Chapter 108: Do you have dignity?

Lin Ran nearly burst into tears! He said with a crumpled face, “Boss, I can swear with my dignity that Miss Mo will definitely care!”

Ye Zhongjue glanced at him. “Do you have dignity?”

Now Lin Ran did cry. Big Bro, how can you say that!

Then, Lin Ran remembered something. He looked at Ye Zhongjue and became all serious and solemn.

“Big Bro, I remember when I looked up some information about Miss Mo, it said Mo Sulian is not her real sister. I mean, they are not related by blood. Before moving in with them, she was Bai Sulian. But why do I feel they look alike, now that I have met Mo Sulian?”

Ye Zhongjue compared the heavily made-up face that had just appeared before him and the beautiful and pure face of Mo Suqing.

“You have the sight of a blind person. You should go to see an eye doctor!” he told Lin Ran.

Lin Ran said indignantly, “I’m serious, Boss!”

“I’m serious, too!” Ye Zhongjue completely ignored his protest.


Ever since Mo Suqing went to Mighty Empire and futilely looked for Ye Zhongjue that day, she had not seen him.

Guan Zixuan had asked Yuan to find her an apartment. It was not spacious, but the community was quite nice and comfortable.

Although she wanted to go back to where she and Ye Zhongjue had lived to fetch her stuff, she was afraid she might cross paths with him.

She had plucked up her courage the day she went to look for him. Now, it was all gone.

She had also returned to work on Monday. People in the magazine company looked at her with apprehension and fear now. She was clearly aware of the reason why.

An Huilin had been transferred to the headquarters of The Unparalleled. Their new editor-in-chief was a middle-aged man named Sun Yi who didn’t talk or demand much as long as you finished your job on time.

Every day after work, Mo Suqing would go to see Leng Xiyao. Leng Xiyao had been in a coma for a week without any signs of waking up.

Leng Haoyun had instructed Aunt Zhang, who had brought up Leng Xiyao, to take care of her. Mo Suqing had seen him a couple of times in the hospital.

She could feel he had become even colder now with an added hint of gloom.

Mo Suqing knew the reason behind his cold exterior. It was what Leng Xiyao had said just before she passed out. Those were her true feelings, and it killed Leng Haoyun to hear them.


It was at a charity event when Mo Suqing saw Ye Zhongjue again.

Many billionaires and celebrities were going to the dinner party, including Guan Zixuan, who told Mo Suqing he needed a date and promised her that no other journalists were allowed to get in.

Mo Suqing was almost driven crazy by his persistent request, so she finally agreed to go with him. After all, he had been looking out for her.

She had tried to squeeze out more time to help take care of Leng Xiyao, and it had made her extremely busy. However, Guan Zixuan would always find a way to locate her and bring her something to eat.

He reminded her that she should take care of herself even though Leng Xiyao was still in a coma.

If Leng Xiyao woke up and found her all tired and bedraggled, she would feel bad.

Mo Suqing didn’t know what she would have become without his comfort and support during the last week.

The day before the dinner party, Mo Suqing asked Guan Zixuan the same repeated question. “Are you sure he won’t be there?”

“I’m sure! I have assured you countless times. Ye Zhongjue has never attended these kinds of parties before!”

Guan Zixuan sounded so confident that he might well have told Mo Suqing, If he does come, I can cut my head off and let you kick it as a soccer ball!

However, even though Guan Zixuan was very certain, Mo Suqing still felt a bit nervous.

That evening, she applied some light makeup and put on a black gown that Guan Zixuan had sent to match his own black tuxedo.

When he came to pick her up, he was immediately stunned by her beauty and could not look away.

Mo Suqing looked down at the gown uneasily and frowned. “Is it too revealing? The hollow back makes me feel exposed!”

Guan Zixuan stepped close and shook his head slowly.

“No, it’s wonderful. You look gorgeous. I think I’m drunk… on you!”

Mo Suqing chuckled. “You and your sweet mouth! Do I really look okay?”

“Trust me when I say you are going to be the most beautiful woman in the party.”

His sincere expression made Mo Suqing feel better.

They arrived at the party at a reasonable time, not too early yet not too late.

However, a lot of guests were already there. Mo Suqing didn’t like to be in a crowd, so she tried to stay in a corner as much as she could. Nevertheless, more than a few men had noticed and come to talk to her.

Guan Zixuan was very protective. Most of the time they just sat on a couch near the entrance and drank their wine.

Mo Suqing was not used to this kind of place and the looks people gave her were making her very uncomfortable.

After the majority of guests had arrived, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance.

