Chapter 101: And You Love to Be Pretty

Guan Zixuan paused a moment before continuing, “After what happened, of course Leng Haoyun and Ye Zhongjue wouldn’t let the culprit go. Although An Huilin is partly responsible for it, Ye Zhongjue didn’t do anything to her because Leng Haoyun defended her. Instead, Bai Tingnan bore the brunt. Honestly, she deserved it. It just served her right.”

Mo Suqing closed her eyes and asked quietly, “Can you tell me what exactly Ye Zhongjue did to her? Why did she become mad?”

Guan Zixuan hesitated. If Mo Suqing wanted to know, she would eventually find out about it.

“Something happened to Bai Tingnan’s family just after she was fired from Trend Magazine. Her father was set up in a card game and got into huge amounts of debts that made her parents’ small business go broke. Then, the same business was sued for causing seven deaths from using their products – which contained excess harmful chemicals. It is believed the final sentence would be severe. Bai Tingnan couldn’t have digested all of this well…”

Guan Zixuan’s voice faded out. It seemed he didn’t want to say more.

Mo Suqing gripped his arm. “And then? Why would she become like this? Why would she want me and Yao dead?”

Guan Zixuan hesitated for a while before telling Mo Suqing the rest of the story.

“Her parents jumped from a building and died. Then, unable to accept her parents’ deaths, Bai Tingnan wandered on the street like a zombie last night when…”

“What?” Mo Suqing urged.

“When she bumped into a bunch of hooligans and was gang-raped. I guess she was trying to kill herself by crashing her car into you and Leng Xiyao.”

Mo Suqing stared at Guan Zixuan, appalled. Suddenly, she found it difficult to speak.

“Did Ye Zhongjue do all of this?”

Guan Zixuan just looked at her sorrowfully.

“Fine. Don’t tell me. I can guess it myself! After all, who is capable of completely destroying a family overnight, other than him?”

Guan Zixuan reached out to comfort her, but his hand paused midair then dropped in the end.

“Anyway, don’t be too stubborn, okay? The thing with you and Ye Zhongjue… think it through!”

He turned and left the room.

He hadn’t been able to figure out why Ye Zhongjue had left the hospital hurriedly. Then, he saw the news. He had wanted to suppress the rumors before Mo Suqing woke up.

Guan Zixuan realized he had been wrong about him. It was not that Ye Zhongjue didn’t care; he just wanted to give those gossip journalists an ultimatum, warning them not to mess with Mo Suqing.

It turned out he was really good. He had successfully done it.

Guan Zixuan didn’t know how he felt.

Will Mo Suqing leave him now?

Aside from the fact that they were still married, there was also the thing with Bai Tingnan. Yes, it was cruel of him, but it couldn’t be denied that he had done what he had done for her.

Mo Suqing would probably be touched.

What a contrast it is to how she turned me down flat out! Guan Zixuan chuckled bitterly. If only I met her earlier.

Mo Suqing took the needle out of her arm and got off bed. When she opened the door, she saw Guan Zixuan standing outside the ward.

What is he doing here? I thought he was gone.

“What are you still doing here?” Mo Suqing frowned.

Guan Zixuan turned to her voice. “And why are you out of bed?”

“I’m going to see Yao!” Then, Mo Suqing headed toward the ICU without looking back. Guan Zixuan followed behind, exasperated.

I’ll follow her and make sure she is okay. Otherwise, if she passes out again, my heart is going to ache.

Mo Suqing looked tough, but he knew very well from the evening when she secretly sobbed in his guest room that she was as vulnerable as anyone.

She was smart, aloof, proud and stubborn, but she was a kind-hearted girl first.

When Mo Suqing reached the ICU, Leng Haoyun was standing there. It was almost dark now. The day had seen him change into another person.

His face was so pallid. He just stared at the figure lying on the bed inside the ICU, not even blinking, it seemed.

Mo Suqing stood there and looked at Leng Xiyao. Her heart broke at the sight of her. Silly girl. In order to save me, she almost killed herself!

Doesn’t she know I hate to see her get hurt?

Mo Suqing was about to go closer when she saw An Huilin came from outside with a bento in her hand.

She didn’t notice Mo Suqing, because she only had eyes for Leng Haoyun. Tenderness could be seen on her usually stern face.

“Haoyun, have some food. You haven’t eaten at all today.”

Leng Haoyun didn’t shift his gaze away from the ICU.

“You should go. Yao won’t want to see you when she wakes up.”

