Chapter 105: The Scheming Mind of Ye Zhongjue

“Get in the car and let’s go,” Ye Zhongjue said, then got in the car first.

Jian Jie hastened to open the door of the passenger’s seat.

However, Ye Zhongjue gave her a cold look and said, “Sit in the back seat!”

Jian Jie looked at him sorrowfully with big, teary eyes, unable to understand what was happening.

Ye Xhongjue had no mood to waste time on her, so he repeated himself in a steely voice, “Sit in the back seat!”

Jian Jie knew his ways. If she disobeyed his wishes, she would probably incur his wrath.

Therefore, she opened the door to the back seat dejectedly and got in the car.

On the way, Jian Jie tried several times to engage Ye Zhongjue in a conversation, but he totally ignored her.

Finally, they arrived at a hotel. Ye Zhongjue pulled over. Jian Jie got off the car cheerfully and waited for Ye Zhongjue to join her.

However, Ye Zhongjue made a show to consult his wrist watch and looked up at her expressionlessly. “I have something to attend to in the company. The buns here are not bad. You should go ahead and try some. I’ll cover all of the expenses.”

Then, he drove away and his car disappeared in the morning traffic.

Jian Jie stamped her foot in fury. She looked at the hotel, not wanting to go inside. But then, she reminded herself of what Ye Zhongjue had said and tried to look on the bright side. He must really have something important to do and can’t have breakfast with me. At least, he did his best and took me to a hotel where the buns are good, didn’t he?

At the thought, Jian Jie returned to her elegant self and walked inside.

To the waitress who began to follow her upon entering, she said, “I want two baskets of vegetarian buns and…”

The waitress interrupted her mid-sentence, “Miss, we don’t have buns here.”

It took Jian Jie a moment to realize what had happened. Her face clouded. Ye Zhongjue lied to me!

The truth was, Ye Zhongjue, in a hurry to get rid of her, had made up the bun lie impromptu. He had no idea whether they sold buns here or not.

Jian Jie’s face became red with anger. She almost forgot her manners and could barely keep her temper in check.

“Then I want a serving of everything you have here!” Jian Jie took a seat angrily and watched the waiters serve dish after dish. The food had occupied two tables and counting.

Even the manager of the hotel was alerted.

He looked at Jian Jie awkwardly and said, “Miss, you see, it’s impossible that you can finish all of these by yourself, and we can’t prepare every dish on the menu in one day, either… So, you see…”

Jian Jie was just getting it out of her system. Now that she had had time to cool down a little, she reminded herself that she had still got something to do later. Therefore, she waved her hand casually and said, “Never mind. Don’t prepare anything else. Just bring me those already made.”

Jian Jie tasted a few dishes. The food was actually quite delicious, but she couldn’t tell because she was in a foul mood.

When it was time to pay the bill, she said, “I’ll pay it on account!”

The cashier looked at her and said cautiously, “Miss, we don’t let customers do that.”

Jian Jie glared at him, “Even if it is on the account of Ye Jue, the president of Mighty Empire?”

The cashier smiled politely. “I’m sorry, I need to make a call to confirm it first.”

The call was forwarded to Lin Ran. After a while, Lin Ran went into Ye Zhongjue’s office. “Yellow Crane Tower has called. A Miss Jian dined there and wanted to pay the bill on your account. They would like to confirm if you know her.”

Ye Zhongjue didn’t look up when he answered in a flat tone, “No, I don’t. Stop faking acquaintances with me!”

Lin Ran left the office and closed the door behind him before telling the person on the other end of the line, “I’m sorry, the president doesn’t know her. Also, please stop random customers from faking acquaintances with him in the future.”

Lin Ran hung up the phone.

On the other end of the line, the cashier hung up, too.

He looked at Jian Jie scornfully and said, “President Ye said he doesn’t know you.”

“That’s impossible! Give me the phone.”

The cashier held the phone firmly down under his hand and said, “I’m sorry. Please use your own phone.”

Jian Jie called on Ye Zhongjue’s private phone, but it was turned off.

Her face was contorted. The look the cashier gave her became even more scornful. She looks well-off enough, but she’s trying to get a free meal! Humph, if you don’t have that kind of money, don’t come here in the first place!

Jian Jie looked up and saw that the staff were all looking at her contemptuously as if she was some despicable beggar.

Jian Jie’s mouth was completely twisted with anger now. Even her exquisite makeup could not mask her contorted face.

She rummaged around in her purse. There were a few pound notes, but not much cash in the currency that she desperately needed at the moment. She had been in a hurry leaving the house today, so she didn’t even bring a card with her. The only money she had stuffed in her purse last night, she had spent on the fruit this morning.

Jian Jie had never felt so humiliated all her life.

Since she didn’t have any other choices, she called An Huilin for help.

