Chapter 107: A Shameless Mo Sulian

Lin Ran blocked Song Pingting’s way and looked at her with pity.

“Don’t go. The president won’t hear you out.”

Song Pingting pushed him away in a fit of passion and cried out, “What do you know? The president won’t be this heartless to me!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but think, The president won’t be this heartless? Are you kidding me?”

Have you seen him show any affection to anyone else other than Miss Mo?

Lin Ran shook his head speechlessly. If you keep believing it, you have only yourself to blame for what’s coming.

Song Pingting had brushed past him and run into the president’s office.

The moment she went inside, she was struck by the oppressive atmosphere around Ye Zhongjue and his dark gaze. However, she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Mighty Empire.

Although she had never succeeded in obtaining his love these years, she had got used to seeing him every day. She knew it was pathetic, but she had loved him anyway.

Why? Why does he have to take it from her, too?

Song Pingting walked over and put her hands down on his desk.

“President, you can’t just fire me like that!” she sobbed.

Ye Zhongjue looked up at Lin Ran, who was rubbing his nose and looking innocent at the door. “Didn’t I tell you to get her out of here? Why is she still here? Lin Ran, how incompetent are you?”

Lin Ran felt utterly innocent. He had already called security; he had no way to manhandle a crazy woman single-handedly.

Afraid she would be kicked out the next minute, Song Pingting burst into tears and looked at Ye Zhongjue with pleading eyes. “President, I can explain! I didn’t mean it to happen. I really didn’t recognize her…”

Ye Zhongjue felt disgusted with her pretentiousness. Even Jian Jie’s face was a much better sight than hers.

“Get out. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

He stood up and walked to the window, turning his back to Song Pingting.

Song Pingting was still crying. “President, you can’t do this! I have worked for you for so long. Even if I didn’t achieve anything, I did work hard. It’s a heartless thing to do! You can’t be so heartless!”

Ye Zhongjue turned around abruptly and looked at Song Pingting blankly.

“Don’t you know how much crueler I can be to those who incurs my wrath? I am actually being kind to you!”

Song Pingting was shocked. She looked at Ye Zhongjue in disbelief.

Although she didn’t know him that well, she did hear of his merciless ways. He wants to do those horrible things to me?

Before Song Pingting could say anything else, the security had shown up.

Lin Ran looked at Ye Zhongjue in front of the window and played the villain reluctantly.

“Drag her out!”

The two guards nodded. They each gripped one of Song Pingting’s arms and dragged her out.

Lin Ran didn’t miss the viciousness and hatred sparkling in her eyes.

He frowned uncomfortably but did not think much about it.


That night, Ye Zhongjue visited Ye Wentian in the hospital and asked him to tell Jian Jie that she could start working as his chief secretary from tomorrow.

Ye Wentian was thrilled.

Jian Jie couldn’t believe it when she received the news. Ye Zhongjue had played a neat trick on her today. Nevertheless, somehow he had decided to let her work in Mighty Empire.

Is it a test?

Anyway, Jian Jie was naturally very happy.

The next morning, she packed everything she needed and went to Mighty Empire.

However, on her very first day to work, an unwelcome guest appeared on the hundredth floor.

She claimed to be Mo Suqing’s sister.

Jian Jie looked Mo Sulian up and down, contemptuous.

She didn’t want to go in and tell Ye Zhongjue about it, but then she remembered what she had heard this morning and decided not to give Mo Sulian a hard time.

The other secretaries in the office had told her that their last chief was fired simply because she had driven Mo Suqing away when she came to see Ye Zhongjue yesterday.

The woman wouldn’t be treated nicely by Ye Zhongjue anyway.

Jian Jie smiled. “Ah, you are Miss Mo’s sister! Well, the president is in the office at the far end. Do you see it? The plate that read ‘The President’s Office’? That’s the one.”

Mo Sulian thought that Jian Jie was being nice because she was afraid of her status. She smiled condescendingly.

“Thanks. I’ll go look for him!”

Jian Jie stared after her with deep contempt and mock.

Lin Ran and Ye Zhongjue were discussing work stuff in the office when there was a knock on the door. Lin Ran stopped what he was saying and told the knocker to come inside.

Mo Sulian opened the door and gave them a bewitching smile. Then, she walked in while swinging her hips.

When she saw Ye Zhongjue, she purred like a rutting animal, “Brother…”

Lin Ran got goosebumps all over at her voice. What a narcissistic woman!

