Book 2 Chapter 97

The Tragedy of Jaehart's Household

"Sir, they are..." probed Edwin carefully.

Kratt shot Nabir a questioning gaze. After seeing the latter nod, he explained.

"It's like this. Grand Magus Hladik's beloved disciple, Farsi, is reported to have died in orcs territory. We conducted an investigation and determined that Mister Farsi wasn't killed by the orcs, but these four mercenaries. We'd like to apprehend them and question them."

There're actually people who dare attack the Eye?! The Eye is a great tree, anyone able to kill key members can't be pushovers either. What will happen if they come after me for helping the Eye?

"Farsi is teacher's beloved disciple. I came here to carry out my teacher's will. My teacher will owe a favor to anyone who can help us find these people," said Nabir finally.

Though Nabir really wanted to jump with joy for Farsi's death, he believed placating his teacher was more important. He was not that much weaker than his teacher, but someone like his teacher, who had lived a long life, had no doubt gathered enough wealth to rouse the envy of most. The old man might reward him with a rare ingredient or equipment if he could help settle this. Nabir was trying quite hard to find the suspects.

"... I've never heard of them... How about this, gentlemen, I will put their names on a notice and have them distributed to every house in town. Maybe the townsfolk know something," suggested Edwin.

Nabir gave it some consideration before he nodded.

"This is fine. I hope you do your best."

"I will."

"Since negotiations are over, I hope you will arrange a place for us to stay, Mr. Mayor," instructed Nabir as if he was the master.

"Very well. If you don't mind, you could live here at my humble abode. I will have my servants make the preparations immediately."

"Then it's settled. Oh, also..."

Nebir approached Edwin and whispered.

"If the situation permits, I hope you can get me two maids. I will need someone to wait on me in the night... I prefer younger ones... Ideally, around twelve or thirteen years old."

Edwin was a little stunned. He understood Nabir meaning. If it were merely finding a few beautiful women, the mayor had his ways. But it was rather difficult to get anyone that young.

The folk of York were upright and honest. While there were a number of brothels in town, none had girls that young.

"I'm afraid that girls that young..."

"Just try to get two as young as possible. If there aren't any, then it's just too bad," said Nabir as he waved magnanimously.

He never expected there to be any good 'products' at such a run-down town. It would already be rather good if he could blow off some steam in the night.

"I will do my best to arrange it," said Edwin with a relieved breath before he got a few servants to make the arrangements.


When night fell, Nabir returned to his room. There were two young and beautiful girls waiting for him to spoil.

They had heard from the mayor that they would be serving someone of high status. If they did well, the tip would be nothing to scoff at. So, the two posed seductively and tried their best to show off their allure.

"No! Don't do that!" Nabir said coldly, "I don't like that kind of sluttiness! I prefer something more innocent."

While the girls looked rather decent, he didn't like their seductive wiles. The two courtesans were a little stunned at first. But, given that the mayor had searched for them, they knew many other ways to tame the hearts of men apart from tempting them. They quickly changed their behavior. In an instant, the two loose women turned into shy and reserved girls.

I see the women Edwin found are rather good. Nabir nodded with satisfaction.

He didn't think the two courtesans would be so smart and adaptable. As Nabir flirted with the two, a lewd atmosphere began to fill the room. He felt his lust peaking, so he prepared to go for the real deal. But right at that moment, a knock broke on his door.

"What?" cried Nabir with a furrowed brow.

If not for the fact that the knocking sounded respectful, he would've launched a fireball already.

"Mister Nabir, it's about the group you're looking for. I have a huge lead to report. I am the mayor's son," said a youthful voice.

Nabir furrowed his brow. But, seeing as the women Edwin had gotten were satisfactory, he calmed himself and opened the door. Riddie bowed to him respectfully.

"On account of your father, I will give you one minute," said the man coldly.

"I heard you're looking for four people. I met Leguna, one of the four. He really did show up in York," said Riddie without daring to ramble.

"Go on."

Riddie briefly told Nabir about the events that day in the desserts shop and the alleyway.

"Really? Maybe the name just sounds similar?"

Nabir still didn't want to give up on the two delectables waiting for him on the bed.

"I am absolutely certain. That fellow called himself Leguna and my guard Mikki also said there was another one of the four in town. His name is Kurdak. I'm pretty sure it can't be a case of similar names."

