Book 2 Chapter 84

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The biggest reaction came not from either Leguna or Annelotte but Ferd and Vera. Balor walked out of the shadows. While he was a burly youth, he wasn't as huge as Kurdak. He sported a height of 1.85 meters and had toned and well-defined, but not huge muscles. Anybody could tell with one look the explosiveness power of which his body was capable. He had undoubtedly inherited the perfect figure from his parents, a trait also reflected in Vera. While Leguna was also a tall and slender youth, he had far less musculature than Balor. Instead, he looked more like a tall boy than a young man.

"My child, you haven't died either?"

Though he hadn't seen Balor for ten years, Ferd still managed to recognize the huge, tall youth as his younger son immediately.

"Looks like there are lots of people in this world who want to see me dead. Isn't that right, sister?" Balor said mockingly, "Too bad I'm still alive and going rather well."

"Balor... I..."

Vera's words choked in her mouth. She could hear the mock in her brother's voice. She was glad he hadn't died but she realized she didn't deserve to acknowledge a brother like him.

"My fine sister, there's no need to say anything. I understand perfectly," said Balor with a smile.

"Sorry, it's all Sis's fault..." Vera said with a lowered head.

While she had wanted to beg her brother for forgiveness, Kurdak stopped her.

Vera and Ferd were filled with ecstasy at the fact that another of their family was alive. They didn't consider why Balor had come at all. Kurdak, on the other hand, was the most alert of them all. Putting aside what Vera's younger brother had experienced, it could be seen from the current situation that Balor wasn't there for a drama's touching reunion. Instead, he was there for a bloody and violent action film.

"Are you here to kill us?" asked Kurdak coldly as he glared at Balor.

Given that he'd brought so many people to surround the pit and even flung a knife Leguna's way, his intentions couldn't be clearer.

"Oh, not really. You're not worth it. I couldn't be bothered to kill you," Balor said before he pointed at Leguna, Annelotte, and Ferd.

"Neither are any of you. I'm not at all interested in killing you. The only one I want to kill is my dear sister, the one who left me to fight a necromancer alone!"

"Bastard! What did you say?! It seems you haven't been disciplined at all!" roared Ferd.

He didn't think the first thing Balor would do once he arrived was kill his own flesh and blood.

Balor glanced at Ferd and said lazily, "Don't ever repeat that again, old thing. Otherwise, I'll have your tongue."


Ferd turned crimson. He wanted to rebuke Balor, but he could feel the icy killing intent the latter radiated. Ferd's face instantly paled, not from fear, but from the fact that his own son, the one he loved so much, was perfectly willing to kill him.

He's my son, I'm his father! How could he?! How would he?! How would he dare?!

Fueled by vengeance, Ferd had fought alone in orcish territory for years. Even though the reunion dispelled his desire for vengeance, this situation brought all the more grief and despair to him. He sighed, exasperated; he felt like he had aged ten years in a moment.

Seeing her father struck with grief, Vera said with a hint of anger, "Balor! Everything was my fault. Don't drag father and the others into it! I'll bear all the responsibility!"

"Oh, but I never intended to involve them in the first place. All I ever wanted was for you to taste the pain I felt," Balor said with a cruel smile, "Father, lover, and friend. I bet that kind of sensation would be a beautiful one, wouldn't it? Hahahahaha!"

Balor laughed maniacally before he suddenly stopped.

With a cold tone, he said, "All four of you, listen well. I am going to kill this woman. If you dare obstruct me, I will kill you as well. If you leave now, I can promise you I won't continue to pursue this matter."

"You bastard! All those years I spent raising you were a complete waste! Are you insane?!" roared Ferd as he ran forward and prepared to educate his son.

"Uncle, careful!" Kurdak knew something was off the moment Ferd approached Balor.

Though he wanted to stop him, Ferd truly moved too quickly. Before he could react, Ferd had already made it in front of his son. The sight of Ferd charging at him with his fist raised made Balor recall his childhood. In the past, the moment he made a mistake, his father would run up to him and give his head a few flicks with his finger. The memory left him slightly traumatized which developed a deep sense of anger as time went on.