Hearing such a flirtatious voice, Ye Zhongjue took in a sharp breath. A nauseous perfume smell assaulted his nostrils.

He snapped his head up and saw Mo Sulian not far from him.

“Stay there and don’t move,” he commanded sternly, frowning.

“What’s the matter, brother-in-law?” Mo Sulian, taken aback, batted her eyes and looked at Ye Zhongjue innocently.

Lin Ran couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Ye Zhongjue rubbed his forehead.

Although he didn’t like Mo Sulian, she was still Mo Suqing’s sister. If he made light of her, people might think he didn’t care about Mo Suqing.

Moreover, he had learned that no matter how much Mo Suqing hated Mo Zhenfeng’s behaviors, she had still been pretty upset when the Mo Group was in trouble. She had still been dismayed when he forced her to do things she disliked.

Deep inside, she must still long for her family.

It was just the family had changed into something different from what she remembered.

The look Mo Sulian gave Ye Zhongjue was getting more and more infatuated.

Although she was jealous of Mo Suqing’s good luck with securing such a handsome husband, she had comforted herself that look wasn’t everything. Money was what really mattered.

Little had she expected that Ye Zhongjue would turn out to be the president of Mighty Empire.

She had never thought she would be linked with such a prestigious person in her life, not to mention the fact that the link would be Mo Suqing.

No matter what the link was, she felt content to be able to get close to him.

Her eyes were full of admiration when she stood there, as if she was drunk and stupefied by Ye Zhongjue.

Ye Zhongjue cleared his throat. “What is it that brought you here?”

Smiling, Mo Sulian took a step forward. However, Ye Zhongjue said, “Stop! Do not come any closer!”

Mo Sulian looked surprised. Lin Ran found it difficult to suppress another bout of laughter. He quickly turned aside toward the window, his face contorted.

Mo Sulian seemed to detect Ye Zhongjue’s aversion to her getting too close to him.

She was also smart enough to see from Ye Zhongjue’s gesture that she had perfumed herself too much today.

After working in the entertainment industry for such a long time, she had already developed a skill of observing people and saying the right words.

She immediately took a step back and said, “Sis hasn’t answered her phone for the past few days and hasn’t gone to work, either, so dad told me to look for her here.”

“If she doesn’t want to go home, she must have her reasons. It’s no use coming to me.”

Mo Sulian’s eyes rolled here and there before they fixated on Ye Zhongjue’s face. “Brother-in-law, I would like to speak with you in private.”

Then, she glanced at Lin Ran as if to say, I can’t say it with him here.

Ye Zhongjue looked at Mo Sulian. A sneer tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Don’t worry. It’s okay to say anything in front of Lin Ran.”

Lin Ran thought his face would definitely become paralyzed if he kept suppressing his laughter.

Mo Sulian hesitated a moment before saying in a pitiful tone, “Actually, the reason I want to see Sis is because I need to ask her a favor.”

She watched Ye Zhongjue’s face carefully for any change in his expression.

“Oh?” Ye Zhongjue raised his brows and drawled out the syllable.

Mo Sulian thought she had piqued his interest and quickly continued, “The director in our filming studio always picks on me. When I told dad about it, he said I should ask Sis for help. He said, ‘You are sisters. She will undoubtedly help you.’”

She looked at Ye Zhongjue expectantly, but he didn’t respond.

“If you have anything you want to know about Sis,” she added, “I can inform you at once.”

Cold amusement appeared at the corner of Ye Zhongjue’s mouth. “Sure. I hope you can get along with your sister. Lin Ran will help you with the issue about the director. You can go now.”

Lin Ran pointed at himself, stunned. I have to deal with her problem?

Ye Zhongjue glared at him, so he quickly put his hand down.

Getting Ye Zhongjue’s promise, Mo Sulian left the office swinging her hips like a tramp.

Jian Jie found that she had misjudged the situation. Mo Sulian had emerged from the office after quite a while, looking pleased. Jian Jie looked after her with hatred. Jue is nice even to that woman’s sister!

Back in the office, Lin Ran was looking at Ye Zhongjue. “Boss, you really want me to help her?”

“Why not?” Ye Zhongjue cast him a glance.

Lin Ran’s face crumpled. “But Miss Mo is not going to be happy about it!” he tried.

Bitterness crossed Ye Zhongjue’s face. Yes, Lin Ran could swear with his superb eyesight that it was indeed bitterness in his face.

Ye Zhongjue murmured to himself, “Does she still care?”

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