Chapter 112: Protect Her and Make Sure She Never Gets Hurt

Mo Suqing felt utterly defeated at his words. She would go crazy at any second!

After her reprimand, she couldn’t believe that was how he had responded.

Fine! I’ll bear with him this time for his wounded hand.

After all, it was a critical season for injuries like that, with a higher probability of infection. What if his hand got amputated and he blamed her for it?

Without replying, Mo Suqing threw the blanket aside, put on her slippers and took out the first-aid kit from a cabinet with flowing movement.

She stood in front of Ye Zhongjue and put the kit on the coffee table expressionlessly. 

With the same fluency, she took his hand and used the scissors and cut open the gauze she had dressed his wound with at the party.

Then, she examined his wound carefully.

He didn’t lie. Water had indeed gotten into the dressing. The surrounding area of the wound looked whitened.

He had crushed the wine glass with his hand, so naturally his palm was injured the most severely.

Mo Suqing didn’t have the heart to snipe at the self-mutilator. She took out the cotton swab and rubbing alcohol and cleansed the wound before sprinkling some anti-inflammatory powder onto it and wrapped it with some gauze.

She was extremely careful and meticulous with it, as if she was doing something of utmost importance.

Ye Zhongjue watched her. Under the light, she was even more beautiful. Her curly eyelashes looked like a pair of exquisite handheld fans that kept moving up and down.

A sudden desire surged in him. On an impulse, he bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

It was nothing more than a light kiss.

Mo Suqing’s hand paused a little. Then, without any reactions, she continued to wrap the wound and then began to clean up and put the kit away.

She didn’t even look at Ye Zhongjue the whole time, as if he was air.

After lying back down on the sofa, Mo Suqing heard a sigh coming from above her.

Then, she heard him walk into the bedroom and the sound of him getting ready to go to bed. When she was sure he had gone to sleep, relief washed over her.

Gradually, she became drowsy too and fell asleep.

The next morning when she woke up, Mo Suqing was surprised to find herself on the bed. Ye Zhongjue was nowhere to be seen.

The only evidence of his stay was his clothes in the washing machine and the breakfast he had bought and put on the table.

A note in his beautiful handwriting was left next to the breakfast. It read: 

I’m going on a business trip for a few days. Take care of yourself. There are a lot of things I haven’t told you yet; every time I was going to bring it up, I wanted to ascertain your feelings for me first because I was afraid you would want to be with me out of sympathy or sentiment. However, after going through so much, I have changed my mind. As long as I can be with you, nothing else matters. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. Wait for me.

There were mixed feelings in Mo Suqing’s heart after she had read it. Her eyes were burning, like when one was going to cry.

She was never a sentimental girl, yet she easily became sentimental when it came to him. Maybe love could really change a person.

After a while, Mo Suqing put herself together, had her breakfast and went to work.

At noon, Mo Suqing headed to the hospital. She hadn’t visited Yao at all yesterday because of the dinner party.

When she arrived, Leng Haoyun was already there.

He was sitting on the chair and perusing some papers. From time to time, he would look up at the girl on the bed. Mo Suqing noticed that he had gotten thinner, much thinner actually.

The reason was obvious.

At first, Mo Suqing had been angry with him. However, when she thought about how he felt – he probably felt worse than anyone else – and how he didn’t want it to have happened either, she found it difficult to blame him.

There was no one to blame, really. It was destiny, just like how she and Ye Zhongjue were destined to have a complicated relationship that was killing her because she could neither embrace it or let it go.

Seeing that Mo Suqing had come, Leng Haoyun left the ward to give her some space.

Mo Suqing took Leng Xiyao’s hand. Her eyes were stinging. She had told herself not to cry in front of her, but tears streamed down her face anyway. She wiped them away furiously. Why am I crying when I have made myself smile?

She sniffed and started to talk to Leng Xiyao. The doctor had said her chance of waking up would increase if family and friends could talk to her as much as possible.

So, Mo Suqing rubbed Leng Xiyao’s hand and held back her tears, then began to speak, “Yao, look at you. You have been sleeping for nearly ten days now. Why haven’t you woken up? You see, you not waking up is making your uncle unhappy. I’m unhappy, 

too! I feel as if I don’t have my heart with me anymore! Please wake up and talk to me. Ye Zhongjue has been doing things that I fear I’ll fall for. I want to build up my hope, but I don’t want to be disappointed again. I need to spit it out to someone, but I don’t have anyone!”

