Chapter 126: They will Probably Commit Mass Suicide

The next morning, Ye Zhongjue dragged Mo Suqing out of the bed. Mo Suqing gave him a sour look.

“You promised you will treat me well! Now, let me get back to my sleep!"

Mo Suqing pouted, looking grumpy.

Her charmingly petulant actions warmed Ye Zhongjue’s heart a great deal.

He pinched Mo Suqing’s nose lightly.

“Honey, although I won’t let you lift any moving boxes, we’ve still got to make some final preparations. Otherwise, if they break our stuff accidentally, you are going to be very sorry!”

Mo Suqing seemed to be pleased with Ye Zhongjue’s gentle coaxing.

To be honest, she had already had enough sleep. She just didn’t want to get up. She had just gone through a period of depression during which she hadn’t eaten or slept well. Now she could finally sleep well, she hated the idea of getting up early.

How irritated she felt!

Ye Zhongjue gazed at her fondly. Then, he picked her up in his arms and walked out of the room.

“I’m going to move house with my wife today! How about we start by moving the wife herself?”

Mo Suqing giggled in his arms.

She found that ever since they made up, Ye Zhongjue had really changed from the distant person he used to be.

In the past, she had always viewed him as a flower growing on the top of a cliff – it was supposed to be seen from afar rather than got close and touched. Now she knew that even angels are willing to fall from heaven when it comes to love.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue packed the boxes and asked the moving company to take them to the Shallow Sea Area.

Ye Zhongjue was going to hire an hourly paid worker to unpack the boxes, but Mo Suqing disagreed.

“Honey, I want to do it myself. The workers don’t know where everything should be. I can take my time to unpack.”

Ye Zhongjue just loved the way she sounded when she talked to him.

“Honey, I’ll do it if you don’t want strangers to enter our house. Tell me where everything should be and I’ll put it there.”

Ye Zhongjue smiled at her and raised his brows. “What do you think?”

Mo Suqing suppressed a laugh and replied, “Honey, two people are better than one. Let’s do it together!”

Ye Zhongjue pinched her cheek. “I just don’t want you to get tired!”

Mo Suqing blushed a little at his affectionate tone. “Yao said she’s going home today. How about we quickly unpack the boxes and go pick her up before we all have a meal together?”

Ye Zhongjue frowned, looking displeased.

“Didn’t you say she’s going home tomorrow?”

Mo Suqing glared at him. “My Yao wants to go home today! Her injuries have almost healed and she just needs to get back to full health after some recuperation. She can do that anywhere, but of course she’ll be more comfortable and at ease staying at home.”

Looking at her exasperated expression, Ye Zhongjue tousled her hair as placation. “Okay, okay! My wife is always right! Let’s quickly unpack!”

However, Ye Zhongjue still didn’t let her lift any heavy boxes – his books, for example. And besides the heavy stuff, there wasn’t much left to be unpacked for Mo Suqing.

Despite the fact that they had decided to be quick, it was noon when they finished.

Ye Zhongjue suggested, “Since Leng Xiyao is going home on the same day we are moving in, how about we invite Ceng Hanyu to lunch, too? He helped secure the blood Leng Xiyao needed for transfusion and I was going to invite him to celebrate our moving day with us anyway. Leng Xiyao can thank him in person. What do you think?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at Mo Suqing lovingly. What he hadn’t said was that he had planned to take Ceng Hanyu to lunch as a thank-you himself for his “tutoring” after he had made up with Mo Suqing.

With the turn of events, he might well include more people and make it a gathering of acquaintances.

Mo Suqing’s eyes lit up.

“That’s great! I’m going to invite Zixuan, too. The more people, the merrier!”

She picked up her phone immediately. Ye Zhongjue’s face darkened.

Why invite him? The guy is such a pain in the neck!

Besides, he’s a prince. A prince won’t want to dine with us commoners.

However, Mo Suqing had already called Guan Zixuan and the man had agreed to go pick up Leng Xiyao together.

When Mo Suqing told Ye Zhongjue that Guan Zixuan would pick up Leng Xiyao and then go to lunch with them, his face became even darker.

But then, Ye Zhongjue reminded himself that Guan Zixuan had been there when Mo Suqing was upset and watched over her. He decided not to be so petty for once.

Mo Suqing thought it would be a lot of fun to have more people at lunch, but she forgot that things could also become more complicated when more people were involved.

She definitely did not expect what happened that evening would change Leng Xiyao’s life forever.

If she could have foreseen it, she would pick up Leng Xiyao alone and prevent her from seeing the people she hated.

When Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue arrived, Guan Zixuan was already there. He had his hands in his pockets and was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. In a white shirt and a pair of black trousers, the young man was a delight to the eyes against the whitewashed wall.