Why?! Why does everyone treat me like this?! You support each other and help each other out, but nobody looked me in the eye even once! Nobody cared about my feelings! I'm a human too! I'm your son too! But even when Sis was the one in the wrong, you never blamed her even once. But you're coming over to teach me a lesson?! Have you ever considered how I feel?! No, you never bothered! Since you didn't, why should I care about your feelings?!

Though Ferd raised his fist, it landed lightly. The middle-aged man widened his eyes as he looked at his son in disbelief. Balor also looked down at his right hand in shock. It held a dagger -- completely pierced into his father's torso. The crimson-colored blood gushing out of the wound was eye-piercing.

Ferd took two steps back and coughed out one mouthful of blood after another. He looked down at his found; it was right over his heart. He was done for no matter what. He looked back at Balor, who wore a blank look, as a hint of rage flashed past his eyes. The man used the last of his energy to raise his fist and give his son one final, ruthless flick.

"Noooo!" Vera cried lamentatiously.

She wanted to rush over and help her father, but Kurdak held her tightly. He hugged the woman in his embrace tightly. He didn't let go even when she bit or punched him. Balor had already gone completely insane. Ferd couldn't able to stop him, so how would Kurdak let Vera go?

After getting flicked, Balor blanked out for a moment. He raised his hand to wipe the blood his father spurted off his face.

He cried with a maniacal smile.

"Hahahahaha! What a dad you are! You didn't forget to stand up for your daughter even at the moment of your death! Hahahahaha! Why didn't I have that kind of father, huh? Why? Why?! Whyyyyyyy!"

Vera still struggled non-stop. Realizing he couldn't hold on for long, Kurdak had no choice but to knock out the woman. After putting her down, he drew the two-handed sword slung over his back and got into a charging stance. Balor glared coldly at him.

"Leave her and I'll spare your life."

Kurdak smiled nonchalantly.

"Kid, in one way or another, I can be considered your brother-in-law. Since your dad is no longer here, it's up to me to teach you a lesson on being human!"

Kurdak's imposing impetus exploded as the rocky ground beneath his feet cracked.

Nobody would've expected him to break through that very moment! His impetus successfully reached the 13th stratum!

Despite the rise in power, he knew he didn't stand a sliver of a chance against Balor. He didn't cower, though. Since his brother-in-law had committed a wrong, it was his responsibility to give him a good beating until he admitted his mistake!

"You? Teach me a lesson? You think you're qualified?" asked Balor disdainfully.

He was a 16th-stratum high-order assassin. Even if the man had just broken through to the 13th stratum, He was still powerful enough to take on two Kurdaks at the same time. However, the moment he finished what his words, he felt a seething sense of danger wash over him. He leaped forward into a roll without hesitation. Lighteater barely missed him from behind, managing only to shave off a few of his hairs.

It was only the beginning, though. Leguna had never counted on his first strike to defeat his enemy. The moment Balor began rolling, he drew Flameblade from his waist and rushed forward again. Balor could feel the thrill from his brush with death. He didn't think his short moment of carelessness almost allowed Leguna's ambush to succeed. Though he had repeatedly told Leguna how dangerous he was, it seemed he had underestimated his junior.

Leguna tried to limit Balor's movements as best he could. He wasn't in a hurry to attack Balor's vitals; all he did was suppress the movement Balor's hands so he couldn't reach for his weapons.

As for Kurdak, he didn't have a shred of warrior's pride and awareness. The moment he saw Leguna launch his ambush, he rushed forward without hesitation.

Under the two's attacks, the desperately defending Balor was soon pushed into passivity. In the end, he took one of Kurdak's slaps to break out of their barrage, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood in return.

"You're forcing me to get serious."

Balor drew two enchanted longswords that shone crimson.

Annelotte stepped forward. She wanted to stand alongside Leguna. But Farsi, who had been quiet the whole time, raised his hand to stop her.

"I've long heard Miss Annelotte was a water swayer. I wonder how you'd compare to a fire guide like me?" said he with a smile, but no hint of glee.

Embers flashed behind him.

Title: Patricide

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