Chapter 125: The Order of Feeling Love and Being Moved

“After a while, they stopped following me. However, I could still sense there was a person following me at a distance every day after school. I could also feel that he didn’t mean any harm to me. It had lasted about two months when Gu Jiannan confessed his love to me.”

Mo Suqing sniffed. The wind swept by her hair. She looked a little melancholic.

“He said, ‘Mo Suqing, I like you a lot. I’ll take you to school and take you home again every day. I’ll take you to lunch. I’ll be there for you. Can you give me a chance to love you?’”

Fresh tears streamed down her face. “You have no idea. I mistook Gu Jiannan for the person who had been protecting me, so I got together with him. I didn’t expect he would cheat on me seven years later, when I met Ye Zhongjue and found out about the truth. Last night, Ye Zhongjue told me he had followed me around every day in high school. I was so dazed. I had always thought it was Gu Jiannan. I dared not tell Ye Zhongjue the mistake I had made. I dared not tell him that we could have become each other’s first love. Because of my stupidity, we have missed our chance the first time!”

Mo Suqing buried her face on her knees and said tearfully, “Zixuan, I have just realized who my first love really is after seven years. How I hate myself! If I had turned around and seen who he was instead of being the fool I was and letting him follow me and protect me every day, we might not have missed out on each other.”

Guan Zixuan, albeit feeling sorry for himself, suddenly felt compelled to comfort her. He shook his head. No wonder people said the person who fell in love first was doomed to step down first.

“Don’t cry, Suqing. You have been destined to be together since seven years ago. If you can find each other after all you have been through, it serves as evidence that you are meant for each other. If you did get together at that time when you were both immature, perhaps you would have broken up now. You should think in a more positive way. Stop crying already. I feel agonized to see you like this. I am the one being dumped, but somehow you look like you are the one getting rejection!”

Guan Zixuan’s teasing made Mo Suqing laugh. With her cheeks wet with tears, she looked at Guan Zixuan. “Zixuan, you asked me if you are not better than him with everything you have done for me. My answer is, it is not a matter of who has done more for me or who has made me feel more moved. It is a matter of the order of feeling love and being moved. My love for Ye Zhongjue came before the feeling of being moved by him. On the other hand, I felt a gratitude to you almost at the beginning. My heart is filled with your kindness, with no space for love.”

Mo Suqing looked at Guan Zixuan’s tortured expression and continued sadly, “Zixuan, you can blame me all you want. You can even hate me, and I’ll try to live with it. But you must realize that I really cannot accept anyone else other than him.”

Guan Zixuan could feel his teeth chattering, but he was unable to say anything harsh to Mo Suqing.

“Never mind.” He said eventually and wiped her tears away. “Let’s go. I won’t push you anymore. I understand now. I just hate that fate didn’t allow me to show up in your world sooner, so I could have been the first one to move you and the person you fall in love with. Now, even if we can’t be lovers, at least we are still best friends.”

A smile appeared on Mo Suqing’s face.

Guan Zixuan looked at her bright smile and reached out to wipe the rest of the tears away.

“Silly girl. You should tell him these things. I believe he won’t get angry with you. So you mistook him for someone else and ended up with Gu Jiannan. It’s what you had to go through. Who doesn’t meet a jerk or two in their life? It’s because you have met the jerk that you can appreciate what a good man Ye Zhongjue is, isn’t it?”

Mo Suqing nodded. “I know what you mean, but I still don’t want to tell him about it. I feel too stupid. Gu Jiannan only said he would take me to school and walk me home, and I deemed him to be the guy. How foolish of me!”

Mo Suqing’s face was full of self-disgust. Guan Zixuan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Alright, know that you are foolish, but don’t say it out loud!”

Guan Zixuan looked at her smilingly and wiggled his eyebrows.

Mo Suqing batted her eyelashes. “You are not mad at me? You are not angry?”

Guan Zixuan pinched her cheek playfully. “I believe you are making a fool of yourself on purpose, so that I will let it go. Am I right?”

Mo Suqing leapt up and ran toward the car. “You’re wrong, my friend. Shall we go back? I must return to my office now. Otherwise, my boss will be pissed!”

Guan Zixuan shook his head smilingly at her joyfulness and cheerfulness.

When Mo Suqing went back to the magazine company, everyone turned to look at her.

She went to her desk and saw the story on the newspaper, which read, The president of Mighty Empire announces that he and his wife are on good terms and that the rumor of divorce is purely made up. “Jian Jie is my chief secretary,” Ye Jue says, “and when she accompanies me to events and occasions – which is part of her job – I should of course be protective of her. It’s the perfect thing for a gentle man to do. I ask everyone to stop guessing at my private matters. It has caused a lot of inconveniences in my life. If something similar happens again, I will not hesitate to sue.”