Mo Suqing looked toward the doors and could not believe her eyes.

When Guan Zixuan saw the handsome man, too, his face clouded. He has never come to these kinds of parties! Why did he come today?

Ye Zhongjue walked into the party with a poker face. Jian Jie was by his side in a sapphire gown and looked like a queen, acting as if she was superior to everyone present.

Despite Ye Zhongjue’s aloof expression that was meant to repel anyone who dared to come near, he was instantly surrounded by people.

Ye Zhongjue was wearing a dark blue tuxedo and a sapphire striped necktie that matched perfectly with Jian Jie’s gown.

When Mo Suqing saw the woman beside him, her eyes dimmed a little.

Whether she is with him or not, it doesn’t seem to make any difference for him.

The place suddenly felt suffocating. Mo Suqing lowered her head, not wanting anyone to see her right now. When had she become this pathetic woman that allowed her heart to be broken by a man?

Ye Zhongjue was holding a glass of champagne; Jian Jie was standing by his side quietly. People surrounded them and tried to make small talk with Ye Zhongjue, but he looked absolutely disinterested.

Someone noticed that Ye Zhongjue’s eyes hadn’t drifted from a woman in black on a couch not far away.

The person chuckled and suggested, “President Ye, let’s not just stand here. Otherwise, your feet are going to hurt before the party even starts! How about we sit over there?”

He pointed at the semicircular couch Mo Suqing and Guan Zixuan were sitting on.

Ye Zhongjue smiled. “Sure!”

Others could only wring their wrists in frustration when they saw how easy the man had made Ye Zhongjue happy and succeeded in inviting him to sit with him.

The man led Ye Zhongjue step by step to the figure he had missed day and night for the last few days. Sometimes, he missed her so much he could barely take it. However, he couldn’t force himself not to miss her, either.

The man watched Ye Zhongjue sit down right across from Mo Suqing. Then, Jian Jie sat down next to him, full of smiles.

Mo Suqing had had her head hung low, so she didn’t know Ye Zhongjue had appeared. However, she could feel Guan Zixuan tense next to her.

She looked up to ask him what the matter was, but was instantly drowned in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes that felt as deep as the immense galaxy or the vast ocean.

He was looking at her intently.

Jian Jie noticed his look, too. When she saw the woman he was staring at, the smile disappeared from her face.

Who is she? She didn’t recognize Mo Suqing. Mo Suqing usually didn’t wear any makeup, so even the slightest makeup could transform her dramatically. If it was not someone who knew her well, no one would be able to recognize her, not to mention someone who had only seen her pictures, like Jian Jie.

Jian Jie clenched her fist tightly and looked very unhappy.

The existence of the gossip journalist Mo Suqing had bothered her enough. Before she could come up with a way to deal with her, another had shown up!

The look Ye Zhongjue gave her was full of affection and a passion that was hard to detect.

The man who had made the suggestion to sit here was an observant person. He could see from Ye Zhongjue’s look that he liked the woman.

Presently, he decided to play the role of a matchmaker. “President Ye, can I exchange seats with you? Somehow it makes me uncomfortable sitting here!”

Guan Zixuan glared at Ye Zhongjue. He reckoned Ye Zhongjue would definitely say yes to the man’s request. However, Ye Zhongjue replied, “No, I’m fine where I am.”

Then, he leaned back against the couch casually and kept gazing at Mo Suqing.

The others fell into silence in the awkward atmosphere.

Everyone could see Ye Zhongjue was interested in the beautiful woman before him. However, he just sat there quietly, neither acting nor giving up, like what a good hunter would do.

Jian Jie could not endure it anymore.

On the other hand, Mo Suqing was unnerved by Ye Zhongjue’s stare, too. With his brazen stare, even a blind person could feel it! What did he want from her?

Irritation crossed Mo Suqing’s beautiful face.

Just when she was going to tell Guan Zixuan to get out of here, a purring voice that could make one’s knees weak came, “Ah! It’s you, brother-in-law! What a coincidence to see you here!”

Mo Sulian approached Ye Zhongjue, her eyes filled with glee and excitement. She had her arm link through the arm of a man who was obviously the son of another wealthy man.

Those sitting on the couch turned toward the voice.

Mo Suqing frowned. When have they become buddies?

Mo Sulian drew away from the young man and sat down on the other side of Ye Zhongjue, not heeding other people’s startled look.

Jian Jie recognized and glowered at her. Yet another trouble had shown up.

Mo Sulian smiled at Ye Zhongjue. “I want to thank you for the help! I was literally being tortured by the director!”

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