Chapter 1: May All the Assholes and Bitches Go to Hell

It was nine in the evening in A----.

The glowing neons, the fast-flowing traffic, the rocking glasses scarlet from the wine… all of these added an obscure and mysterious quality to the night.

In a corner of the shopping mall across Tianyu Hotel, two suspicious figures kept looking over at the entrance of the establishment.

Closer inspection revealed them to be a pair of stunningly beautiful women.

Both were quite attractive. The one on the left was Mo Suqing. At five foot five, she had straight and black waist-length hair, clean and sparkling gemstone-like eyes, and a slightly red pouting mouth. Overall, she had a look of a child, dainty and fresh.

On the other hand, the girl on the right was five feet three inches tall. She was Leng Xiyao, college roommate and best friend of Mo Suqing, who was also her colleague now. She was sweet and cute, with charming short hair, dancing black eyes that leapt from one place to another. Overall, she had a look of a fairy, adorable and lively.

Right now, Mo Suqing wore an uncertain expression on her face. She gave her confidante a dubious look and said, 

“Yao, are you sure about this? Where did you get this information? Is it reliable? Is the superstar Guan Zixuan really going to appear here tonight?”

Leng Xiyao casually waved a hand at her without taking her gaze off the entrance of Tianyu Hotel before saying, 

“Don’t worry, Suqing. My information has never been unreliable before, now has it? For every celebrity news we have ever exposed, we got it from those reliable sources of mine.”

Mo Suqing thought about what she had said. Leng Xiyao was right. She seemed to have the ability of discovering news about every superstar without any failure. Maybe she should wait a bit longer this time too.

Mo Suqing resumed her vigil over the entrance of the hotel. She didn’t let herself relax one bit lest she should recognize the wrong person.

Time slipped by a second at a time…

From afar, a couple walked toward the entrance, laughing.

Leng Xiyao hurriedly reached over to cover Mo Suqing’s eyes, but it was too late.

Those eyes immediately went unfocused. Mo Suqing just stared at the direction of the couple nearing the entrance of Tianyu Hotel, dazed, face as pale and colorless as a piece of blank paper.

She watched the couple walking into the hotel hand in hand, helpless.

Leng Xiyao didn’t know what to do or say either. She looked at Mo Suqing, feeling rather guilty. It was all her fault. Why did she have to take Mo Suqing with her tonight?

Leng Xiyao knew the couple who just entered Tianyu Hotel well enough. They were Mo Sulian, Suqing’s stepsister, and Gu Jiannan, Suqing’s boyfriend.

Stepsister and boyfriend, cheating on her together? Talk about crossing a line!

In the beginning, she had thought Mo Suqing and Gu Jiannan would break up soon. To her surprise, their relationship had lasted for seven years. As her bestie, she couldn’t forcibly break them up, could she?

Mo Suqing was so stupefied that she just stood there like a wooden stake, totally motionless. Leng Xiyao shook her slightly with a worried look on her face, saying, “Suqing, you are frightening me. Please say something!”

Mo Suqing opened her mouth with some effort, then shook her head slowly. After a while, she finally found her voice, “Yao… tell me, what I just saw isn’t real…”

Leng Xiyao looked at her, pained, “Suqing, don’t be like this. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have brought you here tonight, only to bump into them…”

Mo Suqing laughed a sarcastic laugh. Then, although her tone sounded a bit miserable and forlorn, she also spoke with a new determination, 

“No! Yao, you are wrong. If you didn’t bring me here tonight and I didn’t witness everything, eventually I will know about it. You can’t keep the truth secret forever. But… I never thought that our seven-year relationship would turn into such a big joke. This is so ridiculous…”

Leng Xiyao didn’t know how to make Mo Suqing feel better. She looked like she was about to cry.

“Suqing, don’t be sad. Gu Jiannan has always been an asshole. Your feelings for him have never changed, so you wouldn’t believe me all this time. But ever since college, I didn’t have high hopes for your relationship.”

Leng Xiyao didn’t get to finish. Mo Suqing interrupted her mid-sentence.

She shook her head slowly, “Yao, say no more. I understand. Let’s go to a pub and get drunk.”

Leng Xiyao drew in a deep breath, then nodded.

“Okay. Let’s go!”


At Blue Phantom Pub.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao sat in a dimly-lit corner, drinking glass after glass of wine.

Mo Suqing laughed bitterly, saying, “Yao, can you tell me how come things turned out like this? Soon after I had gone to college, mom passed away in a car accident. Then, dad immediately asked Bai Lian and Mo Sulian to live with us. Every day, I silently endured everything and swallowed my feelings. I lived in the dorm as much as possible, not wanting to go home. It was Gu Jiannan who had comforted me and promised me that he would look after me for the rest of his life and that he would never let anyone, anything hurt me. He said even if mom was gone, he would be there for me. But how come things changed so fast, so suddenly?”

Mo Suqing sobbed and laughed at the same time, then cried out, “Haha… how ridiculous!”

Leng Xiyao knitted her brows and took a swig of wine.

“People change. Perhaps he changed. Suqing, let it go. Me, I won’t change. I’ll be here for you forever… We’ll always, always be best friends. To hell with that asshole and that bitch!”

Mo Suqing was a little drunk by now. She held the bottle high up and agreed, “That’s right, my friend! May all the assholes and bitches go to hell!”

Leng Xiyao raised her glass too and shouted, “May all the assholes and bitches go to hell!”


After drinking a lot of alcohol, Mo Suqing felt quite giddy. She stood up unsteadily and flashed Leng Xiyao a smile, stammering out, “Yao… be good… Don’t go anywhere… Wait for me here… I’m going to the restroom… Be right back…”

Leng Xiyao was also obviously drunk. She flung her arm casually and slurred, “Go… Go quickly… I’ll wait for you!”

Then, her head dropped heavily.

Mo Suqing’s makeup was smeared from crying, which made her look like a cute and comical tabby.

She staggered forward, her long, black hair falling over to the front of her chest. She brushed it away with one hand, then, with the other hand on the wall for support, slowly walked to the restroom.

Reaching the entrance of the restroom, she looked at the signs with unfocused eyes and muttered to herself, “This one has a skirt, that one doesn’t have a skirt. This one is for men, that one is for women…”

“Right! This is it…” Then, she smiled and pushed open the door of men’s room before wobbling inside.

A gloomy Ye Zhongjue leaned against the wall of the restroom, one hand placing on the door for support while the other clenched into a fist, forming a network of blue veins. His expression was that of an asura.

He was doing business at Blue Phantom tonight. However, he didn’t expect they would have dared drug his wine. His eyes blazed with menace. They were all going to pay for this!

They thought he could be forced with such a lousy trap?

He sneered and thought, they wish!

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