Chapter 106: Song Pingting Ate Her Own Bitter Fruit

The elevator was fast. Before Mo Suqing knew it, the door opened.

She walked out.

She looked around. The hundredth floor was spacious, with three distinct office areas, one of which occupied half of the floor. On the wall, it read: The President’s Office.

It was located at the far end of the floor on the left-hand side, as the receptionist had told her.

The assistant’s office was adjacent to it, and then there was the secretaries’ office.

After a moment of consideration, Mo Suqing walked toward the president’s office.

Right then, Song Pingting emerged from the coffee room with a glass of water.

“Stop!” she shouted.

Mo Suqing turned around.

Song Pingting had never met Mo Suqing in person, so she didn’t recognize her. Although she found her stunningly beautiful, her pallid face somehow spoilt her mood.

“What are you doing here? Who let you in? The receptionist is not doing her job, apparently.”

Song Pingting immediately began to pelt Mo Suqing with self-assured reprimands, treating her like her subordinate.

Mo Suqing just watched her expressionlessly. The woman was wearing exquisite makeup and an office lady’s outfit tight enough to bring out the curves of her body.

Mo Suqing couldn’t help but think, She’s good at dressing up and has a smoking body.

However, she didn’t come here to admire this woman.

“I’m looking for Ye Jue!”

Song Pingting was a little taken aback. Then, she sneered, “You want to see President Ye?”

She eyed her up and down with a disbelieving look on her face, as if trying to figure out what asset the woman had that could make her come here brazenly and asked to see the president.

However, after she watched Mo Suqing’s face closely and remembered the picture she saw on the newspaper, her composure was ruffled.

Jealousy gleamed in her eyes. She’s the gossip journalist!

She is quite pretty, I’ll give her that. But she certainly doesn’t know how to dress herself. I wonder why the president would fall for her.

Song Pingting sized her up and started to compare herself with the woman.

Seeing that there was no one around, she decided to deal with Mo Suqing with a high hand. If anyone asked, she could just say she didn’t recognize her.

“Who are you, anyway? President Ye is not going to meet a random woman like you! Go home and look at yourself in the mirror. With that look of yours, how did you find the courage to come here? I can see from your shabby appearance that you are just a country bumpkin. The president is busy today. You are unlikely to steal even a glimpse of him, so you should just go!”

Song Pingting held her head high, as if she was condescending to even talk to Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing just looked at her, not caring one bit about whatever she was playing at.

She was used to all kinds of plots and schemes, given the office politics at Trend Magazine.

“Please tell your president to meet me now or never to come to see me.”

“Ha…” Song Pingting sneered. “Who do you think you are? How dare you say something like that to our president!”

All Mo Suqing wanted to do was to finish the business here as soon as possible, so she could go back to the hospital. She didn’t have time to argue with this woman.

She checked the time on her watch. Since it looked like she couldn’t see Ye Zhongjue today, she should probably just go.

She hadn’t thought it would be so difficult for one to see one’s husband.

How absurd!

Mo Suqing turned to leave without another world, which surprised Song Pingting. She just left like this?

After a while, she began walking back to the secretaries’ office, swinging her hips on the way. Well, I’m not going to stop her from leaving!

Ye Zhongjue and Lin Ran emerged from the meeting room, followed by the managers of different departments.

Lin Ran swiped open his phone. He had set it on mute during the meeting, and now he saw that there were several missed calls from the receptionist.

He moved aside to return the call after informing Ye Zhongjue.

“What’s up, young lady?”

“Miss Mo went to see the president a while ago, but she came back down soon and left, looking unhappy. I guess she wasn’t able to see the president. Miss Zhang from the design department said there was a meeting this morning, but how come she didn’t wait up until it was over?” the receptionist said in the sweet voice of hers, sounding baffled.

Lin Ran was surprised. Miss Mo was here? “But, did you let her in?”

“Of course! I saw her walk into the president’s private elevator. Then, shortly afterwards, she came back down. The meeting couldn’t have been over then.”

“So where is she now?”

“She has left for a while.”

Frowning, Lin Ran hung up the phone and walked towards Ye Zhongjue’s office.

The first time Miss Mo came up to look for his boss, she had been shown the door. At such a critical time in their relationship, too! What were the staff doing? They must have recognized Miss Mo and should have informed him that she was here.

Lin Ran walked into the office without knocking.

“Boss, Miss Mo was here just now! The receptionist told me she had come and then left a short while later, looking unhappy.”

Ye Zhongjue immediately stood up at the mention of Mo Suqing’s name. His face clouded.

