing with them to come up with such a brilliant idea.”

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