Mo Suqing had always known he was a good-looking man. After all, to achieve his status as a superstar, one needed to have not only great acting skills but also an extraordinary appearance.

However, it seemed to really hit Mo Suqing now how exceptionally beautiful Guan Zixuan was as he stood there quietly.

Guan Zixuan seemed to sense her watching him because presently he snapped his eyes open and looked at her teasingly. “What, have you finally realized I am a hottie? Wanna dump that ice-man and turn to my arms instead?”

He then gave Ye Zhongjue a challenging look.

Ye Zhongjue’s face clouded, but he didn’t say anything since Mo Suqing was right here.

Mo Suqing’s new-found admiration for Guan Zixuan instantly vanished.

She looked at Guan Zixuan with disgust. “You know what? You are lucky your fans don’t know you are like this, otherwise they will probably commit mass suicide! And how childish you talk! Please take my advice and refrain from speaking too much in front of the media, or people will most likely feel contempt for you!”

Guan Zixuan gaped at her. When she and Ye Zhongjue were fighting, Mo Suqing had been dispirited and sad, so that Guan Zixuan had always thought she was brooding in nature.

Now that they had made up, she had turned back to her real self. He felt utterly disillusioned by her quick wit!

What was wrong with me? Why would I ever think she is a quiet, docile woman? I should have known that as Leng Xiyao’s best friend, she, too, would most likely be more or less as fierce and sharp!

“Suqing, I finally see with my own eyes how changeable a woman is. No wonder people say that women’s hearts are difficult to fathom!”

Guan Zixuan shook his head, defeated.

Mo Suqing raised her brows and cast a glance at him that seemed to say, You bet!

Ye Zhongjue smiled at his cute wife and pinched her cheek playfully.

Guan Zixuan felt very uncomfortable. They were displaying their affections to each other as if no one saw them! Hey! I am right here!

Guan Zixuan looked away.

Humph! I’m not looking!

When the three of them were about to enter the ward, Leng Hanyun beat them to it. He had just run the administrative procedures.

Since Leng Xiyao’s left leg was injured and she couldn’t walk, Mo Suqing opened her mouth to ask Leng Haoyun to find a wheel chair for her. However, the man bent down and scooped the girl up in his arms.

Mo Suqing was surprised and looked at him with mixed feelings.

Leng Haoyun turned around and addressed Mo Suqing in a monotonous tone, “Aunt Zhang has gone home to prepare for lunch. I want to thank you all for coming here to pick up Yao. Let’s go to my house for the meal. Miss Mo, would you be so kind as to carry Yao’s clothes on the couch?”

Mo Suqing quickly put herself together. She nodded and did as she was told.

They walked out of the hospital together. Ceng Hanyu was there leaning casually against his Porsche and smiled devilishly at them.

Ye Zhongjue caught his eyes and said, “Come on. We are going to have lunch at Leng Haoyun’s place. His servant is already preparing it.”

Ceng Hanyu’s eyebrows arched. He nodded. “Okay! As long as there’s a free meal!”

He slid into his car.

Guan Zixuan had also driven here. Mo Suqing wanted to go in Ye Zhongjue’s car, but Leng Xiyao was tugging at her sleeves and looking at her pitifully.

Mo Suqing cast a guilty glance at Ye Zhongjue, then abandoned her hubby to sit with Leng Xiyao in Leng Haoyun’s car.

On the way to the villa, Leng Xiyao chattered on and on. She was obviously in a good mood. After being confined to bed in a hospital ward for such a long time, she was finally discharged. She felt so alive!

Mo Suqing talked with her, full of smiles. Now she was asking the girl, “Will you go back to work for the magazine after you fully recovered?”

Leng Xiyao tilted her head and thought about it for a moment before answering, “I don’t know. Maybe not. I have been reading books about jewelry design in the hospital. You know how I’m always fascinated with the field. I feel really regretful about not pursuing it as my profession. After the accident, I began to think. I want to start over. If possible, I’m going to get a degree in jewelry design. It is my goal to become a designer one day.”

Mo Suqing smiled at her enthusiastic expression.

She didn’t show it, but something was getting on her nerves. Didn’t she forget everything from the past? Why would she remember the fact that she was interested in jewelry design?

However, she just glanced at Leng Haoyun, who was driving, and didn’t put her doubts into words.

She took Leng Xiyao’s uninjured hand and said, “I know you can do it. I believe in you.”

Leng Xiyao beamed and her eyes were pressed into crescent slits. They were twinkling with delight, like the stars in a clear night sky.

“I believe in myself, too!”

The car arrived at the Leng residence. Mo Suqing got off the car first.

Then, she froze on the spot.

There were two people standing in front of the villa. She knew both of them.

They were An Huilin and Jian Jie.

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