Book 6 Chapter 642


"El… Elder Eiron…" As if he had lost his memories, Leguna looked around in confusion. He was surprised to find himself in someone that wasn't Melindor. He was in a mystical space that had no sense of direction at all. No matter where he looked, Eiron would look back at him with a gentle gaze.

Leguna looked at him helplessly. "What… what's going on?"

"Do you remember the first time we met? When we drank tea together? That time, I left a trace of enthymema on your body. When you're angry and beyond despair, I will manifest," Eiron explained, "Child, control yourself and calm down."

"Anger? Despair?" He snapped for a moment and his memories returned to him. It felt like a hot knife cutting through his brain. His eyes reddened in an instant. "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Listen to me calmly, child." Eiron used some sort of spell to calm him down. "Do you remember what I said to you? True courage isn't having baseless bravery. It's the ability to retain your hope and faith for the existence of light in the world even after having experienced the worst it has to offer."

"To hell with light and kindness!" he yelled, "It's that very light that killed Annie! Those so-called kind and benevolent people did it! I want to bury them with her! I want them dead!"

"Child, I know you're despairing, but don't lose yourself in your grief," Eiron advised, "There isn't absolute good or evil in this world. Everyone has their own values they apply to the things they do. Even if they hurt you, you should try to forgive them, because they also have their own relatives, lovers and people they have to protect. Perhaps they have a reason they have no choice but to do this?"

"Do you think I'm a saint or something?!" he said with a savage glare, "I don't care who their lovers or whatnot are. As long as they killed Annie, they have to die! They deserve to die!"

"Looks like there is nothing I can say to convince you then," he said with a disappointed sigh, not the least bit angry about the insults. "However, my child, are you sure you've made your decision? Are you going to wipe yourself out with this world?"

"Nothing in this world means anything to me anymore. If this world doesn't have her in it, then I'll destroy it!"

After a moment of silence, Eiron asked, "Did you know what Annelotte said before her death?"

"What… she said…" Hearing her name caused him to calm down somewhat.

"She said, 'Live on well, my beloved'. Even as she was being vaporized, she still hoped you could toughen yourself for the life that comes after! That's her heartfelt wish. Are you going to deny her even that?"

"If she's no longer here, who am I to toughen up for?" Leguna muttered.

"Don't forget, the other two children need your care and protection! If you despair now, what would they do?" Eiron waved and showed a screen. Within, Eirinn and Innilis were walking in the dark wilderness helplessly and aimlessly. They were merely advancing forwards, holding each other's hands.

At the sight, his rage stilled. The world wasn't completely meaningless to him, at least, not yet. There were two other people he couldn't let go of no matter what.

"Your responsibilities don't lie with Annelotte alone. Are you going to let these two naive children be without support just to satisfy your one-time desire for revenge? This world has an ugly and dark side, but that's not all it is. At least, you can't deny that you still have ties you can't let go of in this world, right?"

"Eirinn… Innie…" He looked at their helpless expressions and felt moved.

"Put your hate down temporarily. I'm not asking you to give up on your right to vengeance. I only hope that you don't deny everything else in this world because of what happened today. There are still reasons for you to smile in this world." After Eiron said that, he disappeared.

What do I do? He repeated the question to himself nonstop with his hands hugging his head. No amount of thinking brought him closer to the answer.

Would he give up and let her death be in vain or avenge her? What of Eirinn and Innilis? What in the world should he do?

He clawed at his hair more and more strongly. The pain and dilemma drove him towards insanity.

"Big Brother Leguna," a voice said from behind him.

He froze and slowly looked up. He saw Eirinn smiling at him from behind.

"Forget about all your troubles and let's go home!" she said with the brightest smile on her face.

"Home?" He looked at her in confusion and said in agitation, "Eirinn, what are you saying?! Annie's dead! I have no home! I've never had something I could call one!"

Eirinn slowly approached him and bent down to hug him. She pulled his head close to her belly and said, "I know. I know it all. But you have to stay strong. I don't think Sis annie would wish for you to live on with a heart full of hate, right? And you do have a home! Look!"

He turned back and saw Innilis, Kurdak, Vera and Lamir appear. They looked at him, smiling encouragingly.

"Brat, I'm still waiting to drink with you!"

"Ley, come home! We're all waiting for you!"

"I have you to thank for being able to spend my days with Kurdak like this, Mister Leguna."

"Big Bro… do you not want me anymore?"

Leguna looked at them, distraught. He slowly stood up and wanted to hold onto them, but when he reached out, his gaze turned fierce once more. "No, this isn't right! What about Annie? For what would she have died?!"


A slender arm tapped his shoulder. He turned back and saw that Eirinn was now Annelotte. The glacier girl looked at him expressionlessly and said, "Remember. No matter what I died for, it definitely wasn't so you could die with the world."

"Annie!" He wanted to hug her, but caught air. She was nothing more than an illusion.

"Remember our promise," she said, as her figure grew more and more distant.

"No! No! Don't leave! I beg you! I'll do what you say! I'll do everything you say!"

However, her figure continued to recede to a place he couldn't see. The next second, his eyes blurred and he was back in the cruel hell.

"Annie!" he roared, but even with the endless hate that filled him, the right hand that held the ball of shadow energy slumped weakly down. The two balls lost control and dissipated into the air.

"At least… I have to find Eirinn and Inn… nie…" He lurched forwards uncontrollably and fainted.

"This…" Alissanda wiped the sweat off his face as he stood there in disbelief. The devilish silhouette that surrounded Leguna was now gone. He had fainted from his severe injuries, but Alissanda hesitated to give him one final stab based on how erratic he had acted.

Ten minutes later, he finally made sure that Leguna was knocked out. He dragged his injured body towards Leguna and raised his sword up high. "I'm sorry."


Right when Lunaminous was about to fall, Alissanda was sent flying like a ragdoll.

"Cough, cough…" He sat up as he coughed nonstop and glared. He saw a huge, towering man 2.5 meters in height. The man had green skin and great big tusks. Alissanda was quite shocked to see an orc before him.

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