Book 4 Chapter 538

Two Against One

"Pffft! Cough… cough…" Marolyt spat out two mouthfuls of blood. The hammer of judgment contained the divine power of the sun god. While it wasn't a large amount, every iota of divine power could warp the planar laws. That was why Marolyt's still-mortal body sustained so much harm. That level of damage was also something divine miracles or human healing techniques couldn't heal easily. One could only rely on one's own regeneration ability to recover.

Infusing divine power into his attacks was the most terrifying part of the sacred wandering lance. Kevin was a devotee of Pyro and also his strongest warrior in the mortal realm. That was why the sun god gave his warrior special treatment.

"Kevin…" Marolyt spat out another mouthful of blood and glared at the one who attacked him. "Why are you here? Why is it you?"

"You could've left me be. I wouldn't die from that. If you had used the Sacred Sun Lance just now, the battle would've ended long ago…" Wayerliss appeared beside Kevin and complained. It seemed they were in cahoots with one another.

Kevin furrowed his brow and ignored him.

While he was a human paladin, his dark skin was a surprisingly good fit for the dark environment of the Dusk Zone. From a distance, he even seemed a little similar to a dark elf.

Marolyt looked at the wandering lance only to see him bow deeply to him.

"I'm sorry, my friend, this wasn't my intent."

"Then why ambush me like that?" he asked darkly. He knew that Kevin had always been an incorruptible goody two shoes, so unless it was absolutely necessary, there was no way he would fight underhandedly, especially not so against a friend he had known for decades.

"I had to answer to my Lord's call. He forbids you from revealing what you know to the world… Though, even I don't know what kind of secret that is."

"Do you know what Wayerliss is up to?!" he bellowed with bloodshot eyes, "He's going for Nidhogg!"

Kevin's eyes narrowed at hearing that. He turned to the elven assassin. "Is that true?"

"You don't need to know that much." Since the two of them didn't get along in the first place, he didn't bother to be polite. Lazily, he said, "Since Pyro had you do that, just follow his instructions. If you have any other question, just go ask your lord."

An angry look appeared on his face. This wasn't what he had intended to happen. While Marolyt's insane antics always annoyed him greatly, he hated the insidious elf even more. If he had a choice, he wouldn't have chosen to help him.

Yet, he was right. These were Pyro's orders, so he had to follow. His god couldn't be wrong. He believed that Pyro's mission was to bring about ultimate light and justice and time would come to prove his greatness and benevolence.

However, he was quite curious how a mortal like Wayerliss managed to convince a deity. Actually, even Wayerliss was curious why Pyro would bother to help him. The god was the one who came to him about the matter in the first place, but he didn't know what goals he could possibly have. But since it aligned with his goals, he didn't really mind. Help from a god was always welcome.

Marolyt wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and stood up. He looked at Kevin and insulted, "You feet-kissing dog of Pyro!"

"If kissing your feet can bring about eternal peace and justice, I'd do it too," Kevin admitted.

"Then come!" He raised his sword and pointed it at his adversary. "Two decades ago, you weren't my match, and it will be no different now!"

"In a one-on-one fight, either of us definitely can't match up to you," Wayerliss said with an elegant smile, "But what if it was two on one?"

Kevin stretched his hand out and the wooden lance returned to his hand. He held it out in front of the assassin and said, "Using a surprise attack is already humiliating enough for me. At least give me a chance to face him fairly."

"Asking for a fair duel after wounding him so badly? Looks like your honor comes with a rather cheap price tag."

Though embarrassed, Kevin didn't back off.

"Feel free to do what you like. But I can't promise I won't strike." He took a step back and disappeared.

"Use your true form, Kevin. You know you won't stand a chance fighting me half-assed."

"Haven't you learned any humility in the past two decades?" Kevin sighed and a gold light shot out from between his eyes and covered his entire body.

His form morphed as the light covered him. He had been wearing an old, tattered robe and looked no different than a knight disowned by a noble. But the moment the light covered him, a set of golden armor beautiful beyond description appeared. Each scale of the armor was engraved with dense sigils. Those were prayers to praise Pyro in divine script. Connected together, those sigils formed a complete divine formation that could greatly increase the channeling efficiency of Pyro's power.

"In the name of the Sacred Light!" He raised the lance in his hand. It looked wooden, old and cracked, but once the golden light covered it, it recovered its original form. It was a lance so elegant that no knight wouldn't look at it with envy. Based on its looks alone, even nobles would yearn after it.

"If not for how dark and bald you look, I bet the girls would be all over you."


Kevin kicked off the ground and caused it to crack as he shot towards Marolyt like a cannonball.

"Come on!" Marolyt charged in as well and the two saints collided like two shooting stars.

The huge shock caused the whole volcano to shake. Kevin was sent flying back haggardly as he smashed into the mountain. Smoke was rising from the sheer impact alone.

Marolyt, on the other hand, took a few steps back and used Wind Control to stabilize himself. He held the obvious advantage in their short exchange.

He levitated in the air with his gift and looked at the smoking paladin before he charged in.

"Sacred light, defend your warrior!" Kevin yelled his incantation and caused his armor to glow. A holy shield formed of the purest light appeared in his left hand.

"I'll show you how I cut light itself apart!" Marolyt's speed increased fewfold to supersonic levels. He surrounded Kevin and launched into an incessant tirade of attacks. With Wind Control propelling him about, he achieved a level of mobility in the air even magi couldn't match with flight spells.

Kevin blocked the attacks desperately with his shield. Marolyt's speed had reached never-before-seen levels and even a saint like him could barely defend against it. Had the shield of light not been weightless, Kevin wouldn't have been able to keep up.

The constant attacks formed a net of death. The mountain grounds a hundred meters around Marolyt were devastated by his impetus. If anyone else was there to witness it, they wouldn't have a doubt that he could chip the whole volcano into a pile of rocks in no time!

The bluish azure light faded somewhat and Kevin took his chance. He channeled his impetus into his lance and thrust it towards Marolyt.

Marolyt grit his teeth and pushed on. He knew that Kevin had far better endurance than he did, and holy impetus could sustain oneself far longer in the first place. So he decided he would take Kevin down even if it meant getting hurt.

However, a longsword shot towards Marolyt's lower waist. Wayerliss's sword came soundlessly and lethally like a snake. As a saint-realm fighter himself, Wayerliss didn't have flashy moves like the other two. Instead, the more proficient he got, the more imperceptible his moves were.


The sword pierced into his left rib and he shuddered from the pain. But before he could react, the holy lance rammed into his chest from the side.

He felt his heart come under great strain and spat out even more blood before flying uncontrollably and landing heavily on the ground.

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