Chapter 129: A Bitch is Still a Bitch and Can’t Prevail

There was a flame in Mo Suqing’s heart. She tried to put it out with water to no avail.

Leng Xiyao watched her in concern. Rage showed in her eyes.

Looks like Jian Jie knows what she’s doing!

Guan Zixuan had had enough. He stood up suddenly. Everyone turned their heads.

He strode over and grabbed Mo Suqing’s arm. Before anyone could react, he pulled her up and said, “Suqing, let’s go!”

Guan Zixuan sounded pissed off.

Mo Suqing, feeling lost, let him drag her away without protest. However, they barely covered a few steps when someone grabbed her other arm.

Mo Suqing turned and saw that it was Ye Zhongjue, who had been crouching beside Jian Jie a moment ago but now was grabbing her arm.

Ye Zhongjue glared at Guan Zixuan. “Guan Zixuan, what are you doing? I am right here! What is it supposed to mean that you are taking my wife away in front of me?” he demanded angrily.

Ceng Hanyu could almost see sparks exploding from the two men and smell the gunpowder as the harbinger of war. The amusement in his face grew. He was ready to watch another drama.

Leng Haoyun only raised his eyes a little, seemingly oblivious of the war that would break out any minute.

An Huilin was sitting on her sun lounger. She looked at Mo Suqing contemptuously. You don’t have a good family background, a good education, or any scheming skills. How can you compete with Jian Jie?

Looking cold, Mo Suqing didn’t say anything. Guan Zixuan, on the other hand, was incensed.

“Your wife? If you see her as your wife, why would you get so intimate with another woman in front of her? Do you really put her in your heart?”

“You are wrong!” Ye Zhongjue growled, trying to suppress his rage. Then, he turned to Mo Suqing. “Suqing, you know it. I am doing this because I don’t want to owe her anything. Don’t you see it?”

Mo Suqing lowered her head, not wanting to reply. Do I see it?

Of course I see it! But that doesn’t mean I won’t feel hurt!

Mo Suqing’s actions pained Ye Zhongjue. He said pleadingly, “Honey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done anything. I should have ignored her wound…”

Mo Suqing looked up and said in a weak voice, “Ye Zhongjue, what are you talking about? I know you just feel guilty. I am too sensitive and have lost control of my emotions.”

She looked away. Then. Guan Zixuan pulled her into his arms when Ye Zhongjue wasn’t paying attention.

Guan Zixuan gave him a cold look. “President Ye, let me tell you something. What you are feeling now watching me hug Suqing, Suqing felt it watching you hug Jian Jie! So don’t you make any excuses. I also ask you to be more understanding. I am doing this only as a friend who can’t stand by and watch her get hurt; there’s nothing going on between us. So there! How do you feel about that?”

Fury showed in Guan Zixuan’s eyes. Ye Zhongjue pressed his lips together and fixated his eyes at him.

“Let her go!”

“Ha! Why should I let her go? To let you hurt her more? Humph! I’m just paying you back in your own coin!”

Ye Zhongjue’s face went dark. His expression was horrible.

“Guan Zixuan, you think I don’t dare to harm you because you’re a prince? Humph! If you dare have any untoward thoughts about Suqing, I will hunt you down and make you pay! Don’t you forget that Mo Suqing is my wife!”

“Ha! Now you realize it!” Guan Zixuan sneered.

“And I see you have done some research about me. Looks like you care about my existence more than I thought! But, I am not frightened of you. If you don’t cherish her, I will!”

Guan Zixuan said assertively and eloquently. Mo Suqing looked at him in amazement. What prince? I don’t understand a word they say about Guan Zixuan!

Ye Zhongjue was leaking a malicious vibe now like a malevolent spirit from hell. “Guan Zixuan, let her go. Do not make me repeat myself!”

Guan Zixuan raised his eyebrows and looked at him challengingly.

To Guan Zixuan’s surprise, Mo Suqing pushed him away and said, “Don’t act like this, you two. Ye Zhongjue, Zixuan is just trying to protect me from getting hurt. Don’t be so bad to him. And I do care about what you did. So now, I’m going to make it clear in front of everyone: I am not a petty woman, but I do care when my man hugs another woman. Just ask someone to help her! Anyway, the only woman you can hug is me. I’m just a normal person, not a saint. I have emotions. Even if I can understand you, it doesn’t mean I won’t feel hurt.”

Mo Suqing took a glance at Jian Jie, who was lying on the lounger and looked shocked and furious, before continuing, “I’m just going to ask you this: as my husband, do you think you can do it?”

