Chapter 103: Choose Between the Woman and Your Father

Jian Jie gasped out her words eagerly, as if she wanted to know everything at once.

However, An Huilin shook her head. “I don’t know how they got together. I only found out about them recently. All I can tell you is that she is a gossip journalist at Trend Magazine and her name is Mo Suqing. You can look her up, but don’t do anything stupid, okay?”

Jian Jie held back her tears at An Huilin’s concerned expression and came back to her elegant self.

“I know, Huilin. Don’t worry. I’m not that stupid.”

An Huilin started the car and resumed driving.

“I know you aren’t,” she said, “but I still have to warn you. There was a journalist in our company who dug out a scandal about Mo Suqing and she ended up in prison. Her parents killed themselves and she went mad, you know? These happened overnight!”

Jian Jie’s face went a little pale. She’s that important to him already?

She clenched her fist so tightly that her long nails were biting into her flesh. But she did not feel it.


Meanwhile, in the Ye Residence.

Ye Wentian glared at Ye Zhongjue. “Do you have any respect for your father? Have you run it by me before you went and told the whole world about her? I have told you I will never approve of a daughter-in-law like her!”

Ye Wentian’s tone was resolute and full of fury, daring him to disagree.

However, Ye Zhongjue didn’t seem to care.

“Dad, don’t forget, she’s my wife, not yours. She doesn’t need your approval.”

“You… You are pissing me off on purpose!” Ye Wentian said, sitting down on the sofa angrily.

Ye Zhongjue didn’t move away from the entrance hall.

Within a minute, Ye Wentian looked up and made an effort to talk nicely.

“I can forgive you for what you have done today, but you must divorce that woman right away. Otherwise, don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand. I will not be lenient towards her.”

Ye Zhongjue’s face clouded in an instant. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and looked at Ye Wentian.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!”

“I am your father!” Ye Wentian threw a tea cup at Ye Zhongjue, who moved sideways and dodged successfully, his expression still sullen.

“You son of a bitch, what if I finish her off secretly? What are you gonna do? Kill me? I’m telling you now: Choose between the woman and your father. If you don’t divorce her soon, I will show you what I’m capable of!”

Ye Wentian widened his eyes and threatened his son without blushing.

Ye Zhongjue frowned. He had known there would be consequences once he told the public who Mo Suqing was. However, he had decided to do it anyway.

He wanted so badly to hear people call her Mrs. Ye.

I love her. Is there anything wrong about that? Why does he have to keep pushing him?

“Dad, I know what you are capable of and that I can’t protect her 24/7. Plus, she’s just a defenseless journalist. However, if you still decide to lay a finger on her, you can go ahead if you are not afraid of losing your son as well.”

“Remember though,” Ye Zhongjue looked at Ye Wentian in the eye defiantly. “If you really don’t care about me – your son – you just go ahead and hurt her, but I will want to get even with you, even if you only hurt a single hair of hers. Of course, like you said, you are my father and I can’t really harm you. Nevertheless, I can swear with my own life that if anything happens to her, I’ll never come back home ever again. That will be the last you see of me.”

Ye Zhongjue said flatly without stammering.

Ye Wentian’s face had gone purple. He hadn’t expected his son would be so firm. He pointed at Ye Zhongjue and gasped, “You unfilial son of a bitch! Don’t you see I am trying to help you? Have you forgotten what happened to your little sister? I don’t want you to go down that path! But all you do is pissing me off!”

At the mention of Ye Mingke, Ye Zhongjue’s expression softened.

“I believe she is fine. I have been looking for her all these years. One day, I will find her and bring her back. As for me, I can take care of my own family and protect them from all harm. But, my wife has to be Mo Suqing!”

“I won’t have it!” Ye Wentian thundered.

“You don’t have a say!” Ye Zhongjue retorted. He was determined to win the argument this time.

Ye Wentian’s face suddenly went white and began to spasm. He put his hand on his chest as if in pain and started panting heavily.

Leaning against the wall, Ye Zhongjue had not been paying much attention in his sullen mood. By the time he looked up,his father was crouching against the sofa, twitching in pain.

Panicked, he ran over and asked, “Dad, are you alright?”

Ming Jinhua was used to their pattern of fighting upon seeing each other, so she had gone upstairs to take a nap. Now, she was coming down and immediately saw that Ye Zhongjue was kneeling in front of the sofa and had his hand press against Ye Wentian’s chest.

