Chapter 109: You Should Both Go to See an Eye Doctor

How Mo Suqing wanted to scream at Mo Sulian!

Ye Zhongjue cast Mo Sulian a glance and found that her perfume was much lighter than before. Well, she’s not as brainless as I thought, he thought. She has figured out why I didn’t want her to get near me last time.

Mo Sulian smiled coyly.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her, amused. Looks like she can’t recognize Mo Suqing, either.

Is this what she calls ‘sisters’? He had turned his attention back to Mo Suqing with an unmoving stare.

Mo Sulian finally noticed that Ye Zhongjue almost never shifted his eyes away from the woman across from him.

She took a closer look at her and exclaimed in a high-pitched voice, “Sis? Why are you here?” The others were surprised at her words.

Suddenly, each person changed their original expression. Jian Jie could no longer maintain her elegance.

The man who had led them to the table looked shocked. No wonder! She is Mrs. Ye!

Mo Sulian’s date let her take his arm, but he looked a bit annoyed with her exclamation. Then, he looked at Mo Suqing with a pleasant surprise on his face.

Guan Zixuan, on the other hand, wished fervently that they could all go away. I wouldn’t bring her here if I knew there would be so many fucking flies!

Only Mo Suqing looked as tranquil as ever, even though they were all staring at her.

She looked at Mo Sulian and said, “I’m sorry. You are talking to the wrong person. I’m not your sister!”

Mo Sulian looked as if she had heard it wrong. Then, she put on a grievous face and said, “That’s not possible! Sis, you are messing with me, right?”

Mo Suqing ignored her. With your excellent acting skills, I wonder why you are still a mediocre actress after so many years?

Ye Zhongjue smiled and said in a husky and sexy voice, “Honey, you are being naughty again!”

Mo Suqing finally lost her cool. Ashamed and enraged and annoyed, she glared at Ye Zhongjue and said, “I’m not your honey! You found the wrong person, too! You should both go to see an eye doctor!”

Ye Zhongjue did not get angry. On the contrary, he was intoxicated, even though he hadn’t drunk anything. She’s charming and cute even when – or especially when – she flips out!

He remembered how he had disliked women who flipped out. It made them look like a fishwife. But somehow, she was different!

Then, he realized it was all because of love. He loved her and only her.

Mo Suqing stood up and tugged at Guan Zixuan, whose face was darkened. “Zixuan, let’s go!” she said decisively.

Menace gleamed in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes at the word “Zixuan.” His eyes narrowed dangerously. They are on a given-name basis with each other now?

Even after she and he had been together for three months – as a married couple at that, she had never called him by his given name!

She had only called him Jue or honey a few times. Moreover, it was always when they were in bed and after he did some coaxing.

His face clouded. The air around him seemed to freeze over in an instant.

“No one is fucking going anywhere!”

Ye Zhongjue crushed the glass with his bare hand. Blood and wine dribbled down and onto Jian Jie’s gown.

Her gown was totally ruined!

Her face darkened, but she dared not complain because this was Ye Zhongjue.

Mo Suqing had just pulled Guan Zixuan up when she heard his unreasonable outburst.

She looked at Ye Zhongjue in exasperation and said without reserve, “Ye Zhongjue, you are crazy! Why would anyone listen to you? Are you familiar with the concept of personal freedom? Do you think you are God? That everyone must listen to you?”

Ye Zhongjue gave her a dark look.

Then, he chuckled. “God? Ha! If I am God, how would I endure to see you leave me again and again like that?”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression had become so terrifying now that no one dared to look at him directly.

Mo Suqing’s heart skipped a beat. Then, seeing the wound on his hand, she felt herself begin to soften. His last question had shaken her violently.

Mo Suqing felt wronged. He was the one who had lied to her first! How could he accuse her of leaving? Must everyone cater to him?

However, even though she felt unfair and angry, even though the look on his face was scary, she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache, too, seeing him keeping up the face-off with no regard to his bloodied hand. Isn’t he hurt?

Seeing Mo Suqing staring at his hand, Ye Zhongjue finally realized he had hurt his own hand.

He had been looking tough, but the next moment, he was frowning.

Jian Jie was going to dress the wound, but he glared at her.

Mo Suqing’s heart softened. After all, the time when her period came, he had rushed into the rain and carried her home. Then, he had brewed ginger tea for her. How could she forget about his attentive care and his tenderness?

