Chapter 119: A Divorce Settlement Agreement

Mo Suqing sat in front of her computer, but she had no idea what was on the screen.

All she could see was their fight the other day, the scene of him and Jian Jie embracing each other affectionately, and the pictures of the perfect match that they were in the newspaper.

Yes, they were each other’s perfect match. Their family backgrounds matched; their appearances matched. They looked like a lovely pair, a couple with God’s blessing.

Somehow, she felt like she was the third wheel.

The morning passed with Mo Suqing lost in these thoughts. When she was heading out to have lunch at noon, she bumped into Zhang Yubin at the entrance.

Zhang Yubin grabbed her when they passed each other.

He looked at Mo Suqing and said eagerly, “Suqing, I saw the news. Ye Jue is a sucking jerk! He is married to you, but he keeps getting himself involved with those indecent women!”

Watching Zhang Yubin, Mo Suqing laughed suddenly.

Indecent? I wouldn’t say that about Jian Jie. After all, she grew up with Ye Zhongjue; she’s his first love!

Her laughter sounded like sobbing. Yeah! They are each other’s first love. They love each other. And me? I am just a joke!

She was still laughing when tears streamed down her face. 

Zhang Yubin pulled Mo Suqing into his chest and patted her back to offer her comfort.

“Suqing, I know you don’t have feelings for me, but you have always had a special place in my heart. Ye Jue is a fool if he decides he doesn’t want you! You are such a good person. Stop crying, okay? I hate to see you cry…”

Mo Suqing gradually stopped sobbing and rested her head on his shoulder.

She didn’t want to show her vulnerability, but she just couldn’t summon any strength now.

Not far away, Ye Zhongjue was sitting in his car, watching them hugging each other across from the street with a sullen face.

His fingers paled from gripping the steering wheel hard and his expression was purple with rage.

I can’t believe she isn’t pushing him away. She just lets another man hold her! I wonder if she’s still the person I know… Maybe I’m the one who has changed? Or is it her? How did we become like this?

Gloominess flashed across Ye Zhongjue’s eyes. He forced down the violence inside him and remained seated in the car, simply staring at them.

When he saw the newspaper this morning, his instinct had told him that Mo Suqing must have been misled. It had been several days now since their big fight.

He had finally talked himself out of thinking too much about the fact that Guan Zixuan was in her house overnight and had come to explain to her what his relationship with Jian Jie was. Little had he expected to see this!

This was all very ridiculous!

Watching Mo Suqing and Zhang Yubin walk away, he wanted to storm off. However, although mad with anger, he couldn’t help but follow them and watch them enter a bistro.

He sat in the car, waiting. After they finished their lunch, they went back to the office.

Ye Zhongjue called Lin Ran and said when he picked up the phone, “Book a flight ticket to England for me. I’m out of here tonight.”

Then, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. That’s it. I need to be alone for a while.

At the Mighty Empire building.

After ringing off, Lin Ran booked the tickets for himself and Ye Zhongjue on the Internet. Suddenly, his stomach began to ache. He stood up and walked toward the restroom, leaving the booking page on his computer screen.

Jian Jie saw him enter the restroom and quickly walked into his office to take a picture of the ticket information. Then, she sneaked out again and went back to the secretaries’ office nonchalantly.

When Ye Zhongjue flew to the UK, he had decided to come back in a week after taking care of some business there. However, something detained him, so he only returned home after half a month in the end.

At the airport, he and Jian Jie walked side by side with Lin Ran trailing behind and pulling their luggage. Though Ye Zhongjue wore a poker face, he had one hand on Jian Jie’s shoulder protectively.

The pictures immediately found their way on the Internet. As a gossip journalist, Mo Suqing knew he was back in no time.

The day when the news about their alleged divorce came out, she had gone to look for him at Mighty Empire despite her low spirit, clinging to the frail hope that they could still work things out.

However, she was told that President Ye had gone abroad and that his return date was unknown.

Mo Suqing had waited like a prisoner waiting for her sentence.

In the end, Ye Zhongjue and Jian Jie had come back together, looking genuinely intimate.

Mo Suqing admitted to herself that she got jealous. Her heart ached so much.

She didn’t know how, but their three-month old relationship seemed to have cost her her lifetime energy.

Then, when Mo Zhenfeng called to verify the truth of the news again, she made up her mind.

She would rather let go and forget about him than live like this for any longer.

She found a lawyer that day and printed out the divorce settlement agreement. After signing her name, she mailed it to Mighty Empire.

