Book 6 Chapter 586

Wayerliss's Past

"While elves are inherently kind as a race, they are also arrogant and stubborn as a rock," Leguna said.

"Your description of those pureblood bastards is far too forgiving," Wayerliss said with a clap of his hands. Even though he was three-quarters elf, he didn't even bother to hide the hate he held for his ilk.

With his statements reassured, Leguna continued, "I knew it! The elves feel themselves to be inherently superior to other races, and your mother is a tragic example of what that sense of superiority can bring."

"You're correct." Wayerliss sounded harm, but there was real bone-deep hate in his words. "Eiron met my mother when he was traveling the continent and they fell in love. But when they returned to the elven settlement, my mother was rejected by those in the settlement."

"And Elder Eiron chose to abandon your mother?"

"That's right. He chose his own people and gave up on her," Wayerliss said calmly, "And she was an impassioned person. After being rejected by everyone and exiled, she chose to end her own life."

Leguna fell silent.

"Overall these years, I've sought out power without a pause to one day surpass Eiron. I want to cut off that darned elf's head and use it as an offering at my mother's grave--" He laughed self mockingly. "But it's too bad that he's much too powerful to the point that he can ignore the threat I pose to him. He has never stopped me from doing anything. Even now, I still don't know what he truly is capable of."

Upon hearing that, Leguna wondered about the weird father-son relationship they had. He was well aware of the hate Wayerliss had for Eironn, and while the latter knew about it, he hadn't put it on his mind at all. One of them was mad enough to want to kill the other, who could interact with others peacefully and normally. The two of them really were one of a kind.

The most infuriating part was Eiron's attitude towards Wayerliss. Though he knew how much he was hated, why did he ignore it all these years? Was he that confident in his power? Or was it because of the regret he felt for the mother and son?

Leguna would never know that there was an awkwardness behind how all of this started. The part that infuriated him was how Eiron dealt with the whole thing. While he hadn't known the elf elder for long, he did have a rather deep impression on him as a kind and wise elf. That was why he didn't understand why he behaved like that with regards to the whole ordeal.

Though, he didn't have time to consider such questions anyway. He pointed Lighteater at Wayerliss and said, "So, you've put your hope in gifts? The guild has always had a secret department researching the gifted… And your main specimen is Annie!"

"Don't look at me with that expression." Wayerliss shrugged. "Even though she is indeed my specimen, I didn't go to any extreme lengths in my research with Marolyt on my neck."

Leguna looked at Annelotte. He had actually begun researching this matter long ago. After finding out about the truth, he finally understood how her stubborn personality came about. It was from then on that he decided to have nothing more to do with Moonshadow.

He lowered his head and muttered, "She… she was only a small child…"

He then looked up abruptly and roared, "Would you discard everything for the sake of power?!"

"Discard everything? Hahahaha… You seem to have the wrong idea. In this world, power is everything."

"Then come! My power is right here! Take it if you want it!" He allowed his impetus to surge.

Wayerliss froze. He looked at him and broke out laughing. "Hahahaha! Your power? Yours?"

He was met with an angry look.

"It seems you've misunderstood two things. First, I've never thought of using the power for myself. Second, that power has never been yours!"

He vanished the moment he said that and appeared behind Leguna all of a sudden, as if he had leapt through space, and thrust his dagger towards Leguna's heart.

Leguna reacted rapidly and blinked behind Wayerliss, striking out just as mercilessly with Lighteater.

The sword slashed his body, only for him to disappear like an illusory shadow. At the same moment, a Wave Blade struck out at him from the darkness of the night.

Leguna forced himself to avoid it in mid-air, but he wouldn't be able to move out of the way from all eight Wave Blades coming at him from different directions. Wayerliss was a saint-realm assassin, after all. While he couldn't completely overpower Leguna, there was still a significant gap between their abilities.

Surprisingly, however, a barrier manifested around him and saved him from any injury. Annelotte had finally reawakened.

"How is it?" He rushed back to her side. She was a magus, after all, and given that they were fighting Wayerliss, she might not necessarily be able to strike.

"I'm fine," she said with an odd nod. The seal inside her diatagi was horribly complex that even she couldn't fully understand it. Fortunately, it was mostly ruined and most of the circuits were useless. Only a small portion could still be utilized, which was what caused her to blank out.

The remnant traces of the seal was able to control her for short periods of time. Had it still been complete, Annelotte would no doubt become a puppet to the controller of the seal. She figured out almost immediately why the seal was ruined: Innilis.

Back then, she had served Annelotte a poison that could ruin her diatagi. If her diatagi hadn't been strong enough, she might've lost her life then and there. Coincidentally, however, the poison didn't take her life and instead spoiled the seal hidden deep within her diatagi, saving Leguna from his demise today. It was a blessing in disguise indeed.

Wayerliss also stopped his attacks when he saw her awake again. His figure reappeared and he looked at her with a furrowed brow. He had prepared that seal to deal with her long ago. According to Logg, it would allow him to take over her completely. But now, it seemed that it was malfunctioning in some way.

But he had no time to ask Logg about it. The reason he came was to kill off Leguna and Annelotte and collect the essence of their elemental aspects. If he failed this time, Leguna would only be more prepared the next time, not giving him any opportunities to act. That was why he had to deal with the two for good this time at all costs.

Leguna was also intent on killing Wayerliss. He was a saint-realm assassin with the whole of Moonshadow behind his back, and Leguna wouldn't want to have him as an enemy. But now that he decided to turn against them, Leguna decided he would have to take him out. Otherwise, he would have to live on edge, always worrying about being targeted by a saint-realm assassin for the rest of his life.

He wanted to remind her that Wayerliss was no longer the chairman she knew. "Annie, I know this--"

However, she stretched her hand out to stop him. "I already don't remember the past that well, but the old me seemed to have anticipated something like this long ago."

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