Chapter 115: Who doesn’t Have Someone They Grow up with?

Mo Suqing and Jian Jie turned to the sound at the same time.

A furious Ye Zhongjue was striding towards them.

Remembering what she had just said to Mo Suqing, Jian Jie threw herself on Ye Zhongjue.

Ye Zhongjue had been fixating his eyes on Mo Suqing, so he was caught off guard when Jian Jie hugged him.

They were only five steps away from Mo Suqing. Jian Jie cried out when she hugged Ye Zhongjue, “Jue, how can you be with her just to get back at me?”

Ye Zhongjue had no idea what she was talking about. His face clouded when he said, “Jian Jie, are you crazy?”

Mo Suqing’s face had gone pale. Ye Zhongjue frowned and tried to push the woman away.

However, Jian Jie hugged him even tighter and would not let go. Ye Zhongjue didn’t want to lay a finger on a woman, but Mo Suqing was bound to misunderstand the situation if he didn’t.

When he walked toward them, he could already see that Mo Suqing looked upset. He wondered what Jian Jie had told her.

Nevertheless, just when Ye Zhongjue was going to manhandle Jian Jie, she whispered into his ear, “Don’t move, Jue! I’m helping you here. Your father wants to hurt Miss Mo. If you push me away now, it will only make him more determined to do so!”

Ye Zhongjue’s whole body went stiff in an instant.

Jian Jie pressed home her argument. “If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the person not far behind you. He was sent by your father to keep an eye on Miss Mo. I only knew about it today.”

Ye Zhongjue did not move. He had believed her words.

A sneer flashed across Jian Jie’s face for a second. Then, she continued, “I can be your shield! You can explain everything to Miss Mo later, but right now, do not put her in danger. If something happens to her… you won’t be able to turn back time, no matter how powerful or resourceful you are! Trust me just once, Jue. I always have your best interests at heart…”

Gradually, Ye Zhongjue’s body relaxed, although his expression was still agitated.

He looked at Mo Suqing’s pale face, feeling agony inside.

He didn’t like Jian Jie, but he hated the idea of Mo Suqing getting hurt even more. Jian Jie was right. He couldn’t take any risks.

Ye Zhongjue looked over his shoulders. Two black-clad men were standing across the street. They quickly looked away when they found him looking their way.

Ye Zhongjue’s heart sunk. It was very like his father.

He hadn’t expected that his father would act so soon after he had just been discharged from the hospital. In order to protect Mo Suqing, he needed to do what Jian Jie had said.

On the other hand, Mo Suqing was sick of the sight of the affectionate hugging. With a self-mockery smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, she turned and walked toward the opposite direction.

It was Sunday. She had planned to buy some groceries and make a meal for Leng Xiyao. She hadn’t thought she would bump into Jian Jie at the entrance of her building and witness what had followed.

In the eyes of a bystander, it looked like nothing significant had happened.

Jian Jie had said something to her, Ye Zhongjue had run over in a rage, and then the two of them hugged as if no one was looking. What about the wife? She might as well have been a clown.

Mo Suqing kept walking in a distracted state. When she reached the supermarket, she couldn’t remember what she had wanted to buy.

In the end, she randomly picked up some items before paying her stuff at the counter and going back to her place.

No one could be seen at the entrance now. Mo Suqing glanced at the spot where she and Jian Jie had had an exchange, then entered the building.

Someone was standing at the door to her apartment.

It was Ye Zhongjue, who was carrying his jacket in one hand and smoking a cigarette with the other and leaning against her door in a casual pose. The look on his face was clouded though.

Hearing the sound, he looked up to see Mo Suqing emerging from the elevator.

He quickly went over and took the shopping bags from Mo Suqing’s hands. Mo Suqing just gave him an emotionless look before unlocking the door.

Ye Zhongjue followed her inside the house and put the bags on the coffee table.

Mo Suqing didn’t look at him at all while she assembled everything in the fridge or on the shelf.

Ye Zhongjue opened his mouth, but no words came out.

As soon as he had landed, he came here to explain to her how he and Mo Sulian had chanced upon one another when he was doing business at the hotel, despite what the newspapers had claimed.

He had tried to ignore Mo Sulian. But she kept coming at him. Then, when he was about to flip out, she had changed her tone into a piteous one and said how if she couldn’t become popular soon, her father would have to seek help from Mo Suqing instead.

Ye Zhongjue wasn’t easily threatened, but when he thought about how Mo Zhenfeng would bother Mo Suqing with such trivial things, he couldn’t help but concede. Since it was no trouble to him at all, he had allowed Mo Sulian to use him once.

Mo Suqing looked like an aloof person, but he knew she really wasn’t.

All he had in mind while helping Mo Sulian out was how Mo Suqing had cried in his arms after her father set her up in a matchmaking dinner for his own interest.

