Book 4 Chapter 509

Bigsby Vajra Palm

"Darn!" Leguna knew that things wouldn't go so easily.

There was no longer a point to keep stealth. He stopped disguising himself with impetus and took out a magic tool from his dimensional pocket.

"Seriously… Theses fellows really do have a glaring weakness." He calmly watched the fireball and elves coming his way.

When the fireball was three meters from him, he used Shadow Blink to appear in front of the female dark elf magus. Then, she tossed the flashing ball into the air like the time she fought Angelista.


A light which even humans found blinding flashed. It was a crystal ball that contained a level-three flash spell. As a spell on the same level as a fireball spell, it could let out a really strong flash. It seemed no different from a blazing summer day in the human realm.

The dark elves, sensitive to light as they were, found normal fireballs annoying enough, to say nothing of this flash. The poor magus's shriek caused one's skin to crawl.

Leguna's trick had blinded her and the guards around her were out of commission. Just as he was about to claim her life, Angelista blinked there first.

"Make sure to mark this kill as mine!" she said as she waved.

"Whatever…" He shrugged and looked for another high-order magus.

At the sight of that, House Andalir's magi paled. They witnessed first-hand how terrifying House Elvin was. Sala, they thought, still unaware of her death, had somehow managed to hire a top-tier assassin, a human at that.

The magi hurriedly used all the defensive barriers they had. The assassin seemed to have abnormally strong penetrative powers. If he made his approach, their death was almost certain!

[Danger! Come back!] Even though Leguna wiped out two high-order magi, Annelotte began to panic and sent him a reminder through a transference spell. The panic in her voice surprised him.

[Heed her warning! Go!] Gahrona cried. Though she wasn't a magus, she was an incredibly experienced assassin and knew what kind of situation Leguna was in.

With glitterdust all over him, two other magi had their attention on him. They weren't just normal magi, they were of the high-order! Even Annelotte would have trouble with them.

Gahrona also picked up on the hint of panic in Annelotte's voice. While she, a spiritual being, could control enthymema better than ever mag, that didn't mean she had stronger enthymema. At least, when it came to using it to sense the environment, Gahrona knew Annelotte was far better than her in that regard.

While she didn't know what she was panicking over, she knew that Annelotte couldn't be wrong.

[Why escape?] Leguna asked as he evaded enemy attacks. So what if he was discovered? With Shadow Blink and Host of Darkness, taking on two high-order magi would be a breeze.

He couldn't be blamed for underestimating the enemy. The reason he felt this way was due to his recent assassinations that mostly went smoothly. Unlike humans, dark elves had natural advantages, such as better affinity with magic and higher magic resistance, not to mention night vision and increased agility. That was what most other races feared about them.

But they also had their fair share of weaknesses, like extreme sensitivity to light or the fact that most of their vision in the dark was based off on heat alone. Those two weak points were infinitely exploitable by Leguna.

That was why when he faced off against dark elves, he would always catch them off guard. So what if Angelista was a genius magus soulgrasper? She probably had the kind of fame and reputation Annelotte had.

But she was still easily taken out by Leguna, though the one she respected was Annelotte.

As for Sol, the so-called expert necromancer, he couldn't defeat Angelista, who lost to Leguna, despite managing to wound him a little. Though high-order necromancer sounded impressive, it wasn't all that hard for him to deal with.

That was how he got the wrong impression that dark elves were easy to defeat. Even high-order magi and soulgraspers had been done in by him with little effort, so what of the rest?

In other words, he was completely full of himself thanks to his victories lately, and he would come to pay the price for it.

"Bigsby's Striking Palm, huh?" Leguna watched as the gigantic palm approached calmly. He easily dodged it and muttered, "Hah, Annie's palm is far more powerful than yours!"

[Careful!] Gahrona couldn't help but yell.

But the moment she spoke, the next spell struck. It was a level-five spell, chain lightning, which the other high-order magus launched. The magus had intentionally used an eye-catching spell like the palm to misdirect his attention while the other magus continued dictating. When Leguna avoided the palm, the other magus shot his hand out and sent the bolt of lightning towards Leguna at blinding speed.

"Darn it!" He noted the danger in an instant and used Shadow Blink. A fraction of a second later, a lightning snake struck where he used to be. He could've been charred if he were struck.

But that wasn't the end. The other magus had begun dictation the moment chain lightning was launched. To save time, she chose a common fireball spell as her method of attack.

Chain lightning had the annoying effect of spreading out, so Leguna had to blink into the air to avoid being struck. However, that made him an easy target for fireballs.

"Darn it!" It only just occurred to him that two high-order magi would be this tough to deal with. He let his shadow impetus flare and formed a shadow shield in front of him.

The fireball struck the shield square. Annelotte then saw Leguna dive towards the ground like a kite whose string was cut.

Fireball was a signature attack spell of magi. While its rank wasn't that amazing, its damage was unquestionable. Had Leguna not had a flexible gift like Shadowedge, he would've lost his life just now.

He crashed hard down onto the castle walls. His impetus-trained body was so tough that the impact caused visible cracks on the walls.

Brani hurriedly began praying. While Ross wasn't a goddess of mercy, she did grant healing miracles to her devotees. It was precisely due to her evil nature that it didn't hurt Leguna to receive that kind of healing. Otherwise, Leguna would definitely be rendered out cold by priestly healing.

"Cough, cough…" Despite the healing, Leguna spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

[Watch out above you!] Annelotte warned again with real terror in her voice.

He looked up and saw yet another large magical palm descend upon him. It was no longer the spell that even mid-order magi could use. This was a true level-eight spell, Bigsby's Vajra Palm!


That was all he could say before the palm came crashing down. House Elvin's castle walls crumbled like paper before the mighty spell. The buildings above Leguna didn't stop it's descent at all.

Wham! When the giant palm crashed into the ground, Annelotte felt a corner of her heart twitch. It was as if the palm had broken something inside her.

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