Chapter 116: How His Confidence Has Come from

Mo Suqing cried for a long time before she got up, washed her face, and resumed cooking.

When she brought the food to the hospital ward, Leng Xiyao had already eaten. Mo Suqing raised her hand to throw the food into the trash can, but Leng Xiyao stopped her.

“Suqing, what is with you? You came a bit late, that’s all. I can heat it up later. You don’t have to get so worked up and throw it away!”

Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing, agitated.

Mo Suqing lowered her hand without saying anything.

She had kept her head low, so Leng Xiyao hadn’t noticed anything wrong with her. But now as she put the bento box aside and turned around, Leng Xiyao realized her eyes were red and swollen like a pair of walnuts.

Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing concernedly.

“Suqing! Did you cry? Who made you cry?”

Mo Suqing shook her head, but Leng Xiyao did not believe it. In the end, Mo Suqing told her what had happened.

Leng Xiyao had already known about her and Ye Zhongjue soon after she woke up from the coma. She had asked Mo Suqing about it, and Mo Suqing hadn’t tried to conceal it from her.

After Mo Suqing recounted the event to Leng Xiyao, she said, “Humph, yet another woman? I thought it was something to do with that bitch Mo Sulian!”

Mo Suqing looked at her in amazement.

She hadn’t told Leng Xiyao anything about Mo Sulian. How did she know who Mo Sulian was? Did she remember everything?

Mo Suqing looked at her nervously, “Yao, do you remember anything?”

Leng Xiyao blinked. “I wish!” she said and gave a hollow laugh.

Mo Suqing looked her in the eye and said in a serious tone, “Yao, don’t you lie. If you can’t remember a thing, how did you know about Mo Sulian?”

Leng Xiyao pouted and looked away. “I saw the newspaper. People are saying that President Ye is free to be polygamous now. I can see immediately it is a scandal about you. I was mad! That’s why I know about her.”

Leng Xiyao smiled embarrassedly.

It made perfect sense. Otherwise, how would she possibly know about Mo Sulian?

However, Mo Suqing still felt there was something wrong, although she could quite tell what it was.

Mo Suqing stayed in the hospital all day. Leng Haoyun had gone in to work today. He had stayed in the hospital all this time and there were jobs to do.

Mo Suqing did not leave until Leng Haoyun returned after nightfall.

There was a figure standing downstairs when she returned to her building.

She frowned a little and continued to walk. However, the figure rushed toward her and grabbed her arm before she could react.

By the light coming from the building, Mo Suqing recognized the person.

Gu Jiannan? What is he doing here?

Looking at miserable appearance, Mo Suqing drew her brows together.

Blood was seeping out of his forehead; his face had multiple bruises; the blood on his chin had dried; his clothes were stained with dirt and blood.

Mo Suqing frowned. Although they had broken up, she still felt bad seeing him like this. They had been together for seven years, after all. Some habits were hard to change. Even if it were a dog that she had kept, she would have felt sorry.

Moreover, his betrayal had suddenly seemed much less unforgivable when she fell in love with Ye Zhongjue.

When you stopped loving someone, you stopped caring, too.

Mo Suqing tried to free herself from his grip, but he was just too strong.

Mo Suqing’s face clouded. “Gu Jiannan, if you have anything you have to say, say it after you let me go! People will get the wrong idea if they see you grabbing me like this. I care about my face, even if you don’t!”

Mo Suqing said without reserve.

Gu Jiannan was a little taken aback. Then, he stared at her and said in a dark voice, 

“People will get the wrong idea, you say? Humph, you have found money now, for god’s sake! I know Ye Jue is rich and powerful, and he can get me hurt easily if he wants. But have you any idea what kind of a man he is? Let me tell you the answer! 

What you are seeing now – on my face and my body – these are his doing!”

Mo Suqing frowned at him in disbelief. Ye Zhongjue beat Gu Jiannan up?

It was a little unbelievable. Like what Gu Jiannan had said, Ye Zhongjue needn’t have done it himself. He could easily get someone like Gu Jiannan hurt.

Watching the disbelief on Mo Suqing’s face, Gu Jiannan stared hard at her.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Then, his tone suddenly softened. His whole person became less intense, too.

