Book 4 Chapter 533

Marolyt's Disappearance

Eirinn moaned softly. She gazed at the red spots on the sheets and felt a surge of embarrassment and bliss.

[Alright, it's her first time too. You've been humping her for an hour. Let her rest,] Gahrona said.


While he hadn't let out his pent-up desires that festered over two decades, Leguna felt bad for her. Since his teacher had spoken, he dropped the notion of going for yet another round.

Actually, it was rather awkward. Their entire first time had been witnessed by Gahrona. The former saint-realm assassin didn't have a special fetish, but the two lovebirds had no idea what they should do.

All Leguna knew to do was to fill her hole with his stick. She, on the other hand, didn't even know something so basic.

So, Gahrona was going to play the role of teacher all the way, even when it came to matters such as these.

She was quite well-informed, though she only taught him standard human positions. If she taught him the rough lovemaking of orcs, Eirinn might've fainted within a couple of minutes.

He took several deep breaths and calmed himself. This activity was quite strenuous. Even a high-order assassin was out of breathe after a while. The thought made him worry for Eirinn. He had noticed her face was flush and covered in tears.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" he said with fright.


The girl shook her head. Thanks to Gahrona's guidance, his movements had been on point. She made sure to take extra care for Eirinn and kept reminding him to be as gentle as possible. That was why after the initial pain, she gradually came to enjoy the pleasure that came with bonding with the one she loved.

"I'm just… so happy… I've finally become… your woman…"

Her whisper was softer than before, but he heard every word. He hugged her tight and wiped her tears.

"Yes… My woman--" He smiled warmly. "--You'll be by my side forever. I'll take care of you as a responsible husband. I swear."

"I don't need you to swear anything. I only want you to stay healthy…"

Eirinn burrowed her head even deeper into his chest.

"I will."

The two enjoyed the afterglow for a few more minutes.

"Big Brother Leguna?" Eirinn whispered, finally unable to contain herself.


"Let's get up… This is still the infirmary…" She hadn't realised it earlier because she'd been completely dazed by Innilis' words. It only just occurred to her that they had humped in the academy's infirmary in broad daylight.

I've become really naughty… she thought, but didn't feel any regret. But if I can make him happy… I should… I should learn to be naughtier… just a little more…

"Oh? Someone's feeling embarrassed, eh?"

"Idiot! Get up, now!" She struggled in his arms, trying to break free in case someone was coming to the infirmary.

Reality was sometimes stranger than fiction. Things always happened at the most inopportune of moments.

"Eirinn? Are you in here? I heard Innie say Leguna was here as well," said a cold voice.

The two of them started with shock, though they reacted a little differently. Eirinn was startled by a sudden feeling of shame while Leguna feared for his life.

"I… I'm here!" Eirinn responded. She couldn't help her honesty and blurted out her presence.

"I'm sorry… Did I interrupt your sleep?" Annelotte said apologetically and softly.

"N-no…" Her voice got even softer.

Leguna was looking at her with a troubled expression.

It just occurred to her that not responding was the best option. She knocked her head lightly and whispered, "Sorry… I'm too stupid…"

"It's fine. There are some things we will have to own up to no matter what. I will deal with Annie. Don't worry!"

A few minutes later, Annelotte saw the two come out of the room, properly dressed. She wasn't too surprised, though, as if all was within expectation.

Annelotte saw Eirinn's flushed expression and avoidant gaze. A look of jealousy and dejectedness flashed across her eyes, but everyone there, including Annelotte herself, failed to notice.


He only managed to say one word before he blanked out. He wasn't sure how he should break the news.

"There's nothing to be said," she waved. "Just treat her well from now on. If you do anything to make her unhappy… You know the consequences."

"Sis Annie… Aren't you mad? I… I'm sorry…"

"There's no need to apologize."

She had wanted to smile at Eirinn, but she realized she couldn't.

With the gentlest tone she could muster, she said, "I haven't gone that far with him, yet."

He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He didn't realize Annelotte had acknowledged her relationship with him with her words.

"Alright, I'm not here to talk to you about this." She tossed her troubled thoughts to a corner and said, "I have something else I have to tell him."

"Then… I better leave now." She was so embarrassed that all she wanted to do was to escape the room. Since he said he would deal with her, she decided to leave him to it!

He watched as she escaped the room speechlessly. He didn't think she would be one to sell out an accomplice like that.

After she left, he noted that Annelotte's aura was colder than before.

"Umm… So what's the matter?" Every lecher had to first master one skill: getting one's priorities straight. Since she had given him an avenue to step off his awkward position, even if it meant he would lose some face for it, he scrambled to grasp the opportunity. Compared to his life, 'face' wasn't worth more than a dime.

"I need you to help investigate my father," she said outright.

"Pops? What about him?"

"I'm not too sure either. Lately, I haven't been able to contact him." She gave it some thought and continued, "It should be some time after we returned to Melindor. My connection with him began to weaken around that time. I had tried to communicate through our long-distance mental link but he didn't respond."

His expression turned grim at what he heard. After pondering for a couple minutes, he asked, "When was the last time you communicated with him? What did you two talk about?"

"It was not long after leaving Darklight. All he said was he had something he had to settle, so I didn't really mind. Lately, however, the magic talisman I gave him felt a little off, so I tried to contact him but he didn't respond."

"How could that happen… I got it. I'll get the bureau to investigate this. If necessary, I'll contact House Elvin again. Don't worry, Annie, your father's a swordsaint. He would have no trouble roaming the world on his own. He should be fine."

"Let's hope so…" Having gotten his promise, she couldn't bother with wasting any more words with him. She wanted to leave immediately, but she couldn't help stopping halfway. "I…"

"Huh?" Was she going to finally bring up the matter with him?"

"I've remembered what happened last night. You didn't lie…" she struggled to say without turning back, "It was a misunderstanding on my part… I'm sorry."

She left immediately, leaving him standing there. He didn't know how he should react to that.

[It's best to let her cool off,] Gahrona suggested.


[Stinking brat…]

[Teacher… Do you think I'm scum too?] he asked seriously in a self-mocking manner.

[Since you've chosen to answer to all three of their feelings, there will definitely be times when you make them sad.]

[Is that so…] He now came to understand why Alaine called him a lecher.

[But so far… you seem to be doing rather well,] she added.


Annelotte was walking on the small forest path in the academy. The students who passed her by would greet her, but she didn't respond at all. Before, she would greet them back out of politeness.

"Even though I brought that chance to you, why didn't you take it?" a voice said.

She turned around and saw Angelista leaning against the trunk of a thick tree with her arms crossed. She was looking at her a little frustratedly.

"Even if you didn't want it, why did you hand it to Eirinn as a gift? You knew well that he would go visit Eirinn after hurting him during your rampage."

"This is what she deserves," she calmly said.


"Alright, enough of that. Are you free tonight?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I'll treat you to a drink, but we're only getting alcohol. Don't even think about doing something wild like yesterday. You're an instructor here at a magic academy, you know."

"Sure. It's pretty rare to see you like this. It'd be a great chance for me to improve my understanding of you humans." Angelista shrugged.

"Good. Meet me at my quarters in the academy. And… Don't tell Leguna about it."


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