Yet, when she emerged from the post office, she didn’t feel relieved as she had thought she would. Her heart actually hurt more.

Nonetheless, she made herself not to think about it. She would not cling to something that did not belong to her.

She had decided not to take any of his money. They had been married for less than four months and this was the only way she could keep her dignity.

It was better, less humiliating, than if Ye Zhongjue asked her not to take his money.


Ye Zhongjue did not go to the company the day he had landed. He had sent Jian Jie to her family before going home.

The next day when he went in, he saw the express parcel lying there on his desk.

He walked closer and saw it was mailed by Mo Suqing.

Somehow, he had a premonition of something bad. The veins on his temple began to throb. He pressed his lips together and cut the seal open with a knife. The title in big, black letters on the white paper caught his eyes before he pulled all of the document out: 

Divorce Settlement Agreement.

His heart sank. She had chosen to give up after all.

His face darkened as he held the two copies and stared at them. Mo Suqing had attached a note which read: 

I’m not going to take any of your properties. I’ve signed the copies, too. All you have to do is to sign your own name, and it will become effective at once to set you free. You don’t even have to give me the papers in person. Just mail one of the copies to my office. Thanks for the cooperation.

Ye Zhongjue stared at the words and felt his breathing become difficult. They had had an intimate, close relationship for a long period. How could she get so heartless and business-like to him?

She doesn’t even want to see me for one more time! “Just mail one of the copies to my office.” Like she did when she mailed the document to his office?

Indignation crossed Ye Zhongjue’s face. He clutched the papers tightly with both hands in such a force that he could tear them apart if he meant to.

She wanted a divorce, but he was not going to give her one!

Why? Why is it up to her? What he didn’t want to admit to himself was that he was a pathetic coward who was not able to let go. He couldn’t allow her to leave his life. Even though they were in a cul-de-sac in their relationship, he still couldn’t give up.

In the end, Ye Zhongjue didn’t sign the papers. He crumpled them up and threw them into the bin.

Then, he fished out a cigarette and began to smoke.

After the cigarette burned out, he took his car keys and left the office abruptly.

Mo Suqing was at work. She still hadn’t got her copy of the divorce settlement agreement she had mailed yesterday. However, she didn’t think she needed it.

She had already known the result, hadn’t she?

Presently, she could feel everyone was casting weird glances her way. Finally, she sensed there was someone in front of her, gazing at her.

Mo Suqing snapped her head up and saw Ye Zhongjue staring at her dangerously. His eyes were narrowed and a faint anger showed on his face.

Mo Suqing quickly lowered her head. What is he doing here? I told him to mail it to my office!

Ye Zhongjue saw that she noticed him but then lowered her head, causing him to feel even angrier. She was good at stirring up his emotions.

Thinking of her note and her business-like tone, he strode over, grabbed her arm and dragged her outside.

Mo Suqing wanted to struggle, but she didn’t want to make a scene with everyone looking either, so she just let him push her into his car. Then, he started the car and took a familiar route.

Together, they had taken this route for three months. What does he think he can achieve by taking me there now?

Indeed, just as Mo Suqing had guessed, Ye Zhongjue eventually took her to the apartment where they had lived together for three months.

Mo Suqing hadn’t come back here for almost a month. She had thought there would be dust everywhere.

However, upon entering, she found everything was the same as she had left it.

Nothing was different. The place was so clean that no dust could be seen. It was as if they were still living here.

Mo Suqing turned around and looked at Ye Zhongjue, who was trying hard not to flip out. “I believe you have received it,” she said, “You should have just mailed it to me; you don’t have to go to the trouble by taking me here.”

Ye Zhongjue exhaled loudly and fixated his eyes at her, as if he could read through her.

“Mo Suqing, how can you be so heartless!”

“I’m heartless?” Mo Suqing demanded. Even though she felt as if her heart was bleeding itself out, she still pretended she couldn’t care less.

“Right, I am cruel! That’s why I have become like this! Do you have any idea what people call me? Damaged goods, that’s what! Do you like it? I think it’s not bad!”

Mo Suqing sneered. “Tell me, why did you take me here?”

Damaged goods? Who said that? Ye Zhongjue would like to kill them! Yes, he was angry with her being so cruel. But he couldn’t let her be abused, either.

Maybe he had done it wrong. However, he just loved her too much to…

He inhaled deeply and looked at her earnestly. “We have not divorced yet!”

“But I have mailed the divorce settlement agreement to you!” Mo Suqing replied, almost incensing him all over again.

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