Chapter 114: There Are No Men One Could Not Steal

Mo Suqing nodded. “You bet! We are closer than sisters. I have never had anyone closer to me except for my mom.”

Leng Xiyao nodded, seeming to understand.

Suddenly, she said, “Suqing, if we were that close, would you forgive me if I unintentionally lied to you?”

Mo Suqing was taken aback. If she didn’t know Leng Xiyao was suffering from amnesia, she would think the girl was trying to seek her forgiveness.

Even though she had long forgiven her, Leng Xiyao’s question still surprised her a little. Mo Suqing took her hand intimately and smiled.

“Silly, we are good friends! I might get cranky and sullen, but I will always forgive you!”

“Okay, then tell me this: what is the matter with you today? You are obviously in a bad mood. Even your smile is faked. Didn’t you look at yourself in the mirror?”

Mo Suqing touched her own face. Do I really look like I’m in a bad mood?

Leng Xiyao rolled her eyes. “Stop touching it! Your mood is written all over your face.”

Mo Suqing shook her head, defeated. The pre-amnesia Leng Xiyao was just as vivacious and straightforward as the post-amnesia Leng Xiyao.

Her smile was tight when she turned toward the window and said, “Yao, although you can’t remember a thing from the past, talking to you feels the same as before. It’s as if nothing unhappy has ever happened between us.”

Leng Xiyao frowned. “Has anything unhappy happened between us before?”

Mo Suqing realized she had slipped her tongue. The corner of her mouth twitched a little.

“Well, when two friends hang out all the time, it’s inevitable for them to get into an argument from time to time. Anyway, we are fine now, aren’t we?”

Leng Xiyao nodded, although Mo Suqing couldn’t quite read her expression.

All she could do was to tell Leng Xiyao not think too much and take more rest.

After a long time, Leng Haoyun still didn’t return.

Mo Suqing said halfheartedly, “Yao, if a man loves you, would he get involved with a woman you dislike? Will he flirt with her and make everyone know? If it were you, would you cling to the relationship?”

Leng Xiyao frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Seeing the puzzlement on Leng Xiyao’s face, Mo Suqing couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The girl had forgotten about everything. What was the point of telling her this stuff?

“Never mind. It’s nothing. I’m just babbling. You should rest well.”

Leng Xiyao looked very dissatisfied. She placed her hand on Mo Suqing’s arm, her face crumpling.

“Suqing, you are making me even itchier with all the ambiguities! Although I can’t remember my past, I feel really close to you. When you said we were best friends, I believed you at once because I trusted my feelings.”

Mo Suqing looked at the girl who cared so much about her and shook her head resignedly. Even now, she cares a great deal about me. However, it’s just not me – if I tell her my woes, even Leng Haoyun won’t be happy about it.

Therefore, she chose to tell her everything in half-truths, half-lies.

“Yao, during your coma, I became closer to another colleague. There are some scandals about her boyfriend and her sister flying about, but she doesn’t have the courage to ask him. She asked me what to do, but you know how I’m not very good at relationships myself, so I couldn’t really give her any useful advice.”

Leng Xiyao watched Mo Suqing, her eyes betraying nothing. But somehow, Mo Suqing felt she could see through her improvised lies.

Leng Xiyao, on the other hand, began to feel uneasy under Mo Suqing’s stare. She pouted her lips a little and replied casually, “People nowadays are good at undermining others, so you should tell her to watch out!”

Leng Xiyao seemed to become more and more like herself, almost as if she was not suffering from amnesia. Mo Suqing’s brows knitted together as she watched Leng Xiyao carefully.

Leng Xiyao tucked her hair behind her ear with her uninjured hand and avoided her eyes.

“Suqing, don’t look at me like that! I’m just telling the truth. Seriously, in our modern society, there are no men one could not steal from another woman; there are only tramps who don’t try hard enough. Stop looking at me like that. You are creeping me out!”

Mo Suqing looked away. The ward became stifling all of a sudden.

She made a random excuse about some errand she had to run and took leave without waiting for Leng Haoyun to come back.

Mo Suqing thought if she didn’t ask Ye Zhongjue about it, everything would be fine.

Little did she expect to see an uninvited guest at the door of her apartment building the next morning.

Mo Suqing looked calmly at the elegant lady with her exquisite makeup standing in front of her.

What is she doing here? They had met each other just once, at the dinner party. There shouldn’t be any reasons for her to come to see her.