Ye Zhongjue gazed at her. He had been careless. He had only thought that he didn’t want to owe Jian Jie anything and wanted her to get well soon, but in doing so, he had overlooked Mo Suqing’s feelings.

It was indeed his fault. Guan Zixuan was right. How angry he had been when he saw him hugging Suqing, was how sad Mo Suqing had been when she saw him hugging Jian Jie.

He answered in a solemn tone, “Yes! Suqing, from now on, you are the only woman I’ll ever hug. If I fail to do that, I…”

“Don’t!” Mo Suqing interrupted and looked at him. “I believe you.”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression softened a little. Although it was still quite cold, it had lost its previous menace.

Ye Zhongjue held her close and walked toward their loungers.

Without Mo Suqing in his arms, Guan Zixuan felt rather forlorn. He said, “I’m taking off now. I need to go to the filming studio.”

Mo Suqing was going to ask him to stay, but then thought better of it.

The atmosphere here was too oppressive. It was probably a good thing for him to leave.

Suddenly, Leng Xiyao spoke, “What a world! Good women are being bullied while prostitutes are getting laid! However, no matter how much a bitch’s value increases, she is still a bitch! She can’t prevail!”

Leng Haoyun finally looked up. Leng Xiyao barely spoke today, but when she did, she swore.

Remembering the slap he had given her, Leng Haoyun didn’t say anything as if he hadn’t heard it.

Nonetheless, someone couldn’t remain silent.

Jian Jie’s face clouded. Leng Xiyao was obviously talking about her. only created a scenario where Jue could come to my rescue and bandage my wound. Does she have to be so insulting?

“Who are you referring to, Leng Xiyao? Although this is your house, you shouldn’t humiliate one of your guests like that!”

Ye Zhongjue held Mo Suqing close and did not even grant Jian Jie a glance.

All he wanted was for her wound to heal as soon as possible. If she hadn’t taken the shot for him, he would never have tolerated her so.

Leng Xiyao chuckled. “Ha! Somebody can’t wait to take the role she is designated! Did I say I was talking about you?”

Leng Xiyao gave her a disgusted look. I don’t have time for scheming, but it doesn’t mean I don’t know how!

Jian Jie flew into a temper and said, “Leng Xiyao, you bitch! You…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Leng Haoyun smashed a glass on the ground near Jian Jie and shut her up.

If it wasn’t for her wound, he could have hurled it at her face!

He glared at her with an icy-cold expression. “Do not call her that. Now get out of my house!”

Jian Jie was dumbstruck. She had completely forgotten about Leng Haoyun’s presence. An Huilin had warned her that he was very, very protective of his niece.

How could she have forgotten about that, too!

Leng Haoyun stood up and said authoritatively, “An Huilin, get out of the house with your friend. We do not welcome her here!”

Jian Jie’s face had gone red. She had never been treated like this all her life and recently she had received more than a few maltreatments.

First of all, Ye Zhongjue had fooled her and led her to the disaster at Yellow Crane Tower. Fortunately, she had finally regained his attention by taking a gunshot for him.

But now, Leng Haoyun had humiliated her in front of so many people!

She got up angrily and looked at An Huilin. “Huilin, let’s go. I will not get any more of this!”

Although An Huilin didn’t show it, she was actually very irritated.

She had hoped she could please Leng Haoyun today, but Jian Jie had made sure it wouldn’t happen!

Yet, it was indeed her who had invited Jian Jie. Now Leng Haoyun had asked her to leave and Jian Jie had expressed her unwillingness to stay any longer, she could do nothing but leave, too.

Reluctant as she was, An Huilin left with Jian Jie.

The moment they were gone, Mo Suqing found she could breathe properly again.

Leng Haoyun walked over to Leng Xiyao’s side and asked in a tender voice, “Yao, do you want to stay here or go back inside?”

Leng Xiyao thought for a moment. “To stay here will only remind me of what happened and my mood will never get better. Let’s go inside. I don’t want to be here!”

Leng Haoyun nodded without saying anything before he pushed her wheelchair and headed inside.

Mo Suqing caught up with her. Leng Xiyao took her hand and laughed happily like a naughty child who had just done some mischief.

Ceng Hanyu arched his eyebrows. Leng Xiyao finally returned to herself. This is the real her.

Ye Zhongjue cast Ceng Hanyu a glance. “Show’s over. I think you should also leave.”

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