Chapter 120: No Good Will Come out of Comparisons

“Mo Suqing!” Ye Zhongjue snarled, looking at her with eyes red with fury.

How can she be so heartless and say all those things that sting my heart?

Mo Suqing watched him flip out. This was not what she had anticipated.

She had freed him; he could be with his first love now and lived happily ever after.

Where did I do wrong?

Mo Suqing was about to put her thoughts into words when Ye Zhongjue pulled her closer and stared at those lips of hers that kept uttering words that broke his heart.

Then, he kissed them without preamble and with a great force and intensity, as if he was a provoked lion that was tearing its prey apart.

Mo Suqing could taste blood in her mouth. Something was very wrong. They were here to negotiate their divorce, weren’t they? How had things become like this?

Mo Suqing pushed him away when he was caught off guard. However, Ye Zhongjue was not done yet. He pounced at her again.

Panicked, Mo Suqing slapped him across the face.

Whack! The sound of the slap resonated throughout the room. Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue were both startled.

Mo Suqing had a lost expression on her face. She hadn’t really wanted to hit him. However, why would he think he could kiss her at this stage?

Ye Zhongjue touched his cheek, looking stunned. He hadn’t known that she, who usually looked like a fragile and docile kitten, had it in her to be so fierce when she became truly angry.

His cheek was stinging.

The two of them stared at each other, neither backing down. The apartment was awfully silent.

After a long while, Ye Zhongjue slowly opened his mouth without taking his eyes off of her and blurted out in a hoarse voice, “Why did you slap me?”

Just then, Mo Suqing had had enough. “Ye Zhongjue,” she shouted, “we are getting a divorce! You have no right to do that! I can’t afford to play you wealthy people’s game, so I quit! What else do you want from me? Just go to be with the woman whom you grew up with! I’ve stepped aside. What else do you want me to do?”

Mo Suqing crouched down, put her hands on her head, and began to cry.

Her hot tears melted Ye Zhongjue’s heart.

He approached and crouched down himself, then gently folded her in his arms.

Mo Suqing was sobbing so hard, she didn’t have the strength to push him away. She could only faintly make out his words, “I won’t divorce you.”

In the end, she fell asleep.

When she woke up again, she was in her bed. The tears on her face had been wiped away and she had been changed into comfortable homey clothes.

She curled there on the bed, not wanting to move at all.

Then, she turned slightly aside and saw there was a note on her nightstand. His beautiful handwriting could be seen on it.

“I’ll explain everything to you tonight. After that, if you still want to leave, I won’t stop you. But please wait for me to come back. Dinner is on the table. Heat it up if it has gone cold.”

Mo Suqing sniffed. I’ve already given up. What is he doing this for now?

Mo Suqing pouted her lips. Her stomach rumbled. She got up and walked to the window. It was already dark outside. No wonder she was starving. She had slept for a long time.

She hadn’t been able to sleep well recently. This was the first time in days she had slept so deeply.

Mo Suqing heated up the dinner and had some of it. It was as tasty as she had remembered. But somehow, this made her want to cry.

Meanwhile, in Blue Phantom Pub.

Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue were sitting in one of the private rooms.

Ceng Hanyu opened a bottle of wine and poured it into the glasses for the two of them.

“Come, have some drink!” He handed one of the glasses to Ye Zhongjue, but Ye Zhongjue stopped him.

“You can drink yourself; I’ll pass. I have something important to do later.”

Ceng Hanyu was surprised. “What? You took me here and you are not drinking? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him, all serious. “Yeah. You can drink yourself!”

He didn’t get annoyed at all, which surprised Ceng Hanyu even more. “Why are you acting so nice tonight? Scarily nice! How come I can never do that? Tut! No good will come out of comparisons!”

Ceng Hanyu looked at Ye Zhongjue with his devilish smile. Ye Zhongjue gave him a placid look and said, “Stop showcasing your low IQ.”

Wine spurted from Ceng Hanyu’s mouth. He looked at Ye Zhongjue in disbelief. 

“Where did you learn that expression?”

“WeChat!” Ye Zhongjue replied succinctly. He looked at Ceng Hanyu, contemplating on how to ask those questions.

“You use WeChat?” Ceng Hanyu looked as if he had just discovered a new world.

“My wife uses it.” Ye Zhongjue was indeed extremely nice today. He had answered all of Ceng Hanyu’s questions without hesitation! Ceng Hanyu was jaw-dropped.”

This is horrifying!

“Spit it out. Why do you want to see me? I don’t believe you just want to hang out, based on your weird behavior.”