An Huilin looked embarrassed. “Haoyun, do you have to treat me like this? You know I didn’t mean to harm her; I didn’t believe she really is your niece at that time! What does it take for you to believe me?”

Leng Haiyun turned around. He looked at An Huilin as if he was looking at a total stranger. “You don’t have to explain anything. All I know is that Yao doesn’t like you.”

An Huilin broke down. She glared at Leng Haoyun and said, “So she doesn’t like me. Are you going to leave me just because of that? Leng Haoyun, look me in the eye and answer me this: Have you cared about my feelings since your return? You wanted to come back earlier. Fine, I came back with you; I had finished my study anyway. It has been fifteen years! We have been together for fifteen years! Is this how you want to end things between us? You never made any commitments to me, but I still waited for you like a fool. Now, you want to end things with me, just because of her? Don’t I have a right to get jealous?”

“I never asked you to wait for me!” Leng Haoyun said mercilessly.

At once, An Huilin burst into tears. The woman who was always aloof became so humble in front of Leng Haoyun.

“Leng Haoyun! I can endure a lot for you, but the only thing I can’t tolerate is for you to put another woman’s photo in your wallet. Who is she? Is she really your niece? Because of her, do I really have any place in your heart at all? What kind of uncle and niece are you? Let me tell you: I have been jealous all this time. I am jealous of Leng Xiyao because you would do everything for her when you never considered my feelings! It’s true you and I are not really together, but I have thought we are meant to be. Is it just me?”

Mo Suqing was shocked to hear An Huilin’s words.

She was astonished to find out the relationship between An Huilin and Leng Haoyun; she was stunned to learn the relationship between Leng Haoyun and Leng Xiyao.

An Huilin looked at Leng Haoyun accusatorily, the bento box still in her hand.

“Say something! Why won’t you say anything? Can you really ignore how I feel about you just because of her? How can you be so cruel!”

Leng Haoyun seemed to be fed up with her pestering.

He turned around and said coldly, “Stop making loud noises. They are going to upset Yao. Also…”

Suddenly, his expression became murderous.

“An Huilin, I want to make it clear: how you feel does not concern me. I protected you only for the sake of all the years we are acquainted with each other. Look at Bai Tingnan and you will know how kind I am to you.”

An Huilin looked at Leng Haoyun incredulously, as if she saw a ghost.

“It was you who did that to her?”

Leng Haoyun looked at her coldly. “What if it was me? And what if it wasn’t? Even if I didn’t do anything, someone else would. I needed to make amends to Ye Zhongjue because our magazine was the first to have published the stories!”

Leng Haoyun finished expressionlessly, then turned back to look at the petite figure in the ICU.

Yao, can you feel I am looking at you? Silly girl, you have been sleeping for a whole day. Isn’t it enough? And look at you, wrapping yourself like a rice dumpling. It’s not pretty, and you love to be pretty, don’t you? Come on, wake up…

It’s all my fault. I’ll never hit you again, okay? Never!

Leng Haoyun looked at her affectionately and earnestly.

Mo Suqing could see his feelings for Leng Xiyao really was not that simple.

Seeing him like this, An Huilin felt angry and sad. She stared at him bitterly, and then walked away with the bento box since he completely ignored her.

Mo Suqing didn’t want to disturb him, so she turned to walk back to her ward.

At this moment, Ceng Hanyu appeared.

Mo Suqing hastened forward. What is he doing here?

Then she recalled that before she had passed out, Ye Zhongjue was also here in the hospital. He had come with Leng Haoyun.

She had slapped Leng Haoyun at the heat of the moment and Ye Zhongjue had put her behind him protectively.

Her head began to ache. Why has everything been so out of control recently?

I told myself to get away from that guy! How could I allow him to help or comfort me?

I am incurably stupid!

Ceng Hanyu had come to ask Leng Haoyun about Leng Xiyao, but thought better of it when he saw that the man was virtually emanating coldness. He would probably be frozen into a human-shaped popsicle if he was anywhere near him.

He turned away and immediately caught sight of Mo Suqing.

He approached her smilingly.

“Sister-in-law, here you are! What’s wrong? Why are you wearing patient clothes?”

Mo Suqing said flatly, “Don’t call me that. And don’t disturb the patient!”

Ceng Hanyu looked at Leng Xiyao. Suddenly, a strange, indescribable feeling rose in him.

He was sure what it was. After all, he had only met Leng Xiyao twice.

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