Book 4 Chapter 541

Dance of Wind and Domain of Sword

Marolyt looked up and saw Kevin standing in the distance, shining and golden.

While he was on high ground and even had a deity's backing, he felt like he was the one truly being looked down upon. The feeling wasn't rooted in anything; it was simply a feeling that even if he worked with Wayerliss, he wouldn't be able to defeat Marolyt.

"Back when I lost Laulice and obtained this power, I had sealed it away," Marolyt proclaimed, "Now, I will show you the power the galestorm swordsaint had sealed away for two decades! My third gift!"

Kevin gripped his lance tight and glared at him. His expression revealed the anxiety and tension he felt.

"Dance of Wind." He muttered the name of his third gift before he disappeared from their vision.

It wasn't an instantaneous relocation ability like Leguna's. The reason he disappeared was he moved at a speed so fast that even the sacred wandering lance couldn't detect.


Kevin felt he had seen the slightest glimpse of Marolyt's face, but he had no time to think it through. He suddenly suffered a huge blow to his chest and flew away like a kite whose string was broken.

But that was far from the end. He felt a startling chill coming for his heart and subconsciously raised his lance to block.

That move ended up saving his life. Marolyt's body reappeared for a fraction of a second and slashed. Azureflash clashed against the holy lance. Kevin would've been cut into half had it not been for that.


He came crashing to the ground. However, he didn't stop there. He rolled away desperately and a four-meter cut appeared where he used to be.

"Haagh!" He let his holy impetus flare, knowing that if he took another beating, he might really die.

The impetus formed into a giant figure about five meters in height. It was Pyro's idol.

Marolyt reappeared once more, his body glowing hot from moving at such a hot speed. Large droplets of sweat came out of his body nonstop. The sweat mixed with the blood already on his body and dripped onto the ground. He looked much paler than before.

Dance of Wind was the third gift as a windbreaker which he awakened after losing his beloved. It was somewhat similar to Host of Darkness in that it was used to improve his physical capabilities.

But unlike Leguna's gift, Dance of Wind seemed to be far more effective. It could also only last a short time. It would bring out every ounce of potential within him, but using it for too long would have irreversible side effects. So, he had to strictly control the time he kept it on. According to his estimations, he could use it for half a minute. After that, he needed to rest for five minutes before he could use it again.

"Cough… The sun god's protection, huh…" He coughed out another mouthful of blood. While he was injured, he believed he had victory in hand. "Black Baldie! All you had when you fought me two decades ago was Pyro's protection! Are you going to use the same thing now too?"

"May the light be with me." He ignored Marolyt's provocation and raised his lance once more.

"You! Wayerliss!" Marolyt yelled, "Don't think you'll be worry-free because you're hiding! Your little tricks are ever so laughable before my power!"

He plunged the sword into the ground and whispered, "Scatter, Azureflash, and form my host of flesh into a sword!"

The sword began to whirr from the vibrations. The pitch of the whirr got higher and higher and eventually beyond human earshot.

He stood in front of the sword and made a simple hand sigil. The sword let out a gentle light and began to morph before it disappeared entirely.

"Let us begin, Azureflash," he muttered.

Wayerliss grunted in pain the moment he finished his sentence. He didn't give up on that chance and willed his sword aura in the direction he heard the cry.


Crimson blood colored the air in an instant as Wayerliss stumbled out of the shadows. His left hand had been cut off, still flying through the air. However, Marolyt intentionally willed it to be sliced into meat paste.

"The only way you can restore your 'girlfriend' now is to use a wishing spell," he spat.

Domain of Sword was an ability he could use after he fused entirely with Azureflash. Within the domain, he was the absolute sovereign. The whole domain was his sword and enemies within it could be attacked through his will alone. Not to mention, the cuts were just as powerful as Azureflash's own, as the domain was formed from the very same sword.

Not only that, he could fill the whole domain with his sword aura and inflict pain on anyone within. It was how he got Wayerliss to cry out.

Though, it didn't cover that large an area. Its diameter was only around 40 meters. Wayerliss only got hurt because he was trying to approach.

"Radiance! Chase away the pain of the unfortunate!" Kevin hurriedly prayed.

The gentle light enveloped Wayerliss and sealed his bleeding wound as he hurriedly jumped out of the domain's range.

"You shan't escape!" Marolyt triggered Dance of Wind and disappeared, catching up to Wayerliss in the blink of an eye.

He sent his sword will for the elf's throat. Wayerliss managed to duck and avoid it, but it only slowed him down even more.


The killing intent flared in his eyes. No matter what the elf was planning, it wouldn't matter once he was dead. As for Kevin, he was merely Pyro's dog and he didn't know what the two were planning.

That was why he believed killing Wayerliss would end the need between him and Kevin to fight.

But Kevin wouldn't let him have his way. He stretched his hand out to stop the will that would've severed it by calling onto his deity's idol.

"Must you stop me?" he turned back and asked.

"My Lord doesn't permit Wayerliss's death," he replied helplessly.

"Then you will both die!"

He charged for Kevin immediately. He knew that Kevin was more proficient with defense. If he insisted on protecting the elf, Marolyt had no chance. So, killing Kevin first was the only way.

His speed reached its limit and he held both his arms open. Azureflash formed into two ethereal weapons in his arms as he shot towards Kevin with his hands raised. He sent the sword will in his domain towards him.

Kevin's expression was grim. Even with Pyro's idol, he wouldn't necessarily be able to take the incoming frenzied attack.

Marolyt swung his two swords in a cross and launched a cross-shaped impetus blade at the idol. The heavy idol wasn't able to block against the rapidly approaching blades and they struck its eyes.

"Heeargh!" he roared from the sheer force he used and countless swords in the form of will covered the gigantic idol and began slashing at it nonstop. The thing made of pure light gradually dimmed.

"Don't look down on me!" Kevin roared as he charged at his adversary. Being inside the gigantic idol of light, he was almost invulnerable and could take on Marolyt's domain.

Marolyt used the formless weapons in his hands to cut at the lance. He diverted the force from Kevin's thrust.

Kevin raised his left hand and a gigantic hammer of judgment appeared behind him. Not only that, Wayerliss had made his approach before anyone noticed. He stretched his longsword out and pierced towards Marolyt's left side, enduring the pain from the domain.

But Marolyt was ready. He attacked Wayerliss with the sword will he had been secretly suppressing and kicked the distracted Kevin flying before destroying the hammer of judgment with the weapons in his hand.

"Don't think that you're the only one with summons!" He tossed the weapon in his left hand into the air and it began to enlarge and shot downwards towards the weakened idol of Pyro.

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