Finally, just when it seemed like the stares from the staff were beginning to bore holes all over her body, An Huilin showed up. She paid the bill and the two women left the hotel.

In the car, Jian Jie poured out her sorrows to An Huilin.

An Huilin listened on. Then, her eyes gleamed.

“You said Ye Zhongjue was in the company?”

“Yeah, that’s what his assistant said.” Jian Jie looked at her with teary eyes.

An Huilin sighed and shook her head. “It was a lie! Do you remember I told you that Mo Suqing’s best friend was in the hospital? Mo Suqing has been there ever since she got hospitalized. When I went to check on her this morning, Ye Zhongjue was there, too! To bring her breakfast, you know.”

Jian Jie’s eyes widened. She clenched her fist tightly and her face was badly contorted.

An Huilin kept adding fuel to the flames. “Perhaps Mo Suqing asked Ye Zhongjue not to help you! She is a very manipulative woman.”

An Huilin seemed half to be talking to herself, half to be talking to Jian Jie.

Jian Jie, don’t blame me for stirring up your mind. I dislike Mo Suqing, too, besides hating Leng Xiyao. If we can work together and form a league, we may have a chance to get what we want.


Mo Suqing was standing in front of the headquarters of Mighty Empire.

This was the second time she came here and she had mixed feelings. The first time she had come, she had thought Ye Zhongjue was an assistant of one of the managers here.

But now, for the second time she was here, she knew the man she was looking for was the king of this building. He was at the very top.

Mo Suqing put herself together and walked inside.

She had to ask him about Bai Tingnan. Three lives were involved, after all.

Three lives! In the eyes of the wealthy, are human lives this negligible?

Yes, she didn’t like Bai Tingnan. Yes, Bai Tingnan had kept giving her and Leng Xiyao trouble. But, despite all of this, her parents hadn’t done anything wrong!

Why did they have to pay for what Bai Tingnan had done?

Of course, she felt sad and pained about what had happened to Leng Xiyao; she wished she was the one lying on that hospital bed.

But that didn’t mean Bai Tingnan should have paid such a heavy price.

It could be said that what Ye Zhongjue and Leng Haoyun had done had directly led to Leng Xiyao’s accident. If they hadn’t pushed Bai Tingnan over the edge, none of this would have happened.

It was karma, although the victim of their actions was Leng Xiyao.

Everything in the world had something to do with karma.

Last night when she saw the news about the press conference, she felt moved.

Maybe she could try to forgive his lies and they could try to make it work. After all, she still loved him.

And she wanted to put an end to the endless tragedies.

If Ye Zhongjue was willing to handle the affair about Bai Tingnan well, she could give them another chance.

This was the decision she had made after turning it over in her head the entire night.

Ye Zhongjue said he had known her for seven years. But why wasn’t she aware of it? She remembered Ye Zhongjue had said he would explain everything to her.

Okay then. I’ll let him explain.

Mo Suqing approached the receptionist’s desk and took a look at the receptionist. Great, it’s the same girl. If it were another person, she wasn’t so confident she could get in.

The receptionist looked up and smiled. “Hello, who are you looking for? Have you made a reservation?”

Mo Suqing tried to look nice, even though she couldn’t bring herself to smile in such a bad mood.

“I’m looking for Ye Zhongjue.”

She realized she had said the wrong name immediately.

“No, I mean your president, Ye Jue,” she corrected.

The receptionist took a closer look at Mo Suqing. It was not that she had a bad memory; it was because Mo Suqing looked particularly pallid than usual.

But now that she had looked at her carefully, she recognized her. Yes, she was Mo Suqing, President Ye’s alleged wife!

She replied smilingly, “Hello, I know who you are, Miss Mo. The president is having a meeting right now. You can take the elevator on the far left; that is the president’s private elevator. Go to the hundredth floor and find Mr. Lin. He will direct you to the president. The president’s office is at the far end of the floor.”

“Thank you.” Mo Suqing nodded at her politely and walked to the elevator.

In the elevator, Mo Suqing looked around at the decorations and felt her heart flutter with nervousness.

When she had first learned about Ye Zhongjue’s true identity, she had been extremely furious. She had broken down and been overwhelmed with a profound feeling of being deceived.

However, after she calmed down, she had begun to feel surprised and incredulous.

Deep in her heart, she had suspected Ye Zhongjue was no common person, but she had never expected him to be this uncommon.

He was the head of Mighty Empire, for god’s sake! Every woman would fall head over heels for him.

She was not a saint, a fool, or a pure lotus flower.

But, she had always been honest and followed her heart as long as her conscience wouldn’t be jeopardized.

The shock Ye Zhongjue’s identity had brought her and the pain his lies had caused her had subsided considerably during the last few days. She was not as emotional as before.

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