“Qing, you have to believe me. You don’t know what kind of a man Ye Jue is! You don’t know how terrifying he is… All of these injuries are his doing! I know I was a big jerk to have mingled with a bitch like Mo Sulian and hurt you so deeply.”

“But now I know you are the one I love! I was stupid. I agreed to go out with her only because I wanted to unite our two groups and make us stronger. She is just a pawn to me. You have always been the one I truly love! The only one!”

Gu Jiannan became a bit too worked up. He took a step closer. Mo Suqing stepped back.

Gu Jiannan continued, “Qing, don’t be like this. My heart is going to break! Haven’t you realized what kind of a man Ye Jue is? Let’s put aside the fact that he did this to me today and focus on the part that he likes to flirt with other women. It’s not just the woman who went to the dinner party with him, which I saw on the newspaper. Even the bitch Mo Sulian is having an affair with him! Can you trust a man like that?”

“Qing, wake up! I am the only person who truly loves you. I did make a mistake, but after I knew what Ye Jue did to you, I felt a lot of pain inside. Do not reject me. Let’s try getting back together, okay? You will see I am the one meant for you. I am perfect for you. What do you say?”

Gu Jiannan looked at Mo Suqing expectantly.

Mo Suqing listened to his speech expressionlessly. It’s ridiculous. He is calling Mo Sulian bitch now, but what about the time when they fornicated with each other?

Besides, why would he think I want to get back together?

I can’t understand where his confidence has come from.

Mo Suqing eyed him up and down. Before, she had thought Gu Jiannan was an irresponsible man who would cheat on the girlfriend he had been with for seven years. But now, she realized that he was not only irresponsible but also exceptionally shameless. In fact, he had reached a new level of shamelessness!

Why would he think I might go back to him? Even animals learn lessons from the past, and I am a human being!

However miserable I am, I won’t accept just anybody.

Does he really think that I will break up with Ye Zhongjue and go back to him simply because Ye Zhongjue is having all those scandals and has beat him up?

What is the logic of that? How can he be so brazen, pretending his betrayal is negligible?

Watching Mo Suqing’s emotionless expression, Gu Jiannan felt his heart sunk. He had become less and less sure of her since their breakup.

He hadn’t had any confidence she would want to take him back. However, Ye Jue gave him a little hope.

He gathered from Ye Jue’s behavior that he and Mo Suqing had had a fight over him. He had been ecstatic and decided to throw caution to the winds and come to see her.

He didn’t lie about everything though. His injuries had indeed been caused by Ye Jue. Mo Suqing had no idea how horrible that man was! His fist had fallen on him like the rain. It was fortunate that he had a high level of tolerance to punches. Otherwise, he could have died in his hands!

He was supposed to go to the hospital, but the thought that Mo Suqing might still have feelings for him urged him to look up her residence and put on a play for her.

However, he became anxious at the development. Mo Suqing seemed to have changed. She was somewhat different from the woman she used to be and was not falling into his trap.

He was badly hurt and there was nothing in her expression.

She is supposed to hug me and cry in my arms!

Desperate, Gu Jiannan made a quick move and pulled Mo Suqing into his arms when she least expected it, then said, 

“Qing, you must believe me! I’m telling you the truth. I’m not lying!”

Mo Suqing struggled to get free. Ye Zhongjue, standing in front of a nearby building, saw everything. His face went dark. He began to walk toward Mo Suqing.

Then, he paused.

Guan Zixuan had beaten him to it. He pushed Gu Jiannan away and punched and kicked him.

Mo Suqing went to stop him.

“Zixuan!” she said urgently. “Stop it! You are beating him to death! I don’t care what happens to him, but I don’t want you to implicate you!”

At her words, Guan Zixuan dropped his raised hand. He hurled Gu Jiannan to the ground, unclenched his fist and said, “You are right. He’s not worth it. But if he dares come to bother you ever again, I’ll kill him!”

Gu Jiannan cowered at his vicious tone.

Ye Zhongjue withdrew his foot.

He admitted he was also trying to test Mo Suqing by beating Gu Jiannan up. However, he had forgotten she had another guardian angel.

Although Mo Suqing and Guan Zixuan had not had the best start, he could see their relationship had undergone a transformation since Mo Suqing left with Guan Zixuan after running out of Jazz Club.

At the very least, Mo Suqing’s view about Guan Zixuan had changed considerably.

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