"True. A huge man called Kurdak was traveling with the youth," said Mikki from behind.

"Let's go together. Do you know where Jaehart's lives?"

"I do."

"Very well. If what you say is true, you will be rewarded handsomely," Nabir said with a satisfied nod, before he turned back to his room, "Wait for me. I will show you what a high-order magus is capable of, hahaha..."


"Alright, stop sulking. It's not like they're coming back," said Jaehart as he looked at his two crestfallen sisters helplessly.

No wonder they were sad. They didn't have parents, the children in town didn't like to play with them either. The two sisters were rather bored most of the time. Jaehart had brought back a few guests, a rare thing indeed. Not only were they interesting people, they also took them to town to have fun and delicacies and helped them with the chores. Such things were rare even when their parents were still alive. Now they had left, the two had to return to their boring lives of endless chores. It only made sense that their mood was bad.

"Brother, when do you think Big Bro Leguna will come back?" asked Innilis.

"They only left a few hours ago..."

Jaehart didn't know how to respond.

"Hey, Innie, tell me... Do you like Big Bro Leguna?"

"Brother!" Innilis snapped, red-faced, "I don't! Sis Minnie's the one who likes Big Bro Leguna!"

"Innie, liars get punished, you know! Don't mouth off without thinking," said Minnie, red-faced as well.

"Hmph, we'll see which one of us gets punished," said Innilis stubbornly.

"Haha, I didn't think Brother was so capable. He managed to get both my sisters fall for him in just a few days!" said Jaehart with a laugh.

Seeing his two sisters red was incredibly delightful.

"Don't worry, just leave everything to me. I will make sure Brother Leguna becomes your man!"

"Stupid Jaehart!" cried the two girls.


Knock knock knock!

Who would knock on our door at this time of the night?

"Ah! Maybe Big Bro Leguna and the rest are back?"

Minnie was the first to rush to the door and open it. She didn't see the faces she was expecting. The faces, save one, were completely unknown to her. The one she knew wasn't a pleasant one either; Riddie.

"Is this Jaehart's residence?" asked one of the faces.

"Yes. They only have three people in their household: Jaehart and his two sisters. The one who opened the door is Minnie," advised Riddie.

The moment the man laid eyes on Minnie, they brightened up.

Perfection! It's wonderful! Isn't this the girl I've been dreaming of for so long? Why didn't Edwin tell me about her? I see he hasn't been giving it his all!

"Who are you looking for?" asked Minnie cautiously.

Minnie's frightened look aroused Nabir even more. He forcefully suppressed his lust, dealing with proper matters came first.

"I would like to know where your guests are headed," said he as he turned to Jaehart.

"What if I say I don't know?" Jaehart backed off carefully and prepared to dash to the wall to grab the dagger Leguna had given him.

He knew from their appearance that they didn't have any good intentions. He wasn't going to tell them about Leguna, so he decided to resist.

"Then, I'll look for them myself."

Nabir didn't bother arguing and instantly dictated a petrification spell. He dictated the level six spell, Scry, immediately afterwards.


An agonized howl echoed throughout the house.

Scry was a spell that allowed the user to search the target's memories. However, the prophetic-class spell caused a lot of mental anguish to the target. Not only would the target suffer mental torture during the search, they might also suffer from severe side effects, such as a loss of sanity. Nabir didn't care. He searched through Jaehart's memories for information about his targets unreservedly. The sooner he found what he was looking for, the sooner he could have fun with the two girls.

"Baddie! Let my brother go!"

Minnie was enraged when she saw Jaehart crying. Driven onwards by courage that came from she knew not whence, she leaped forward and dug her canines into the man's arm.


A second voice joined in the song.

While high-order magi were powerful, most were used to living spoiled lives and never had to suffer any physical pain. Some extreme ones couldn't even take a papercut. While Nabir didn't belong to that category, he wasn't far off. At the very least, a bite from a little girl could be considered an injury.

"How dare a lowly commoner like you harm a great and noble magus! How dare you!"

Rage filled Nabir's heart as he dictated another spell without hesitation. A few razor-sharp frozen blades formed around his body.


Jaehart, now freed from Nabir's, saw the scene unfold the moment he regained consciousness. The youth let out a despairing howl as he leaped forward without a care for his safety.

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