Book 6 Chapter 662

The Person Counted On

After some silence, Njolvinr asked, "How doth thou know?"

[I only inherited some fragmented memories,] Leguna said, [I once thought that those memories were some kind of trap you set. But by your reaction, it appears to be true.]

[Continue guessing!] Njolvinr wasn't too surprised that Leguna knew some of his secrets. [But thou hath best remember that mine awakening approacheth when thou overuseth mine power. This instance is one such example.]

[Thanks for the reminder.] Leguna had long guessed that already and had resolved himself not to use the power that often. But he was in a critical situation now, so he didn't hesitate despite the risks. He had a feeling that there was an even larger secret lying in wait for him. To find out, Nidhogg had to die!

The formation drawn with blood glowed pale yellow. It was the purest sacred power, filtered and converted sunlight itself. The divine power moved according to the formation and formed complicated runes in the air. Instantly, the color of the runes changed from pale yellow to ink black. Leguna used some kind of law to convert the sacred power into shadow energy. After a little more processing, the pure shadow energy could be converted into Njolvinr's divine power.

Even though the divine power recovered was less than a quarter of the amount spent in battle, that was enough for Leguna to take Nidhogg's final blow. The two soared to the peak of their strength and tapped into the final drops of potential in them in their fight for ultimate victory.

The transparent devilish silhouette once more enveloped Leguna. He infused Njolvinr's divine power into his body and turned into a half-demon. Two small horns sprouted from his forehead. His teeth and nails grew sharper, and his eyes were completely black. Even the veins running across his skin turned black.

Even with how ugly he no doubt looked, which would worry Innilis, Leguna knew this was something he had to do. Otherwise, his body might be eradicated even if he had enough energy to face off against Nidhogg's attack.

"Nidhogg!" Leguna roared while looking up at the shining star in the sky. He bent down and propelled himself into the air like a spring.

He accelerated nonstop with Njolvinr's divine power. Nidhogg also sped downwards with the power of gravity. The two-shot at one another like two meteors.

"Big Bro, give it your all!" Innilis suddenly stood up and cheered, "Sis Eirinn and I are waiting for you!"

Come to think of it, I've spent most of my life failing… Leguna thought as time seemed to slow before the collision. I've never been an ambitious person. I've never wanted to conquer anything or become someone powerful or respected. All I wanted was to protect those I cherished.

Even though the goal I set for myself couldn't get lower even if I wanted to, I still didn't manage to do that properly, he thought with a pained smile, When I was younger, I was helpless when Eirinn's father sold her to the slave traders, resulting in her experiencing ten years of suffering. When I grew up, Cyranos, someone who was like a father and brother to me, died from an attack by the orcs. It was probably then when I came to understand the importance of power, so I started to train myself to gain power. Luckily, I was reasonably talented in that regard. But most laughably, when I thought I was finally strong enough to protect those I cared about, Minnie and Jaehart died before my eyes. I was later pursued so haggardly by the Eye of Arcana. If Annie wasn't there, I would've died already.

Yes… Annie… Even though he didn't bring the name up often, he knew that the name was embedded in the deepest parts of his psyche. If not for her, I would've been killed during my mercenary days. If not for her, I would've been toyed around by the officials in the imperial court. Without her, I would've died by Saron's hands. Power, bravery, confidence… She gave me far too much. She's the most important person in my life, yet I wasn't able to protect her properly… I am such a pathetic failure…

Innilis and the rest looked up in the sky and saw the two people approach like comets, before finally colliding. Strong gusts manifested instantly before a deafening boom entered their ears a few seconds later. Innilis stared at the mess in the sky and was so anxious her eyes seemed to burn.

The crimson light fell from the gassy mess. Nidhogg had slowed down considerably, but it seemed like he had won in the clash just now. He didn't run into Leguna directly and modified his trajectory at the very last second, causing him to collide with the silhouette. After piercing through, he was completely unobstructed.

"Big Bro!" Innilis cried to the skies.

Goodbye, Nidhogg thought, his mind already certain of his victory.


Just as Nidhogg was counting down to the moment he triggered a mana explosion, he felt something grab onto his leg. His speed also started to decelerate.

He turned back in shock, only to see a hundred-meter-long demon arm grab onto his leg. At the other end was the chaotic gas cloud. Once the gas was dispersed, Leguna could be seen. The demonic silhouette that enveloped him just now had completely turned into that arm.

Leguna stretched his right arm out and held on tightly. Shooting Nidhogg a fierce glare, he suddenly roared, "But! Even a pathetic loser like me has people waiting for my return! How could I lose? How can I lose?!"

"How's this possible?!" Nidhogg didn't believe the kind of power he felt coming from his leg. He had already stopped falling and was just about to shoot up into the skies.

The demonic hand retracted until Leguna's own hand was grabbing Nidhogg's leg.

Nidhogg's hot skin caused Leguna's hand to cook and crackle, but the latter didn't seem to feel it in the slightest. Still grabbing on tightly, he shot up towards the skies like a rocket.

Innilis called out to him once more just as he disappeared from all their views.

Tens of thousands of meters in the skies, Leguna felt that he was at his limit, but he held on in hopes of being able to bring Nidhogg further away.

In the last few seconds before he let go, he swung his right hand against his center of gravity to throw Nidhogg up even higher. "You… leave them alone and don't come back!"

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