Mo Suqing could not help but smile. He is so high-key!

It reminded her that she had forgotten to ask him why Jian Jie was always around him. It’s because she’s his chief secretary!

She remembered how Song Pingting had stopped her from seeing him in his office the other day. And now his chief secretary had been replaced… She felt as if he might have replaced her for her sake.

Mo Suqing felt flattered by the thought. She didn’t know it was indeed the main reason why he had done that.

Although he had always had queer feelings about Song Pingting being obsessed with him, he had never really wanted to fire her. After all, she had worked for him for several years.

However, she had completely crossed the line when she did what she had done to Mo Suqing.

No one could hurt his honey without suffering the repercussions!

Mo Suqing put the newspaper away and began to work.

At noon, Ye Zhongjue sent a WeChat message to her.

Ye Zhongjue: Honey, let’s have lunch together!

FarAway: President Ye, u r having fun using WeChat, aren’t u! But I don’t have time for lunch. I have lots of work to do. U took me away from work yesterday and I need to keep up.

Ye Zhongjue: *Angry* Leng Haoyun is exploiting u, isn’t he? I’m going to talk to him now. My wife works for his company, for god’s sake! He should know better how to treat u.

FarAway: *Speechless* Honey, I need to earn $$ to raise the family!

Ye Zhongjue: That’s not a problem. Ur hubby can do that for both of us. U just need to be ur beautiful self. Any trouble u have, ur omnipotent hubby will take care of it right away!

FarAway: *Rolling eyes* U don’t feel like the Ye Zhongjue I know. Who r u?

Ye Zhongjue: I’m Mo Suqing’s hubby, Ye Zhongjue!

FarAway: *Laughing* My hubby is aloof, not at all a clown like u!

Ye Zhongjue: I am very flexible and can be any kind in front of my honey. U name it and I can achieve it.

FarAway: Honey, when did u become so good at saying sweet nothings?!

Ye Zhongjue: My wife teaches me well.

In his office in the headquarters of Mighty Empire, Ye Zhongjue was smiling into his phone. Lin Ran was standing across from him. He could see his boss was unlike himself today. Very unlike himself, actually. Somehow, it made him queasy. His boss was smiling too genuinely! Has something good happened to him?

Ye Zhongjue was very pleased to see Mo Suqing call him honey. He could hardly hide the smile on his face.

FarAway: I heard that men who say sweet nothings are not reliable. U need to watch urself!

Ye Zhongjue: My wife is always right. It’s all Ceng Hanyu’s fault. He has a bad influence on me!

FarAway: U can’t see it, but I am floored! U shouldn’t make Ceng Hanyu responsible for ur behavior. I am totally disgusted!

Ye Zhongjue: Don’t get disgusted, honey. I didn’t mean it!

FarAway: I know you did.

Ye Zhongjue’s eyebrows arched. She’s doing it deliberately!

Ye Zhongjue: If u r not having lunch with me today, u must make it up for me tonight!

Mo Suqing blushed. He has the cheek to say that after a wild night yesterday!

FarAway: Ur monthly quota has run out. Please wait for the next month!

Ye Zhongjue’s mouth twitched. Lin Ran could not believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Yes, his boss’ expression was indeed getting more and more diverse.

Who says he has palsy in his face? He can be animated! He just didn’t want to before!

Ye Zhongjue: I want to have my quota for next month in advance!

FarAway: *Shocked* It doesn’t work that way!

Ye Zhongjue: Of course it does, honey!

FarAway: I am completely defeated! Please do not contact me anymore. I am dead.

Ye Zhongjue’s handsome face darkened. Don’t say that so casually, okay?! Even though we are just chatting casually, I don’t want to hear you say that!

Ye Zhongjue: Don’t say things like that! Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend. We r going to move. Have u finished ur preparations?

FarAway: Yeah! Tomorrow is a-okay. Yao is going home the day after that and I’m going to be there.

Ye Zhongjue: *Sad* Leng Xiyao has got Leng Haoyun. Why do u have to go? U should spend more time with me. I need my wife!

FarAway: *Scornful* Yao is my bestie! How can I not be there when she is discharged from hospital? Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for her, Bai Tingnan would’ve hit me instead! Putting our years of friendship aside, I can never repay her for saving my life.

Ye Zhongjue conceded to his wife’s serious tone.

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