Chapter 124: I Might Want to Do Things to You

Little did Mo Suqing expect that, confident as she was now, a lot of things would happen that made her vision seem like a mere fantasy.

While they ate their breakfast, Mo Suqing kept glancing at Ye Zhongjue, as if she couldn’t quite believe all of this was real. It felt so much like a dream!

She didn’t even notice there was a bread crumb stuck at the corner of her mouth. Ye Zhongjue teased, “Silly girl, why do you keep glancing at me? Are you afraid I’m going to evaporate into thin air?”

Mo Suqing lowered her head in embarrassment. Ye Zhongjue chuckled, then stood up to pick up the crumb from the corner of her mouth and stuck out his tongue to lick it off. Mo Suqing stared at him foolishly the whole time.

Mo Suqing blushed and gaped at Ye Zhongjue, surprised that he had just swallowed the crumb on her face. Although they had done more intimate things before, she still felt floored.

Looking at her crimson cheeks and stupid expression, Ye Zhongjue felt his heart melt.

He cooed hoarsely, “Honey, don’t look at me like that. I might want to do things to you!”

Mo Suqing’s eyes widened. Then, her cheeks burned bright red as if she was reminded of something. Shy, she buried her face into her clothes. It was very cute of her.

Ye Zhongjue ran his fingers through her hair. “Silly, and so pretty, as always. Now, eat your breakfast, so I can take you to work.”

Mo Suqing felt light as a feather. It had been a dreamlike morning. They had gone back to their old life, where they had their meals and went to work together.

Mo Suqing was finishing up her breakfast when Ye Zhongjue asked, “Honey, do you like the houses at the Shallow Sea Area?”

“What?” Mo Suqing gave him a puzzled look, thinking that he meant Guan Zixuan’s villa.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her, his face full of indulgence for her. “I asked Lin Ran to clean up my villa at number eight the other day. I used to live there. If you want, we can move in there. It’s closer to your company, so you don’t have to get up as early.”

Ah, this is what he meant! But the house we are living in now is filled with memories from these three months. I would be sad to leave.

Discerning the hesitation on her face, Ye Zhongjue decided to play another card. “Honey, Guan Zixuan is your friend, isn’t it? If we live there, you can go look for him anytime you want. Also, Leng Xiyao is going to be discharged from the hospital soon. Her house is only a little more than ten minutes’ drive from there. It will be much more convenient for the both of you if you want to hang out.”

Mo Suqing’s eyes sparkled with delight as Ye Zhongjue had expected. Then, she looked at him suspiciously. When has he become so generous?

Ye Zhongjue cleared his throat, pretending not to see her expression. He wouldn’t admit that it was not only for convenience that he wanted to move there; it was also because he could use PDA as a weapon against Guan Zixuan! The best way to kill off one’s rival was to do it without anyone noticing.

Now that he had reconciled with Mo Suqing, they could act intimately in front of Guan Zixuan all day long. Let’s see if he can still get any wicked ideas!

Mo Suqing, innocent and good-natured as she was, didn’t know what he was thinking. She certainly didn’t realize there were so many indirect ways to deal with one’s romantic rival!

After breakfast, Ye Zhongjue drove Mo Suqing to work. When they arrived, Mo Suqing noticed Guan Zixuan was nearby, wearing a baseball cap for fear someone would recognize him.

What is he doing? He can easily be seen by a journalist here!

Mo Suqing quickly informed Ye Zhongjue of his presence and started to get off the car. 

Ye Zhongjue gave her a gloomy look. He had seen Guan Zixuan, too. Was his wife going to leave him like that and meet another guy after they had just arrived?

He grabbed her arm. Mo Suqing was reminded how petty the man was.

She glanced at where Guan Zixuan was standing and then turned back to give Ye Zhongjue a reassuring look.

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him. You should go to work. It’s not okay to be late for work as the boss. Your employees will talk.”

Ye Zhongjue still clutched her arm stubbornly. “They can talk all they want. I don’t care! You must kiss me before you leave!”

He pointed at his mouth emphatically. Mo Suqing looked at him speechlessly. What a baby!

“For just a second!” she smiled.

“Okay, just a second!” Ye Zhongjue nodded. Mo Suqing craned her neck and kissed him on the cheek. However, Ye Zhongjue pulled her closer and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Afterwards, Mo Suqing’s face had gone red. She didn’t say it was because she could barely breathe.

