Chapter 128: Once Removed, Countless Times Remote

Puzzlement and sorrow for Leng Yiyao was written all over Mo Suqing’s face.

Leng Xiyao’s voice came to her as though from afar, “Why, are there any other reasons? The day I woke up to your persistent call of my name, my mind flashed back to the day Uncle slapped me across the face. He kept saying how I talked with vulgarity and why I had become like this.”

“You know what?” Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing with tearful eyes. Mo Suqing felt her heart ache.

“I thought, if he disliked me so much, maybe I should pretend I have lost all of my memory. If I pretend I have forgotten everything in the past, it would be easier to face him. I could learn how to be someone he would like. Someone gentle and quiet, you know? He never really liked me being a gossip journalist. In fact, I didn’t really like it either. I should learn jewelry design, which I love. He likes it and I like it, too. How wonderful is that? But, little did I expect he would announce his upcoming engagement with An Huilin on the same day I came home. This is ridiculous!”

Leng Xiyao chuckled, the sound full of hopelessness and sadness.

Mo Suqing looked at her sympathetically. After a while, she asked, “You like him, right?”

Leng Xiyao glanced at her. Her mouth moved, but no words came out. Her silence was as good as any answer.

Mo Suqing shook her head. “But you are uncle and niece! Yao, how can you be so foolish!”

“I wish we aren’t! Then, I wouldn’t experience so much pain!”

Leng Xiyao whimpered in despair and hysteria. Mo Suqing hugged her and buried her head in her arms, regardless of the tears that wetted her blouse.

Leng Xiyao cried and cried, venting her anguish.

Back in the living room, Ceng Hanyu told Ye Zhongjue next to him, “This is probably the most intense meal I have ever had. Bombs practically dropped one after another!”

Ye Zhongjue cast him a cool glance. “Are you making fun of other people’s misfortunes again?”

Ceng Hanyu looked away in embarrassment. I’m so busted! His glance turned to An Huilin. They knew each other. In the hospital the other day, she hadn’t noticed him. But today, he could see she had recognized him, although she didn’t say hi.

Ceng Hanyu didn’t care. The woman was practically a stranger to him, even though she was An Zhenguo’s first cousin once removed and held a little portion of the An Group’s share. However, it was said that “Once removed, countless times remote.” Therefore, as far as he was concerned, she was but a stranger.

As for Leng Xiyao, her energy back in Guan Zixuan’s villa was completely gone. The two times they had crossed paths, she had been a little warrior, fierce and crazy yet actually quite cute. Today, she had totally lost her usual vigor.

He wanted to tell her, Woman, a gentle and quiet demeanor is not your style! Please stop it, or my head is going to explode!

Ceng Hanyu, lost in thought, hadn’t looked away from An Huilin, so it seemed he was staring at her. An Huilin was more than a little uncomfortable, while the others looked at Ceng Hanyu quizzically.

Ye Zhongjue elbowed him. Ceng Hanyu came back to reality and found that everyone was watching him.

He chuckled in embarrassment and then glared at Ye Zhongjue, as if to say, Why didn’t you warn me earlier? I was just deep in thought! People might think I am attracted to her!

He would think twice before hitting on an icy-cold woman past thirty years old. Anyway, she was not his type at all!

Leng Haoyun’s eyes kept drifting toward outside. His eyebrows knitted together as though he was thinking, Why haven’t Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing come back after such a long time?

An Huilin and Jian Jie were seated on the sofa next to the fish bowl. From time to time, they would tap on the bowl and give the several goldfish a start for fun.

Guan Zixuan was acting like his usual self, as if he was a saint and did not care to speak to any of the ordinary folks present.

After all, he would never have come if it wasn’t for Mo Suqing’s invitation. He surely hadn’t expected to see so many people here.

Everyone was very quiet, bar the occasional laughter from Jian Jie and An Huilin.

Eventually, Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao came back.

Leng Xiyao had put herself together. There was even a passably bright smile on her face.

Mo Suqing pushed her into the room with a dark poker face. The others did not understand. Aren’t they supposed to wear similar expressions?

Why does one of them look as if everyone owes her a million dollars while the other has a smile like a blossom?

However, seeing that the smile was on Leng Xiyao’s face, Leng Haoyun’s tense expression relaxed.

“Miss Mo,” he said to Mo Suqing, “it takes a little longer for Yao to fully recover and she might get bored staying at home. Please visit her frequently in your free time.”

Mo Suqing hadn’t expected to hear such a request from him. She thought resentfully, Do you still care how Yao feel? Aren’t you getting engaged?

However, for courtesy’s sake, she replied, “I will.”

“President Leng, I remember you have an outdoor swimming pool in the villa. I feel rather hot in here. How about we go sit by the pool?” Jian Jie suggested.