Ye Zhongjue took a glance at him. “I want to ask you something.”

“Ask away!” Ceng Hanyu replied frankly and took a sip at his wine.

“My wife mailed a divorce settlement agreement to me!”

Wine spurted from Ceng Hanyu’s mouth again. He looked at Ye Zhongjue indignantly. Do you really want me to have a drink?

Ye Zhongjue gave him a disgusted look. Ceng Hanyu’s face clouded. You are to be blamed for the spitting, and now you are giving me such a look?

“I don’t think you should call her your wife, now that you are divorced,” Ceng Hanyu teased.

Ye Zhongjue didn’t get angry. He just replied calmly, “I’m not going to sign it!”

“Right,” Ceng Hanyu put the glass on the table. “After all, you haven’t forgotten about her after seven years. Now that you have finally met her again and even got married with her, I don’t figure you would want a divorce, not if you are still sane.”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him coldly. “Does anyone tell you you have an irritating face?”

Ceng Hanyu shut his mouth up. I know you are better at combatting than me, but do you have to threaten me all the time?

He teased Ye Zhongjue again, “Look at you and the mess you have been making! First she knew about your true identity. Then you made yourself the center of scandals. I say you are just too high-maintenance, too uptight!”

Miraculously, Ye Zhongjue didn’t fly into a temper. He looked at Ceng Hanyu and asked, “What about those scandals? Would she really care about them?”

Ceng Hanyu looked at him as if he came from Mars.

“Jue, your wife is no saint. She’s just a woman! How can you expect she wouldn’t care about the scandals? Let me tell you something. All women care about her husband’s scandals with another woman! And you have scandals with two women! How dumb are you? I don’t know how a relationship dummy like you could have kept her in your heart for so long.”

Ceng Hanyu kept shaking his head. Ye Zhongjue frowned. “That I can explain. Is there anything else?”

Ceng Hanyu puffed his chest out. “Well, you haven’t explained to her about your identity, have you?”

“No, I want to wait until she calms down.”

Ye Zhongjue said in a serious, humble tone.

Ceng Hanyu said without reserve, “To deal with a woman, you can’t wait until she calms down! If she does calm down, it means she doesn’t care about you anymore.”

Ceng Hanyu’s words were like a wake-up call. Ye Zhongjue looked uncharacteristically agitated.

“I’m afraid once she knows about the truth, she will stay with me out of pity. I want her to stay because she loves me, not because she pities me, so I haven’t explained myself. Could she have mistaken my silence for indifference?”

Ceng Hanyu gave him a disgusted look. He was very smug for doing it; he had never had a chance to give Ye Zhongjue that look.

“She’s not a mind reader! How can she know why you lied to her if you don’t explain yourself? She probably thinks you are a playboy who has been playing with her! Whether she stays out of pity or love, it’s not important. The important thing is to get her stay with you first! Don’t you have the confidence to make her fall for you in the future?”

This must be how it felt like to be enlightened!

Ye Zhongjue instantly got it. Why have we fought for so long over such a trivial thing?

She must have been heartbroken! I’m going back to explain everything to her right now!

Before Ceng Hanyu could react, the man who had been sitting next to him had gone out of the place like a gust of wind.

Ceng Hanyu remained seated on the couch, looking forlorn. The private room suddenly felt empty with no one else in it. He leaned against the couch casually with the glass in his hand.

Suddenly, an innocent face appeared in his mind.

Ceng Hanyu shook his head violently. Fuck! Am I possessed? Why else would I think of Leng Xiyao all of a sudden? We have met twice only!

Having said that, their second encounter had been a memorable one and left an imprint on his mind. He felt he had been violated! But it still didn’t make any sense why he would think of her now.

Ceng Hanyu frowned, his handsome face showing a hint of devilishness. I think she’s still in the hospital. I heard that she was badly injured, but that she had woken up after being in a coma for more than ten days.


Ye Zhongjue drove his car toward home at a high speed, all the while thinking about how best to explain everything clearly to Mo Suqing.

Since Ceng Hanyu had said she definitely cared about those scandals, he would explain the truth behind them to her. The bottom line was, he wanted to be with her. He hadn’t been so clear-headed for a long time.

After dinner, Mo Suqing had retreated to Ye Zhongjue’s study and picked some of the books on the shelves to read.

However, all the books she randomly picked were about business, economics, finance or the like, which bored her.

Suddenly, her eyes caught a book titled A Manuel of Firearm Design.

Mo Suqing picked it up, her eyes rolling here and there. Why would a president have a book about firearm design?

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