Guan Zixuan reached out to touch her but failed. He watched her walk toward Ye Zhongjue and picked up his hand.

Guan Zixuan’s hand dropped limply.

Mo Suqing took Ye Zhongjue’s hand and frowned sadly. Ye Zhongjue, on the other hand, beamed. It was a contented smile a kid wore when he had got candy.

Jian Jie felt that if she stayed here any longer, she might scratch Mo Suqing’s face like a mad woman.

Yet she couldn’t bring herself to go away. She couldn’t let them be together alone.

So, she just stood there and watched Mo Suqing take the plate the waiter had brought and use the rubbing alcohol to rinse the wound and the tweezers to pick out any glass fragments stuck in it. Finally, she used the alcohol to rinse the wound again before bandaging it with gauze.

Mo Suqing was very meticulous.

The look Ye Zhongjue gave her was extremely tender.

The women surrounding them were casting envious glances at them.

However, once Mo Suqing had finished dressing the wound, she looked at Ye Zhongjue and said expressionlessly but sternly, “Ye Zhongjue, stop acting like a child, okay? The only one you can hurt by injuring yourself is you. You’re a grown man; you shouldn’t have played a trick like that.”

Ye Zhongjue’s face went dark.

I am injured, for god’s sake! Can’t you be nicer?

Mo Suqing ignored his expression and turned to leave.

Panicked, Ye Zhongjue reached out and pulled her down. She stumbled and fell on his lap.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her like a naughty boy, clearly enjoying this.

As many guests as there were at the party, they all pretended not to notice.

Mo Suqing, embarrassed, pushed Ye Zhongjue hard. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

Ye Zhongjue did not let go. Mischief twinkled in his eyes and he looked very pleased with himself.

Mo Suqing tried to stand up, but he grabbed her arm with his injured hand. He drew a sharp breath.

Mo Suqing immediately stopped struggling, afraid of hurting him again. She looked at Ye Zhongjue, speechless. She hadn’t realized he could be this childish.

“Let me go. I want to get up!” she said earnestly.

However, Ye Zhongjue started to whine, acting like there was no one around. “Honey, when are you coming home with me? I can’t sleep without you…”

Sadness and desolation surged in Mo Suqing at the word “home.” Do I still have a home?

The onlookers were amazed. You could even say they were thunder-stuck. Were they really watching the honorable President Ye pouting at the beautiful yet aloof woman?

Jian Jie’s face had gone extremely dark now. She had delayed her return for three years, and everything had changed.

She had never thought Ye Zhongjue was capable of giving the puppy eyes. It made her heart burn with jealousy.

They had grown up together. She had known him from birth. And she really loved him! But why had he always neglected her feelings? Did she mean nothing to him at all?

As for Mo Sulian, although she admired Ye Zhongjue, she dared not take bold actions because she knew very well how tactful and powerful the man was.

She had asked him for help just once, and her career was becoming more and more smooth.

Guan Zixuan couldn’t stand it anymore. He strode over and placed his hand on Mo Suqing’s arm.

Glaring at Ye Zhongjue, he said, “Suqing, let’s go. Don’t waste your time on him!”

When Ye Zhongjue turned his attention to Guan Zixuan, Mo Suqing freed herself from his lap.

Guan Zixuan started to pull her away, but Ye Zhongjue grabbed her other arm.

He intentionally used his injured hand. He was betting that she couldn’t hurt him.

No matter how harsh Mo Suqing’s words were, her heart could never truly harden in front of him.

She looked at Guan Zixuan helplessly. Guan Zixuan fumed. Mo Suqing, you stupid woman! Can’t you see what he’s trying to do?

A small injury like that is nothing more than a sting to him! It certainly won’t kill him!

Although Mo Suqing knew it, too, she just couldn’t see him get hurt in any way.

Just then, someone jostled Jian Jie a little. “Ah!” Wine spilled from the glass in her hand and onto Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing’s black gown was drenched in the area of her chest, showing the bra underneath.

Ye Zhongjue glared at Jian Jie, who quickly waved her hands.

“Jue, I didn’t do it. Someone pushed me!”

Seeing that Mo Suqing’s gown had gone totally wet in the chest area, Ye Zhongjue immediately took his jacket off and wrapped it around her.

Then, he picked her up in his arms and walked out, regardless of her astonished expression and Guan Zixuan’s furious look.

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