She tensed. Ye Wentian had a history of heart attack, but he hadn’t had one for years. It was obvious father and son had gone too far today.

Ming Jinhua quickly dialed the emergency number and rushed upstairs to get the medicine.

She handed it to Ye Zhongjue and picked up a glass of water on the coffee table. “The ambulance is on its way. Let’s get your father to take the medicine first.”

Ye Zhongjue put the pill into Ye Wentian’s mouth nervously before Ming Jinhua fed him some water. Then, she reached out and stroked Ye Wentian’s chest to ease the pain while looking toward the entrance hall.

Ye Wentian was really worked up today. He couldn’t breathe properly until the ambulance came.

After many checks and treatments, it was well past midnight when Ye Wentian was finally pushed to a ward. He looked like he had got several years older.

Ye Zhongjue hadn’t thought he would go to the hospital twice in one day.

Before going in, Ming Jinhua looked at him sternly. “Jue, talk nicely later, okay? Even not talking is better than making him angry again. Nobody’s getting any younger. He’s not as fit as he was. He could have died, you know?”

Ye Zhongjue took a deep breath, his face dark.

“Mom, he wants me to get a divorce. Do you think I should get it, too?”

A hint of sadness crossed Ming Jinhua’s eyes. She took her son’s elbow and said in a patient tone, “Jue, you know very well what your father can’t get over. He just doesn’t want you to repeat his fault. He’s trying to protect you. How can you be mad at him for it?”

Ye Zhongjue turned to look at Ming Jinhua seriously.

“Mom, I know what you and dad are worried about. But the same thing won’t necessarily happen to me. I am confident that I can protect my family. I know what happened to my sister has always been a heartbreak for both of you all these years. We’ll find her, okay? I promise I’ll talk nicely to him later, but the bottom line is, I can’t divorce her.”

Ming Jinhua shook her head resignedly and sighed.

“Never mind. I guess no one can be certain about the future. Anyway, remember he’s ill and do choose your words wisely when you see him. Let’s go inside.”

“Yeah,” Ye Zhongjue replied and followed Ming Jinhua inside.

Ye Wentian opened his eyes when they came in, then, seeing Ye Zhongjue, closed them again.

Ye Zhongjue just stood there. He decided to take Ming Jinhua’s advice and be a mute, so as not to provoke Ye Wentian again.

Ming Jinhua walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked down at her husband and smiled tenderly.

“Look at you. You are an old man now, but you acted like a man-child by getting angry with a kid and ending up in a hospital. Shame on you!”

Ye Wentian looked at his wife and his expression softened.

Then, he looked at Ye Zhongjue and became stern again.

He scowled at him and said, “I didn’t act like a man-child, okay? Your son was trying to piss me off! If he could learn how not to worry me, I wouldn’t end up here.”

Ye Zhongjue just stood on the spot and pretended he didn’t hear anything.

Ming Jinhua chuckled. “Getting angry with a kid, that’s what a man-child does! And listen to yourself. You’re talking like one right now.”

Smiling, she turned to Ye Zhongjue and said, “Honey, the doctor wants to keep your dad in the hospital for a couple of days. You should go home and get some sleep now. Also, bring some of his clothes with you tomorrow, will you? Don’t worry, I’ll stay here.”

Ye Zhongjue glanced at Ye Wentian, who glowered at him in exasperation.

Ye Zhongjue rubbed his nose. Well, I may as well go. Dad doesn’t want to see me now anyway.

After Ye Zhongjue left, Ming Jinhua took out a cotton swab and dabbed some water with it to moisten Ye Wentian’s lips. “You shouldn’t have argued with him. To be honest, he’s just like you when you were young. If you want him to do something, you shouldn’t force it. Take your time. One day, he’ll understand.”

Then, she said in exasperation, “Look at you. The moment he came home, you asked him to get a divorce. If he could break the news in a press conference, it means he is firm in this matter. Why couldn’t you say what was on your mind in a more indirect way? Why did you have to clash with him and end up here? You are not doing it ever again, you hear me?”

Ye Wentian looked at his wife affectionately and nodded.

“I’ll take care of myself. I won’t leave you alone in this world.”

Ming Jinhua blushed. “Old man, you are not young anymore. Save those sweet nothings!”

She looked away shyly. Ye Wentian’s gaze became even more tender.

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