Chapter 11: What does Your Man Look Like?

The next morning when Mo Suqing woke up, Ye Zhongjue had already gone to work. She felt a sigh of relief when the door to the room was opened.

She caught her breath and almost choked. She eyed Ye Zhongjue with an awkward and strange expression.

“Why are you back?”

She immediately regretted her words and wanted to bite her tongue off. This is his house! And I asked such a stupid and inappropriate question!

Ye Zhongjue’s mouth quivered a little. He didn’t answer her question. He could see that Mo Suqing became very nervous every time they were together. Her whole body seemed to tense when she faced him.

So he just said, “Come out and have some breakfast. I’ll give you a ride to your company afterwards.” His voice had a morning husk and sounded very sexy.

Mo Suqing was about to move her legs. She put them down again and frowned.

“You are going to give me a ride?”

“Shouldn’t I?”

Ye Zhongjue threw the question back to her. Mo Suqing fell silent.

Gu Jiannan had never given her a ride before and she remembered she had been quite envious of those whose boyfriends willingly offered to do it. However, now that Ye Zhongjue would like to do the same for her, she found herself hesitant.

She approached the table and saw that he had bought some xiaolongbao.

She laughed nervously and tried again, “Actually… you don’t have to trouble yourself and give me a ride. After all…”

Ye Zhongjue turned to look at her. “What?”

Mo Suqing plucked up her courage and said what she had meant to say for a while.

“After all, we had a deal. Three years later, we will get a divorce. Don’t be so nice to me. Otherwise, I’ll be under a lot of pressure.”

The benign expression on Ye Zhongjue’s face faded gradually into something difficult to read.

After a while, he replied slowly, his tone making it hard to know what he was feeling, “Well, have some breakfast and go to work by yourself. I have some errands to run, so I’ll go now.”

Then, he left without another word.

The sound of the door shutting startled Mo Suqing. She stared blankly at the deserted place and a feeling of loss filled her heart.

Mo Suqing finished her breakfast, did a quick tidy-up, then went to work.

Almost as soon as she arrived at her office, Leng Xiyao dragged her to the restroom. Leng Xiyao closed the door behind them and turned to look at her excitedly. “Tell me, what does your man look like?”

Mo Suqing’s face twisted. “Yao! You gossipy, unrestrained lass! My man? What kind of question is that!”

“Why, this is a perfectly legitimate question!” Leng Xiyao protested, pouting her lips and looking as if she had been greatly wronged. Mo Suqing was defeated. It was a shame she was not an actress.

“You have no idea! When the bartender saw that you went missing and I was so wasted, he called my stern-as-hell uncle to pick me up. The first thing he did was to give me a smack…”

Leng Xiyao’s expression became even more miserable. It was as if she would burst out in tears the next second.

“My butt still hurts! So, you have to compensate me and as a compensation you must tell me what your man looks like! If you won’t do it, I can totally accept a free dinner from him.”

After she was done talking, Leng Xiyao grinned at Mo Suqing mischievously, her earlier misery entirely gone.

Mo Suqing looked at Leng Xiyao with a strange expression. “Yao, are you sure it is your butt rather than your cheek that is hurting?”

“But it is my butt that he smacked. What does that have to do with my cheek?” Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing, not getting it.

Mo Suqing didn’t know how to respond to her innocent expression. Was she too conservative herself, or was Leng Xiyao too stupid? She had never heard of an uncle smacking an adult niece on the buttocks. Somehow this didn’t feel right.

Mo Suqing had heard Leng Xiyao talking about this uncle a few times. Now she thought of it, every time Leng Xiyao mentioned him, it was either about him smacking her or him “abusing” her, as if she was just a little girl that needed disciplining. Mo Suqing was very confused about their relationship.

“Anyway, let’s talk about you!” Leng Xiyao waved her hands dismissively. “Explain to me what you said on the phone. What happened? Did you really get married?”

One of the doors to the cubicles opened as soon as Leng Xiyao asked this question.

Mo Suqing turned her head at the sound and saw Bai Tingnan, their colleague slash foe at the magazine company.

Bai Tingnan was also a good friend of Mo Sulian’s. The two of them were classmates in college and they were as close as Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out when she saw Bai Tingnan. What was she doing here? Couldn’t she get a moment of reprieve from that woman even in the restroom?

Leng Xiyao wished she could take back what she had said just now.

Bai Tingnan laughed mockingly and gave Mo Suqing a knowing look before exiting.

Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing sheepishly, “Suqing, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have asked you the question here in the restroom. Now the woman knows you are married, the whole Trend Magazine will know!”

She screwed up her eyes and stole a glance at Mo Suqing. “Suqing… I’m so sorry. Hit me if you’d like. Boohoo!”

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