Chapter 12: An Unfortunate Meeting with Bai Tingnan

Mo Suqing looked at her impish friend and sighed inwardly. Obviously, it was not Leng Xiyao’s fault. They had bad luck, that was all.

“Never mind. Don’t blame yourself. So what if she knows? We are not afraid of her, are we!?”

Leng Xiyao frowned piteously. “But what if she tells Mo Sulian about it?”

Mo Suqing’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. “We’ll see. There will be a way to deal with it. Don’t worry!”

She gave Leng Xiyao a comforting smile.

Leng Xiyao changed the subject back persistently, “So, there is no one here now. Please, can you just tell me what happened? I am dying to know! Is it love at first sight? Is it because he is so darn cute, so you fell for him instantly and decided to say yes then and there?”

Mo Suqing gave her a noogie, smiling, “What are you thinking? He’s just a common guy. A normal office staff, that’s all. Stop being so curious already!”

Mo Suqing pulled her and was about to walk out, but Leng Xiyao tugged at her sleeve with a worried expression.

“Suqing, is it because of Mo Sulian and Gu Jiannan? Is it because you saw them together and was so heartbroken that you decided to find some random guy and to just get married?”

Mo Suqing didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “I am not as fragile as you think! Maybe…”

She seemed to be in a trance, as if she had thought of something.

“Maybe, it just felt right, you know? Without love, I still have a life to live, don’t I? Let’s go now; otherwise, the editor-in-chief will flip out.”

Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out and followed Mo Suqing out.

Just as they had expected, when they came out from the restroom, everyone in the office already knew that Mo Suqing had gotten married.

Leng Xiyao couldn’t help but glare at Bai Tingnan; Bai Tingnan didn’t give it a shit and just watched them contentedly.

Mo Suqing’s eyes narrowed and her mouth quirked. Bai Tingnan was the kind of person who always loved to find fault in others. She was not afraid of her at all; sometimes, she didn’t even want to talk to her.

Leng Xiyao whispered in Mo Suqing’s ear angrily, “We were so unfortunate as to meet a bitch like her in the restroom…”

Mo Suqing turned back and smiled at Leng Xiyao, “Okay now, don’t be angry. Have you learned a lesson now? Always watch your mouth and do not incur the wrath of bitches! When they take action, it is very difficult to defend against it.”

Leng Xiyao feigned a cheerful applause, “Bravo! I have never heard something truer!”

Mo Suqing was about to reply when she saw their editor-in-chief “Abbess Miejue” walk toward them with a grim face.

She quickly elbowed Leng Xiyao once and said, “Get back to work. Here comes the Abbess!”

When the two of them were seated in front of their own computers, Abbess Miejue was almost upon them. Everywhere she went, the temperature seemed to drop ten degrees.

Abbess Miejue’s real name was An Huilin. She was a beautiful yet icy woman in her thirties. Because she was still single and always wore a grave expression, her subordinates gave her the nickname Abbess Miejue, referring to the vicious nun character in the famous wuxia novel.

She approached Mo Suqing and spoke in a cold clipped tone, “Why did you take a day off yesterday?”

Mo Suqing cast a sidelong glance at Bai Tingnan who was taking great pleasure in her misfortune, and answered calmly, “I took a day off yesterday to get my marriage registered.”

Everyone in the office lifted their heads instantly. They stared at Mo Suqing. So she really was married. They had thought it was probably a rumor started by Bai Tingnan.

An Huilin seemed to be a little shocked by Mo Suqing’s straightforward answer.

But, she quickly recovered and continued, “You are entitled to three days’ marital leave.”

Mo Suqing smiled slightly. “That’s alright. I am fine with only one day off.”

An Huilin gave her a look and didn’t say anything before walking back to her office.

Mo Suqing shook her head and slowly sat down.

Seeing that her plan hadn’t worked, Bai Tingnan glared at Mo Suqing furiously as if she would like to swallow her whole.

Mo Suqing looked at her, unfazed, and then continued working.

The rest of the morning passed uneventfully.

When it was noon, Leng Xiyao insisted on having lunch with Mo Suqing at the steakhouse across the street. Mo Suqing couldn’t get away from it, so she reluctantly agreed.

The moment when they had finished ordering their food, Leng Xiyao began, “Do you know how hard I tried not to talk to you the entire morning? I could hardly work!”

“What’s the matter?” Mo Suqing lifted her head and put her phone away. She looked at Leng Xiyao, eyebrows raised.

“I knew that woman could not wait to tell Mo Sulian about your marriage. She’s like her servant or something.”

Mo Suqing smiled. She was not afraid of her father getting wind of it. After all, she had already registered the marriage and there was nothing he could do about it.

The reason she hadn’t planned to tell him was that she did not want him to disturb her life, that was all.

“Don’t fume. Bai Tingnan has always been like this; we didn’t just meet her. If Mo Sulian knows about it, then so be it. I don’t care. I don’t care about such things anymore.”

Leng Xiyao lifted her head and was about to say something more when she stopped herself.

She saw Bai Tingnan and Mo Sulian walking toward them, chatting and laughing.

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