Book 6 Chapter 658


"Yes." Leguna continued writing. "Nidhogg is going to revive. Should we stop him?"

Given Eirinn's personality. she wouldn't just stand by even if the person harmed was someone who treated her badly. Surprisingly, however, she didn't agree immediately. She gave it lots of thought.

"Innie, I also want to know your answer," Leguna said, "Should I stop Nidhogg or not?"

Innilis fell silent as well.

Everyone fell silent from the sudden question. Only Nidhogg's formation continued to function uninterrupted.

Of everyone there, Alissanda was the only anxious one. After he confirmed that no amount of attacking would do any good, his expression stiffened horribly. He was all too anxious to hear the two women's answer, but more so, he was worried about Leguna's own answer.

After some time, Innilis and Eirinn said in unison, "Big Bro, stop him!"

"Why?" he asked, though he didn't seem surprised by their answer.

Innilis pointed at Eirinn. She wanted to hear her reason as well.

After some hesitation, Eirinn said, "I… I know Big Brother Leguna hates these people and this world. But I cannot stand seeing so many people die. Even though I can't actually see anymore, I can't bear the thought of it. Leguna, the empire has always mistreated you and Sis Annie, but the folk are innocent. Ten years ago in the plaza, they are merely pitiful people who were led to believe a lie. I don't think they were wrong about that. Also, I don't wish for your eyes to be clouded by hatred any longer. I don't want you to be a specter of vengeance. Things… things are not to that point yet. So, for the sake of those innocent people and yourself, stop Nidhogg if you have the power to. Help them! If this world becomes hell, how can we possibly hope to find our own heaven in it?"

Leguna didn't reply. He merely touched her head and turned to Innilis.

"My reasoning is even simpler," Innilis said, "If I'm to stay by your side, I'll have to get my kindness and tolerance back."

After all, I've taken tens of thousands of lives in the past decade. I don't think I can bear any more, she thought without saying it out. It was her problem to deal with, so she didn't want Leguna to share that burden. She had slaughtered enough innocents. There was more than enough death right now.

Leguna also stroked Innilis's head and smiled. "Since that's your wish, I'll satisfy you. Angelista, keep them safe, please."

"That's another favor you owe me, alright?" She yawned.

"No problem." He glared at Alissanda before approaching Nidhogg's formation.

"Leguna…" Even though he had been hoping for Leguna to help him, he still couldn't believe it was actually happening. Though he called out to him, he didn't really know what to say. Should he thank him? He surely didn't want to. He'd always been a believer that people with power bore great responsibility. Since Leguna had the power to face off against Nidhogg, he should stand up to him. Should he apologize? No, even now, he didn't think what he had done was mistaken. For the sake of the continent, that man couldn't be left alive. If Alissanda was the one who bore that curse, he would've killed himself already instead of stubbornly living like a cockroach.

Leguna stood still and said, "After I kill Nidhogg, you're next."

"After you kill him, I'll kill you," Alissanda plainly said. Even though he didn't think it was inappropriate to say that in the slightest, Angelista rolled her eyes and Innilis spat on him. He merely wiped it off with a dirty sleeve and moved further away from her.

"I think we dark elves should feel ashamed when compared with your human politicians. They've honed shamelessness to an art," Angelista said to Innilis.

"That's right!"

"Miss Angelista, please be aware of your position! You're an elder of Second Magic Academy and I'm your emperor!" Alissanda couldn't help but say.

"If you think I'm bothersome, just kick me out from the academy then," she replied with a dissatisfied shrug.

That shut Alissanda up. He wasn't willing to have her leave. Ever since Myr, Annelotte and Geoffrey died, there were only a few high-order magi in the empire. Angelista also happened to be a rare soulgrasper and was now the strongest magus in the empire. She was the last of the empire's experts, and if she left, the empire would definitely become a laughing stock.

Nidhogg's body had formed completely in the air. It was a perfect body; it didn't have even one strand of body hair. Its whole body was sculpted from head to toe by Nidhogg. Its skin was smooth and flush and its muscles were firm. One look alone was enough for one to see the terrifying strength contained within the body.

"For a myth-realm magus to exhibit himself like that without a single article of clothing… I'm sure Melindor Daily wouldn't ignore a scoop like that, right?" Leguna muttered. Nidhogg was still being protected by the planar laws, so he wasn't in a rush to attack.

A few minutes later, Nidhogg finally opened his eyes. He touched his bald head and smiled.


A magus's robe appeared on him. He then turned to look and saw Leguna waiting for him with swords in both hands. He floated down onto the ground not far away from Leguna and stared at him for a long time.

"So, you chose to fight me in the end?" Nidhogg said with a look of pity. "If we team up, we can conquer the world, you know."

"What does that have to do with me? Don't tell me you're interested in ruling the world?" Leguna said with a derisive look, "Your tastes really are boring."

"No, I only want vengeance against this world," Nidhogg said with a shake of his head.

"You're lying," Leguna denied without hesitation.

Nidhogg smiled without affirming or denying anything. "Even though you have the same experiences I did and was deceived and betrayed by the world… we both lost our loved ones due to this stupid world too. Tell me. Why do you still stand before me? Are you trying to say you're more tolerant and forgiving than me?"

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