He couldn’t let the same thing happen to her again.

Back when his true identity had not been revealed, he had never had to worry about gossip journalists. That was why it had not crossed his mind that they would follow him everywhere now and take those pictures.

And of course the media had done a great job at concoction and exaggeration.

But now, after he had followed Mo Suqing into the apartment, he found he didn’t know how to explain himself.

Mo Suqing, on the other hand, was rinsing the vegetables and preparing food, totally ignoring him. He might as well not be present in the apartment.

Ye Zhongjue was completely tongue-tied. Everything he had done, he had done for her, not for himself. He didn’t like the idea of telling her any of it; it would feel like he was trying to get some kind of reward in return.

However, he couldn’t stand being neglected by her, either. When she ignored him like this, it felt to him she was rejecting his heart.

Ye Zhongjue ran his hands through his hair irritably and walked into the kitchen.

The small kitchen seemed even smaller with his presence.

Mo Suqing could not cook or move properly without bumping into things.

She had been struggling not to explode, but the man kept challenging her patience!

She could make peace with the fact that it had served her right to be treated like a big joke. But now his true love had come back, why was he still bothering her? Had he not had a good time toying with her?

“Please get out, Mr. Ye!” Mo Suqing said coldly.

Ye Zhongjue did not heed the part about her kicking him out; he could only focus on the last two words.

He looked at Mo Suqing in disbelief.

“What did you just say? Did you call me ‘Mr. Ye’?”

Ye Zhongjue frowned and his face darkened.

Mo Suqing looked him in the eye, undaunted. “What’s wrong with me calling you that? Isn’t your surname Ye?”

Anger sprang onto Ye Zhongjue’s face. He clenched his hand into a fist and looked at her with an icy-cold expression.

“Mo Suqing, what is that supposed to mean? I came all the way here as soon as I landed, but this is the attitude you are giving me?”

Mo Suqing snickered inwardly. Really? Oh right! He came here to hug another woman! I think I should probably give you an award for this!

And what about my attitude? I am a pleasant woman, am I not?

After all, if it was before, I would kick him straight out, even if I had to fight him! But now, I have changed.

Look at me. My tolerance threshold is so high that I can act like a stupid moron who has not a care in the world even though people are practically abusing me! Who can I blame but myself?

Mo Suqing looked at Ye Zhongjue and gave out a derisive laugh. “Well, I thank you, Mr. Ye, for condescending to rush all the way to my shabby place as soon as you landed and then showing me how in love you and ‘the girl whom you grew up with’ are by embracing each other tightly!”

Ye Zhongjue was surprised. She is jealous? She’s actually jealous of Jian Jie?

Suddenly, Ye Zhongjue didn’t feel angry anymore. He blocked the exit to the kitchen and looked at Mo Suqing earnestly.

“Suqing, it’s a misunderstanding. I can explain. There is nothing between me and Jian Jie. I was coming to tell you what had happened with me and Mo Sulian. I didn’t know I would see her here.”

Mo Suqing interrupted him, “What is it you want to explain to me exactly? That you don’t have to remain chaste for your joke of a wife, or how much you love your Jian Jie who, by the way, grew up with you?”

The mockery and coldness in her tone made Ye Zhongjue speechless.

She continued her attack, “I can totally understand even if you don’t explain anything. Who doesn’t have someone they grow up with, right? Take me and Gu Jiannan for example. Although we didn’t really grow up together, we did meet each when we were quite young…”

Ye Zhongjue stared at her with a sullen look and punched the door to the kitchen hard with his fist.

Mo Suqing, alarmed, stopped talking instantly.

Ye Zhongjue glared at Mo Suqing like a provoked lion.

“In your eyes, am I some kind of a stud that fucks any woman that comes to my way? Or, are you saying since the very beginning, you have never had any feelings for me because the only man in your heart is Gu Jiannan? If so, I have misjudged you! In a time when everything costs higher and higher, you, on the contrary, have lowered yourself because you can’t get over a man who cheated on you!”

Mo Suqing was initially not that furious. But hearing him say that she had lowered herself and contort her words so much, she became even angrier. Out of sheer rage, she couldn’t watch her mouth anymore and was compelled to say harsh things to the man in front of her, as if this was the only way she could feel a sense of security and retain her diminished self-esteem.

“Ye Zhongjue, it is none of your fucking business! Yes, I have lowered myself. Why would you have to trick me into marrying you then?”

Ye Zhongjue, enraged, stared at her hard and retorted, “I think I must have been crazy.”

Then, he slammed the door shut and stormed out.

Mo Suqing stood in the kitchen and watched the door close with a bang. Tears poured down her cheeks like a dam burst after torrential rain.

She crouched down and hugged her head in agony.

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