With her cheeks flushing, she pushed him hard in exasperation and got off the car.

Ye Zhongjue chuckled. My wife is so cute! How I want to stop her from going away!

How I want to hug her without letting go until the world ends.

He drummed on the steering wheel while watching her walking toward Guan Zixuan. Since he had chosen her, he should give her his complete trust and respect, right?

At the thought, Ye Zhongjue started the engine. Soon, his car disappeared in the traffic.

Mo Suqing stopped in front of Guan Zixuan and lowered her voice, “Why are you here? Aren’t you afraid to be recognized?”

Guan Zixuan stared at her hard. He had watched her getting off Ye Zhongjue’s car.

He lifted his cap slightly. Mo Suqing could see that his eyes were bloodshot and full of tiredness, as if he hadn’t slept all night.

Guan Zixuan spoke in a hoarse voice, “Come on. I want to take you to a place.”

Mo Suqing looked from her company to her terrible-looking friend, then conceded.

“Fine. Let me make a call first.”

Mo Suqing called in sick and followed Guan Zixuan to his car. Luckily, no one recognized him.

After they got in the car, Guan Zixuan took off the cap and threw it to the backseat.

Their surroundings became more and more unfamiliar as he drove. Mo Suqing frowned.

Guan Zixuan began to ascend a hill near B City. After driving along the tortuous road for a while, he finally stopped. They got off.

Guan Zixuan looked sullen on the way here. Mo Suqing was a little scared.

Without looking at Mo Suqing, he walked toward a slope.

It was a relatively flat grassy slope. All kinds of short grasses grew there and it was comfortable to sit on.

Guan Zixuan walked over and sat down. Mo Suqing, watching his lonely figure, followed suit.

Neither looked at each other. Mo Suqing gazed at the bustling city below her and said, “Zixuan, I want to thank you for helping and caring for me these past few weeks. However, you deserve someone better than me.”

Guan Zixuan sneered, “Someone better than you... ha! What if I insist that I want only you?”

Mo Suqing didn’t look at him, for fear she would crack. She didn’t feel love toward this man, but she couldn’t say anything harsh to hurt him, either.

“I see you as one of my best friends!”

“Friend…” Guan Zixuan repeated in a low voice. A bitter smile appeared on his face.

“So you two made up.”

It was not a question.

Yesterday, after he was released from the filming studio, he had gone to her place to look for her. He didn’t find her. In fact, he couldn’t find her anywhere. She didn’t answer her phone, either. He sent Yuan to inquire after her whereabouts and learned that she had been taken away by Ye Zhongjue.

He had guessed they would probably make up this time. After all, the guy was so persistent and confident. Also, they were still married. This was something Guan Zixuan could never match himself against Ye Zhongjue with. He had nothing to keep Mo Suqing by his side.

Guan Zixuan chuckled bitterly.

Mo Suqing looked uneasy and forlorn. She didn’t want to hurt Guan Zixuan one bit. That was why she had rejected him the first time he told her he liked her. She hadn’t wanted to give him any hope. However, he had still let himself fall deeper.

Mo Suqing said in a sad tone, “Zixuan, don’t be like this! We are good friends, are we not? You know how much I am grateful for you.”

“No, I do not know!” Guan Zixuan said angrily. He stared at her with red eyes. “Why? Why him? Am I not better than him with everything I have done for you?”

Guan Zixuan gripped her arm with a shaky hand.

Mo Suqing felt extremely sorry. “Zixuan, please don’t be like this. I feel terrible to see you like this. It had always been him. He has been in my heart forever.”

“The reason I got together with Gu Jiannan in high school is because I thought he was the guy who had been protecting me. That’s why I agreed to be together with him. However, after seven years, I realized the guy was actually Ye Zhongjue!”

Mo Suqing’s eyes were brimming with tears.

“Zixuan, let go of me and listen to me. Soon after I entered high school, I was chosen as the campus belle. Boys liked to chase after me. After a time, I even noticed several guys would follow me home every night. I was always very scared during my commute.”

Mo Suqing could not help but burst into tears. Guan Zixuan felt himself softened. He looked away from her, but her sobbing tone kept coming into his ears.

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