Jian Jie gave her a poised smile. She was impeccably graceful. Mo Suqing’s expression was still as unruffled as a calm lake.

Jian Jie carried her handbag over her shoulder, raised her eyebrows, and extended her hand.

“Hi, Miss Mo. I’m Jian Jie. I grew up with Jue. I need to talk to you.”

The words “grew up with Jue” hit Mo Suqing hard like a punch. They grew up together? No wonder Ye Zhongjue would bring her to a public event like a dinner party.

Mo Suqing pressed her lips together without a word.

Jian Jie saw it and chuckled lightly.

“What do you say?”

Mo Suqing held her head a bit higher and looked at her. “Miss Jian, is it? Well, I don’t think we have anything to say to each other. We are almost strangers, after all.”

Then, Mo Suqing’s mouth curled into a disdainful smile.

“In short, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Jian Jie was a little taken aback. She said she had grown up with Ye Zhongjue. Wasn’t that clear enough? Why didn’t she have any reactions? It was either because she didn’t care about Ye Zhongjue or because she was not easy to tackle.

Well, if it was the latter, she should toughen up a little bit, too.

Jian Jie’s smile grew into a grin. She caressed her manicured fingernails with the other hand and said, 

“Miss Mo is quite right. We are indeed strangers. However, we have a common acquaintance: Jue. So, Jue and I grew up together. When we were seventeen, I accompanied him to study abroad for four years. After he got his doctoral degree, I decided to study for three more years, so that I can become the perfect woman for him and help him expand Mighty Empire in the future. I don’t assume Miss Mo would understand what we mean to each other. Of course, as the only woman who is a suitable match for Jue, I know you are no random woman. I just hope we can have a good talk. After all, we both care about him, don’t we?”

Seeing that Mo Suqing’s expression had shifted, Jian Jie continued, “Aren’t you curious about what exactly I came here for?”

Although there was barely any emotion on Mo Suqing’s face, she was dismayed inside. If she didn’t like Ye Zhongjue, Jian Jie’s words would have no effect on her.

However, she did like him – actually, she was deeply in love with him. Therefore, it was impossible for her not to care about what she was hearing. She was no saint, after all.

Mo Suqing remembered something when Jian Jie told her that they had been seventeen when they went abroad.

The time when they were playing Truth or Dare at August Hasn't Ended Yet, Gu Yi’an had asked Ye Zhongjue when his first love was. He had answered without thinking it was when he had been seventeen.

He had looked melancholic, too. Mo Suqing had thought he must have loved the girl very much. Otherwise, a cold man like him would never have had that kind of expression.

And now, Jian Jie told her they had been seventeen when they went abroad. It was definitely no coincidence.

Ye Zhongjue must have been moved by Jian Jie when she had willingly accompanied him abroad.

She herself had been just a freshman in high school. At the thought, Mo Suqing felt downcast. What about his feelings for me? All bullshit?

Jian Jie had a smug look on her face, whereas Mo Suqing’s poker face could hardly conceal the bitterness she was feeling inside.

She almost forgot. Ye Zhongjue had also lied about his true identity. Otherwise, she would never have agreed to marry him and then fallen for him.

Everything seemed to be a big joke.

If he truly loved her, he would never have lied, would he?

Seeing that her words had worked, Jian Jie continued, “Three years ago when Jue was coming home, he had asked me to come back with him. However, I had high expectations for myself, so I wouldn’t come back just yet. I wanted to work hard and obtain a higher degree, to become the most outstanding woman! That way, I can be the perfect match for an equally outstanding man like him. Now, do you understand what I’m talking about, Miss Mo?”

Mo Suqing stared at Jian Jie with disdain. Of course she understood. Jian Jie was saying that Ye Zhongjue had been using her, Mo Suqing, to piss her off for not coming back with him. Jian Jie was saying that she was nothing but a pawn!

What is she trying to do? Making me see that I am just a nobody, so I will give up?

Mo Suqing couldn’t contain her disdain anymore.

She looked at Jian Jie and said, “Well, if you and Mr. Ye are such a perfect match, why do you need to come and say these things to me? A nobody like me will never get in the way of your happiness.”

Mo Suqing looked at Jian Jie bluntly.

Jian Jie’s eyes went dark. A gossip journalist is indeed much harder to tackle than the other women who tried to get close to Jue!

But this was not the point. The most important thing was, she could feel Jue cared about her very much.

She could not let her be near to him and do nothing!

“Jian Jie, what are you doing?” someone roared behind Mo Suqing.

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