An Huilin chimed in, “Yeah, it is quite stuffy today.”

Mo Suqing frowned. She was annoyed, but didn’t say anything.

The others had no objection to the proposal, so they began to walk toward the adjacent swimming pool. Mo Suqing had seen it when she pushed Leng Xiyao back from the garden. It was big and the jade green marble floor at the bottom of the pool was pleasant to the eyes under the sun.

A couple of umbrellas dotted here and there on the deck. Leng Haoyun asked Aunt Zhang to place more sun loungers for everyone to sit or lie comfortably on.

Jian Jie and An Huilin, after relaxing a bit on their loungers, stood up and began strolling around the pool.

Mo Suqing sat next to Leng Xiyao, whose smile had long gone and who was watching the two women coldly. It was hard to read what was on her mind.

Ceng Hanyu was enjoying the sun bath with a satisfied expression. Mo Suqing could suddenly see why Ye Zhongjue always said he had a face that invited punches. She felt an itch to slap his devilish and mischievous smile off his face.

Guan Zixuan still wore that poker face of his. From time to time, he would turn his attention to Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao.

Ye Zhongjue narrowed his eyes as if he was contemplating.

The atmosphere was peaceful. Then, all of a sudden, a cry shattered the tranquility.

It came from Jian Jie. An Huilin had her eyes on the woman who had fallen into the pool in alarm while she urged, “Jian Jie, give me your hand! I’ll pull you up!”

Mo Suqing watched as Jian Jie struggled frantically, trying to throw her arm toward An Huilin. However, she only drifted further and further to the middle of the pool.

The pool wasn’t deep. If a grown person could stand still on the marble floor, the water would just cover him or her from head to toe.

However, after some struggling, Jian Jie screamed in pain. “Ah!”

The next moment, Mo Suqing felt the man next to her move in such a swiftness that she could actually feel the disturbance of air.

Without taking off his jacket, Ye Zhongjue jumped straight into the water. Mo Suqing realized there was blood surrounding Jian Jie’s arm. The woman had ceased struggling.

Ye Zhongjue carried her out of the pool and called to Leng Haoyun, “She has a wound. Quickly give me a towel!”

Mo Suqing gripped the armrest of the lounger, her face completely pale.

She had seen them through. Jian Jie and An Huilin, working together, had performed an excellent play to show her and Yao who had the upper hand.

And they had achieved their goal, considering how unnerved she and Yao were.

She knew Jian Jie had been wounded to save Ye Zhongjue. It was natural for Ye Zhongjue to be concerned with her injury. She could hardly say anything about it.

However, it still pained her a great deal to watch Jian Jie huddle against Ye Zhongjue’s chest piteously. A gleam of satisfaction crossed her eyes.

“Jue, I’m cold. The wound hurts! Did it open again?”

Ye Zhongjue took a look at the blood coming out of her injured arm and frowned. Jian Jie nestled more closely to Ye Zhongjue, but he didn’t try to stop her.

Mo Suqing’s expression was beyond description.

Finally, Aunt Zhang brought a towel. Ye Zhongjue wrapped Jian Jie in it.

Jian Jie wouldn’t let go of Ye Zhongjue. Ye Zhongjue seemed to remember Mo Suqing was here and he turned to look at her before carrying Jian Jie in his arms again and asking Leng Haoyun, “Can I borrow your first-aid kit? Her wound needs taking care of.”

Leng Haoyun looked at Aunt Zhang, who nodded.

“I’ll go fetch it, Mr. Ye.”

Mo Suqing felt as if her heart was unmoored and sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being suffocated by a profound sadness.

She tried to reason with herself. Jian Jie was wounded. It was because of Ye Zhongjue. Thus, Ye Zhongjue didn’t do anything wrong. However, her heart wouldn’t listen to any of this.

She must be sympathetic. She mustn’t get angry with him. But who can sympathize with my feelings?

Guan Zixuan looked at Mo Suqing with concern. Mo Suqing forced a smile and shook her head at him. This only made Guan Zixuan more worried.

Ceng Hanyu seemed to enjoy all the drama. He looked at Jian Jie, who was lying on the lounger, with amusement.

Aunt Zhang brought the kit. Ye Zhongjue took up Jian Jie’s injured arm and cut through the sleeve with scissors. Then, nimbly he cleaned and dressed the wound.

His attitude and method were professional, but Mo Suqing somehow could not bear it.

She wanted to fly into rage, yet she couldn’t.

Her hand was trembling in Leng Xiyao’s.

After he finished, Ye Zhongjue began to stand up. However, Jian Jie grabbed him with her injured arm.

Ye Zhongjue frowned, but then crouched back down next to her.

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