“Where is she?”

“She already left.” Lin Ran’s face clouded, too.

Ye Zhongjue picked up his jacket on the sofa and walked out.

“Find out what exactly happened while she was here before I come back!”

When Song Pingting saw Ye Zhongjue rush out of the office, she had a bad premonition. Lin Ran emerged from the office, too. He looked at the staff in the secretaries’ office and said, “Whoever did it, come forward now! If I have to find it out myself, you are done here!”

Then, he headed to the monitor room.

Song Pingting’s face went pale. She tried to reassure herself, It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. She has worked for the president as a secretary for so many years. A gossip journalist can’t overthrow her! If anything comes up, I can always say I didn’t recognize her.


Ye Zhongjue drove at a high speed toward the Second City Hospital.

Mo Suqing had hailed a taxi and returned to the hospital, too, after she left Mighty Empire.

Guan Zixuan had come from the filming studio and brought lunch and a lot of fruit to her.

However, Mo Suqing shook her head. Yao hadn’t woken up. She wasn’t in the mood of eating anything.

They went to the doctor’s office instead.

When they emerged from it again, Mo Suqing’s face had gone completely pale.

The doctor’s words were still resonating in her ears.

“The patient has experienced multiple fractures and massive hemorrhage during the operation. Although transfusions took place in the end, the blood had come from another hospital and we had wasted too much time waiting for it. Her brain didn’t have enough blood supply for a prolonged time. Therefore, even though physical injuries will definitely heal, it is unlikely she will ever wake up.”

Mo Suqing felt weak in her knees.

She’s not waking up… Does that mean she’s going to be a vegetable? She didn’t know if Leng Haoyun knew about this. Suddenly, she wanted to laugh.

It’s karma!

If they hadn’t done anything to Bai Tingnan’s parents, none of this would have happened!

If the one they had killed had been Bai Tingnan, she would probably be okay about it. But why must they lay their fingers on a pair of innocent elder people? Was it true her Yao would never wake up?

She knew very well how slim the chance was when a doctor said that.

Guan Zixuan supported Mo Suqing back to the ward.

Leng Xiyao had been transferred to a regular ward this morning. She was still in a coma and there was no sign of her waking up.

Mo Suqing felt as if someone was stabbing her heart.

She stood outside the room and watched Leng Haoyun wipe Leng Xiyao’s hands with a towel. The sight made her so sad she couldn’t breathe. How did everything come to this?

She hugged Guan Zixuan and cried uncontrollably. Her tears soaked through his shirt and drenched his shoulders.

Mo Suqing wailed like an animal that had just lost her fellow.

Guan Zixuan hugged her back, feeling pained. He wished he could share some of her sadness.

When Ye Zhongjue rushed to the hospital, this was what he witnessed: Guan Zixuan was hugging Mo Suqing tightly and Mo Suqing had her head on his shoulder. From a distance, they looked very intimate.

Ye Zhongjue’s clenched his fist so hard that the veins were popping out on the back of his hand.

He wanted to punch Guan Zixuan in the face. However, he knew it would only make Mo Suqing hate him more.

His raised arm dropped. He could never neglect her feelings.

His wife was in another man’s arms. Who could understand how he feels right now?

He took a step back. Lin Ran said Mo Suqing had wanted to see him. Did she want to tell him that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore?

He began to panic all of a sudden. The fear of losing her made him unlike himself.

Guan Zixuan looked up and saw Ye Zhongjue standing not far away, his expression showing mixed feelings. He raised his eyebrows and gave him a challenging look.

Ye Zhongjue felt his courage draining away. He feared he would be destroyed by what Mo Suqing was going to tell him. In the end, he stared at Guan Zixuan one last time and turned to leave.

He raced back to the company. The moment he came out of the elevator, the temperature on the hundredth floor seemed to drop considerably.

Lin Ran followed him into the office.

Lin Ran had downloaded the footage from the monitoring system in an USB. He handed it to Ye Zhongjue.

As Ye Zhongjue watched the footage, his face became darker and darker. Eventually, he swept everything off his desk and bellowed in a terrifying voice, “Tell Song Pingting to pack her things and get the hell out of here now!” 

Lin Ran could see his boss was in an extremely foul mood, so he quickly turned to leave without saying a word.

After Lin Ran passed Ye Zhongjue’s words to Song Pingting, the woman plumped down on her chair as if she had no strength left.

“He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t be so cruel to me!” she murmured.

She shook her head in disbelief. “I can explain. I didn’t recognize her! I really didn’t! I want to see the president!”

She jumped up from her chair.

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