Mo Suqing wiped her face before continuing, “To be honest, I don’t care about those lies as much as I did anymore. I’m just afraid he is fooling around. He is so… unattainable. If he decides one day that he is tired of me, that he wants to put an end to it, I would never be able to see him again. So, I have been conflicted, you know? Yao, I fear that I’ll sink deep into it and become a piteous, pathetic woman! However, I still can’t help myself but to go see him and care about him…”

“Yao…” Mo Suqing sniffed. “You have no idea how hard this is for me. I am practically watching myself sinking deeper and deeper. Please just wake up and talk it through with me, okay? I have stopped being mad at you long ago. I can forgive even Ye Zhongjue, so there is no way I will be petty with you. I’ll do anything as long as you wake up…”

As she spoke, more and more tears poured down her face.

“Look at me, crying all over again. If you were awake, you would definitely scold me for being a wuss. You know what? I don’t think I like you being so quiet. I want you to be frisking about like you used to be! I want us to go back to normal. You have no idea how painful it is for me to see you lying there. And your uncle, he’s thinner. Even I can see that. If you don’t have my interest in mind, at least think about him! He will blame himself for the rest of his life if you don’t wake up.”

She just talked and talked with Leng Xiyao’s hand in hers.

Then, she thought of something and said, “Last night, I opened my heart to a cockroach. I told all my secrets to it; no one else in the world knows them. And then, I stood up to get a drink and crushed it with my foot! Do you know why? Because it knows too much! Hahaha…”

Mo Suqing laughed like a maniac by Leng Xiyao’s bedside.

“Yao, why aren’t you responding? I made a joke! Why aren’t you laughing? I have made this world one cockroach less. For this at least, you should wake up! Or, do you find the joke not funny? I can tell you another one.”

“So, a snail is crawling on the road. A turtle speeds over it, and the snail is half dead. After the snail is rushed to the hospital and resuscitated, the police ask it who the culprit is. With a horrified look on its face, the snail says, ‘It was too fast. I didn’t see who it was!’ Hahaha… Isn’t that funny?”

Mo Suqing wiped the tears from the corner of her eye.

“Yao, I’m laughing so hard that tears come to my eyes! Why aren’t you up yet? Did I not tell the jokes right?”

Mo Suqing felt more and more upset. In the end, she bent over on the window sill and sobbed.

Leng Haoyun watched them from outside. His expression was sad as he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes in pain, trying to force down all of the grief and disconsolation.

This was all his fault, he thought. He would rather protect her from harm all her life than have love.

She could be willful, unruly, spoiled, even a murderer if she wanted and he would indulge her and get her out of trouble, as long as she woke up.

The past few days had passed in a haze for him. The day he had hit her, he had been so angry. He hadn’t known why she would speak ill of An Huilin, although he knew from heart his princess wasn’t like that.

Now, he understood.

It was because of jealousy and love.

He loved her, too. He had wanted to turn her into someone he would like. He had always known their relationship was unlike that between an uncle and a niece. They had been walking a fine line, but they had never talked about it.

Sadly, their relationship had caused her great harm. Her heart had practically broken because of it.

No one could understand what it felt like to have one’s heart broken into pieces.

If she can just wake up, I, Leng Haoyun, swear I’ll cherish and love her as her uncle; I vow never to hit her again; I’ll protect her and make sure she never gets hurt. If I can’t keep my vow, God must erase me from the face of the earth!

This was what he was thinking when a shriek came from the ward.

“Leng Haoyun! Come inside! Yao is waking up! Her finger just moved. Her finger just moved!”

Mo Suqing was frantic. Her face, although full of tear streaks, looked shocked and joyful.

Leng Haoyun’s eyes widened. This was incredible.

Did God really hear him?

He quickly pressed the call button to summon the doctor. Leng Xiyao was sent into the operating room again to undergo a series of examinations.

Time spent in waiting always passed the slowest. Mo Suqing skipped work for the afternoon again because she simply couldn’t leave Leng Xiyao when she could wake up anytime.

When Leng Xiyao was sent back to the ward, Guan Zixuan showed up.

The doctor told Leng Haoyun that Leng Xiyao had woken up during the examinations. However, because her body hadn’t fully recovered, she had passed out again.

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